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Blowout loss, Janish pitches

There isn’t much to say about a 15-3 Reds loss to the Brewers. All that was interesting in the end is that shortstop Paul Janish pitched the ninth inning. He was the first position player to pitch since Lenny Harris did it on June 1, 1998.

The game pretty much began and ended with the ineffectiveness of starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo. In an outing that was reminiscent to June 24, 2008 shelling at Toronto, Arroyo lasted one inning, plus four batters. In that time, he gave up seven hits, three walks and two home runs while throwing only 46 pitches.

That sent Arroyo’s ERA from 4.91 over two runs to 7.15.

And with that came the end of the Reds’ brief run as the pitching staff with the lowest ERA in the Majors. It’s now at 3.99 after it was 3.61 entering the day.

Reds have more road wins than anyone at 10-5. They are 4-8 at GABP.

“It’s like walking into a casino,” said Arroyo when asked to explain it. “You win one night. It’s a horseshoe. It doesn’t mean you’ll win the next night. It’s just the way it is in baseball.”

Dusty Baker quotes:

“With our situation, we were hoping that [Arroyo] would get it in the second inning because we needed some innings. We played 14 innings and used our whole bullpen two days ago.”

On using Janish — four relievers already used and Masset and Rhodes were not available. He wanted to save Burton.

“It boiled down to the process of elimination,” Baker said.

Janish gave up five runs and five hits after striking out first batter J.J. Hardy. He threw 35 pitches , mostly fastballs. His velocity was in the 88-92 mph range. At Rice Univeristy, he was a shortstop and a reliever.

“I think I had a little left in the tank but I didn’t want to risk running up into anyone’s gut,” Janish said. “I tried to run it across the plate. Unfortunately, that’s what they were looking for.”


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