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Stubbs or Dickerson?

Can’t complain about another fine day in Houston, especially when I know the air will likely feel more oppressive the next time the Reds visit.

I did a lot of walking around downtown today and checked out the Tunnels below the city. It’s a lot like the skywalk in Cincinnati, only underground and far more elaborate. If you loath fresh air and sunlight, but love an endless array of small shops and fast food courts, then the tunnel is your kind of spot. I had lunch above ground.

The question of the day: Many of you love playing manager and bickering over Dusty Baker’s lineup. Here’s a more specific challenge. You only get to pick who bats leadoff — who do you go with?

This is one instance where Baker has little wiggle room based on the results.

Drew Stubbs: .150 AVG/.268 OBP/23 strikeouts
Since snapping his 0-for-20 skid on Thursday, is 1-for-14, including 0-for-3 w/2 Ks last night.

Chris Dickerson: .244/.262 OBP/17 strikeouts
Is 2-for-his-last 14.

Both players are super fast and can create havoc on the bases. The problem is that neither are getting on enough for a leadoff guy. Yet, the Reds have few other choices in-house. Someone suggested Orlando Cabrera, but he’s their best RBI man right now.

For now at least, Baker really has no choice but to keep running both of them out there until someone figures something out.

Remember the 2007 season when former manager Jerry Narron tried using Scott Hatteberg as a leadoff man?

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