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Rolen still out, improving

Reds third baseman Scott Rolen still felt the effects from his beaning on Sunday and was out of the lineup for a second-straight game on Tuesday vs. Cubs. Rolen went for a CAT scan, which revealed no bleeding inside his brain.

“They said I had almost the size of a normal human brain. I was real pleased with that,” joked Rolen.

At least Rolen felt better than he did on Monday.

“I didn’t feel right yesterday,” he said. “I had a headache all day and never shook it.”

The Reds did not have Rolen available to pinch-hit on Monday and it wasn’t clear if he would be ready to enter the game late on Tuesday. He was scheduled to do some hitting, fielding and agility drills to make sure he didn’t have any concussion symptoms. The training staff already had Rolen elevate his heart rate in tests and he did OK.

“As much as we want him back and need him, we have to take care of him too,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

Adam Rosales started again at third base for the Reds on Tuesday.

In the seventh inning of Sunday’s 6-4 loss to the Cardinals, Rolen was nailed in the helmet by a fastball from Rockies starter Jason Marquis. His helmet came off after contact and the ball ricocheted towards third base.

Someone asked Rolen if that was the hardest shot to the head he’s ever taken.

“Unless you want to count seventh grade pole vault, because that knocked me out for three minutes,” he said. “That’s the hardest one I’ve had on the baseball field, for sure. That almost knocked me out. I was a little fuzzy for the first five or 10 seconds until I actually sat up. It still hurts in the spot where the ball hit me through the helmet. It is really sensitive.”

Rolen said Marquis and his family are close friends. Marquis has called to make sure Rolen was OK.

“I said if he wanted to come in, just let me know,” joked Rolen.

Reds lineup:

Willy Taveras 8
Adam Rosales 5
Joey Votto 3
Brandon Phillips 4
Jonny Gomes 9
Wladimir Balentien 7
Alex Gonzalez 6
Ryan Hanigan 2
Johnny Cueto 1

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