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Series finale in Florida

Reds Thursday lineup

Dickerson 8
Cabrera 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Gomes 7
Hernandez 2
Harang 1

*Every one in uniform for the Reds is wearing No. 42 for Jackie Robinson Day.

*Laynce Nix was due to get a start in LF but is bogged down by the flu. Drew Stubbs (stiff back) will likely return to the lineup on Friday in Pittsburgh.

“He’s a little better,” Dusty Baker said of Stubbs.

*LHP Daniel Ray Herrera held lefty hitters to a .183 average last season, compared to .361 for right-handers. It’s very early and the sample size is super low — but this season, right-handed hitters are batting .167 (1-for-6, 2 Ks) and lefty hitters are batting .667 (2-for-3).

“I’ve been coming into some lefty-lefty situations and not really getting a first-pitch strike and throwing the ball how I want,” Herrera said. “Then I have to face the righties and have to get them out. Right now, it’s how it worked out.”

*Again, it’s early but Drew Stubbs is tied among five players in the National League with 12 strikeouts — and didn’t play last night. Joey Votto is tied with four others for second place with 11 Ks.

*On the other hand, Scott Rolen is the ninth hardest player to strikeout in the NL, by plate appearance per strikeout. Rolen strikes out every 17.5 PAs. He struck out twice in 29 ABs entering the night. Chase Utley is the hardest at every 39 PAs.

*How about this line from Class A Lynchburg lefty Matt Fairel during a 5-3 win over Salem? 6 IP 0 H 0 R, 0 BB, 5 K. Fairel retired 18 of his 19 batters with the lone guy reaching on an error. In his second pro season, Fairel is 13-8 with a 2.82 ERA in 29 starts.

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Bullpen preserved enough

Even though Homer Bailey lasted only five innings and threw 115 pitches in a 5-3 loss to the Marlins, bullpen reinforcement isn’t needed.

Daniel Ray Herrera got the Reds out of a bases-loaded situation in the sixth and Mike Lincoln worked two scoreless innings in the seventh and eighth.

“The shining light I guess was the fact that we didn’t go through our whole bullpen. A couple of guys saved us,” Dusty Baker said.

Baker and GM Walt Jocketty considered calling up a reliever from Triple-A Louisville but decided not to.

“I don’t think so,” Baker said. I just got through to Walt about that. Arthur was off today. Daniel didn’t throw a lot of pitches. Masset was off two days and Cordero was off with a much needed day and Micah was off. We’re relatively strong. Hopefully we don’t need anybody tomorrow and Harang throws up a gem for us.”

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Hanigan back, rotation change

The Reds made catcher Ryan Hanigan’s activation from the disabled list official on Wednesday. However, Hanigan wasn’t in the Reds starting lineup — even with favorite batterymate Bronson Arroyo on the mound. Corky Miller is getting the start.

“He flew all day to get here,” said Dusty Baker, who will start Hanigan on Thursday. “And Miller worked well with Bronson the last couple of times too.”

Hanigan had a solid five-game rehab assignment at Triple-A Louisville, batting .389 (7-for-18) with two doubles, two RBIs and four runs scored. He said there were no symptoms from the concussion he suffered on Aug. 23 when he caught a foul ball off of his helmet.

“I was fortunate that it wasn’t real serious,” Hanigan said. “It was a milder concussion. I feel fine. I got some hits. [I had] a couple of days of working out and feeling fresh and trying to find my timing. I swung the bat alright. Hopefully, it will translate up here.”

The only thing Hanigan didn’t get was a foul tip off of the mask.

“Hopefully they will hit at an angle,” Hanigan said. “I think that was more of a freakish thing. Who knows why that happened. I’ve taken a million balls off of the mask like that. Just the way it hit and the fact that the mask broke is what combined for the concussion.”

Reds lineup:

Stubbs 8
Janish 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Rolen 5
Balentien 7
McDonald 9
Miller 2
Arroyo 1

RHP Justin Lehr had his bullpen session and had no trouble with the strained groin that caused him to miss a start. The Reds have changed their rotation for the Cubs series. Lehr will start on Friday, Johnny Cueto will go on Saturday and Homer Bailey will pitch on Sunday.

“We’d rather have Cueto pitch Saturday to get an extra day of rest,” Baker said.

LHP Daniel Herrera leads the Reds staff with 62 appearances entering Wednesday. His professional high was 64 games, set last season between Double-A, Triple-A and the Majors. In his last eight appearances, Herrera has a 7.04 ERA.

“He’s a little worn.,” Baker said. “He is still doing well against lefties. He just has to figure out how to make the adjustment against righties. Those guys have hit him hard. But this is a period that you have to get through. You have to get through uncharted waters and places that you haven’t been through before in order to know how to do it when you get back there, which is next year.”

In the eighth inning on Tuesday, Herrera gave up a leadoff double to right-handed pinch-hitter Ryan Spilborghs, who later scored on a sac fly.

“I still feel really strong,” Herrera said. “I think I’m still throwing some pretty quality innings and getting some outs. As far as health goes, my arm feels really good. I might be a little fatigued at this point, but so is everybody else. It will be good to finish the year strong. … They hit me a little bit, obviously last night.”

LHP Matt Maloney doesn’t have a starting assignment yet after he came out of Tuesday’s game with a blister on his left middle finger. It derailed the best start of his big league career after five innings.

“He came in today to apologize,” Baker said. “I said you don’t have to apologize. He wanted to keep pitching so we could win. It just got to the point where he couldn’t pitch anymore without tearing it. If he tears it, he’s probably through for the year.”

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Dog days, toasted ravioli and Shaq

We’ve definitely hit a dog days of August lull at this point of the season. The Reds clubhouse, devoid of personalities like Jerry Hairston Jr. and David Weathers, seems a little quieter. Players just do their business and get ready for games, which is what they should be doing. It just makes for less interesting content for you to read about. With the Reds a season-high 13 1/2 games out of first place entering the night, there is obviously a lack of buzz around the team that contending would have otherwise brought.

I can tell you’re less interested, perhaps? The comment totals have nosedived in recent days.

The highlights of the day so far were two non-baseball related things. For lunch, I joined Hal McCoy and Enquirer writer Tom Groeschen at Charley Gitto’s — a downtown Italian eatery here and a good one. Hal introduced me to the place a few years ago and it’s a hit — especially the toasted ravioli appetizer. Toasted ravioli is to St. Louis what Skyline Chili is to Cincinnati. One great thing about the restaurant is the hundreds of photos on the wall — mostly of past generations of ballplayers. Tommy LaSorda, of course, is up there. So are guys like Steve Garvey, Whitey Herzog, Stan Musial and more. Once when I was there, I walked past Burt Young — who played “Paulie” from the Rocky movies.


Thumbnail image for 252vy7.jpgSo, there you go — an A-list establishment in St. Louis. Hal always eats there, and George Grande never misses a chance. I will continue to do likewise each time I come back.

From high up in the press box perch was a strange sight — basketball star Shaquille O’Neal in a Cardinals jersey. Shaq was around the batting cage with Albert Pujols shooting a future installment for his reality sports show on ABC, called “Shaq Vs.”.

A few Reds like Jay Bruce and Dusty Baker greeted Shaq with a handshake. Baker looked positively tiny standing next to the seven-foot plus O’Neal. I wished I had seen 5-foot-6 Daniel Herrera and Shaq together. I missed it.

Later, Shaq didn’t botch a ceremonial first pitch. He threw a solid strike to Pujols.

Hanigan's neck, Harang on rumors

Catcher Ryan Hanigan was opening mail inside the Reds clubhouse and was able to turn his head about as far as needed to reach for the next letter. As far as putting the gear on and getting behind the plate, Hanigan’s sore neck wasn’t ready. He missed his fourth-straight start and Craig Tatum was in his place.

Hanigan, who is day-to-day, recently went for an adjustment at a chiropractor.

“My spine is a little out of whack and the inflammation left over from putting it into place is taking a while to go away,” Hanigan said. “It’s just impeding my range of motion. There’s nothing I can do until I can move my head. It’s definitely getting better but it’s slower than I hoped.”

Obviously, Hanigan was moved up the depth chart when Ramon Hernandez went on the DL. For those wondering who would be the emergency catcher should Tatum go down — it’s shortstop Paul Janish.

“It’s the same guy that’s my emergency pitcher,” manager Dusty Baker said.

Starting pitcher Aaron Harang has figured prominently in trade rumors as July 31 nears. Harang said he has a partial no-trade clause but was hazy on the details about which teams.

“I don’t know which teams I put,” Harang said. “I put them down a couple of years back.”

Harang, who is starting on Wednesday, has one guaranteed year left on his contract beyond this season. He’s making $11 million this year and $12.5 million in 2010 with a $12.75 million option for 2011.

“You can’t let it bother you, especially being a veteran guy, your name is going to come up more times than not,” Harang said of the rumors. “You just can’t let it affect how you go out and play every day. I’m going to show up at my locker each day. You really don’t know. I will know if they ever call me into the office and tell me. I’m not worried about it.”

Reds lineup:

Taveras 8
Gonzalez 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Encarnacion 5
Nix 7
Gomes 9
Tatum 2
Arroyo 1

RF Jay Bruce, on the DL with a fractured right wrist, had his full-length cast cut below the elbow on Monday. He will wear that cast on his non-throwing arm for another 10 days before he is evaluated again.

“I’m pretty much back to normal activity as far as physical stuff – throwing, running, lifting,” Bruce said on Tuesday. “I’m just getting ready so when I do get the cast off, the only thing I’d have to do is get my arm ready and not anything else.”

1B Joey Votto enters today batting .350 but remains 29 plate appearances shy of qualifying for the National League lead. The current NL leader in the Marlins’ Hanley Ramirez at .348.

IF Danny Richar had season-ending left shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum. Dr. Tim Kremchek performed the procedure today. Richar is expected to be ready by Spring Training 2010.

So much for that Pete Rose reinstatement stuff. The same columnist who “broke” the story yesterday that Rose’s exile might end followed up with a story that’s a total 180.

Reliever Daniel Herrera was parked in a chair on Tuesday that kind of small, even for him. It was a toddler-sized chair from the movie “Cars” and it had replaced his regular folding chair. It wasn’t even a prank — Herrera spotted the chair in a storage area at GABP on Monday.

“We’re 1-0 with the chair,” Herrera said. “I’m the only one that can fit in it.”

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Taking in Citi Field

Start spreading the news, this isn’t Shea.

The Cincinnati traveling party is taking in Citi Field for the first time and it’s hard to believe there is no longer that certain maligned stadium anymore. The jet noise from adjacent LaGuardia Airport is still as frequent as it was at the old place.

“I miss those rats,” reliever David Weathers joked of old Shea. “You could put saddles on their backs and ride them. I saw someone in a tree stand hunting them.”


Thumbnail image for citi field4 071009.JPGI didn’t see the Mets clubhouse, but the visiting clubhouse is very nice…smaller than I expected. But big enough.

One NY writer called Citi Field “the second best new ballpark in New York.”

I haven’t seen new Yankee Stadium yet to agree or disagree.

It’s weird seeing a ballpark with such dark features. Everything inside — fence, seating, metalwork, etc. — is a mix of either dark green and black. There is the hints of Mets orange too of course. But it looks very good aesthetically.

A lot of players from other teams that have been here aren’t fond of the roomy dimensions (it’s 415 feet to the right-center field gap…wow). The left field wall isn’t as far, but it’s about 15-20 feet high so any homers that way have to be earned too. The dimensions in general are far from symmetrical, so there could be some odd plays.

“I watched games on TV and walked the grounds,” manager Dusty Baker said. “Everything I saw on TV is real. This could be a tricky place.

“It looks very good here though, very good. It’s always fun coming to a new stadium. It really shows that time is marching on.”

No matter where they’re playing, this is an important series for the Reds. The reeling Mets have lost five of their last six games….ditto for the Reds.

Cincinnati must win two of three here heading into the break. No doubt about it. 

Reds lineup:

Dickerson 9
Taveras 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Nix 7
Encarnacion 5
Hairston Jr. 6
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1

Jay Bruce will be back in the lineup on Saturday vs. Johan Santana. Lefties are hitting .267 vs. Santana while right-handers are batting .221. 

Ryan Hanigan isn’t back to being Bronson Arroyo’s unofficial personal catcher.

“He hasn’t caught in four days either,” Baker said. “I want to keep Ramon [Hernandez] strong and keep him fresh and give Arroyo the best chance. When you’re up and down the way we’re playing, there’s no real set anything. It’s still midseason but we’re still searching for stuff.”

More photos:


citi field1 071009.JPG

Guys getting ready for BP and field work.


citi field2 071009.JPG

It’s hard to tell, but that’s Mets 3B David Wright above on the left as the Mets took an early session on infield practice. You can also get a sense of how high the LF wall is.


citi field3 071009.JPG

The visitor’s dugout at Citi Field. That’s reliever Daniel Herrera at the railing.

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Rain stinks, winning doesn't

In nine seasons of covering baseball, I’ve seen rain delays, rainouts, snow outs and delays from because of power failure and even for $1 hot dogs being pelted onto the Metrodome field at former Twin Chuck Knoblauch, but I’ve never seen anything like what went down on Tuesday night.

Heavy showers moved through and delayed the Reds and Braves in the top of the third inning for one hour, 54 minutes. Although it was still raining, but much lighter, umpire crew chief Joe West made the call to pull the tarp and play. First we were told it would be 20 minutes to resume, then 10 p.m. ET and then it was 9:50 p.m. Play actually restarted at 9:49 p.m. ET. The outfield warning track may have resembled the Ohio River, but it was game on anyway.

Pitchers were warmed up. Daniel Herrera took over for starter Aaron Harang and got three outs just as showers intensified. Play lasted all of six minutes before the tarp was back out and another delay was called. As soon as the tarp was spread out, the rain pretty much stopped.

Regardless of the outcome for the Reds, the stars of the game are head groundskeeper Doug Gallant and his crew. They had performed under less than savory conditions. Hopefully there was enough quickdry to get them through the game and some “cold ones” for after the game.

By the way, that was the 10th rain delay for the Reds this season — seven of them have been at GABP. This time they came out of the other side with a sorely needed victory — 7-2 over Atlanta. It snapped a four-game losing streak and was some nice tonic after the 2-4 debacle of a road trip.

Unfortunately, it was all for naught for Harang. He started threw two innings and had to pack it in because of the rain. In the first inning, he was dealing — 13 pitches, 13 strikes. He fanned Brian McCann with a 94 mph fastball to end the first.

“I felt good from the get-go,” Harang said. “I worked on some things in the bullpen between starts. Everything was clicking.”

“That’s the best Aaron has thrown this year,” manager Dusty Baker said. “With velocity, location everything, he was on his way to an excellent ballgame. I hope he remembers that and keeps that tempo and that rhythm and takes it out there next time. Boy that was a very good ballgame that turned for our sake.

Herrera pitched three scoreless innings and earned the win — and a shaving cream pie in the face from Harang.

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Volquez hurt, leaves game

Reds starter Edinson Volquez could be hurt again. Volquez, who was activated from the 15-day disabled list to make Monday’s start vs. the Cardinals, lasted only one inning and totaled 24 pitches (14 strikes) in his first game back.

The word from the clubhouse: Volquez left the game with numbness in the pinky and ring fingers of his right hand. He will be evaulated in Cincinnati on Tuesday by team medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek.

“It just comes down [to my fingers],” Volquez said. “It was just for a second and I didn’t feel it anymore.”

The Volquez line: 1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K. With one out, he gave up back-to-back doubles to Colby Rasmus and Albert Pujols (RBI hit). He was on the DL with back spasms and hadn’t pitched since May 16 at San Diego.

After the Rasmus hit, the Reds knew something was wrong when Volquez started throwing a lot of breaking pitches.

“I threw about 10 curveballs in a row and I usually don’t throw more than three curves the whole game,” Volquez said.

In the past few days, Volquez had thrown two side bullpen sessions without any soreness.

Mike Lincoln took over for Volquez in the bottom of the second. The Reds gutted out a 5-3 come-from-behind win as five relievers combined for two runs (one earned) allowed over eight innings.
“We were talking about as Lincoln was warming up,” said Daniel Herrera, who worked two innings after Lincoln. “We said we had a lot of work to do. We all knew we’d have to pitch our weight in there. I’m glad we pulled out the win. It’s what our bullpen does.”

If Volquez is seriously hurt, reliever Jared Burton can be brought back to fill in and bolster the bullpen, which has 14 innings pitched in the last three games. Volquez’s next turn to start is Saturday vs. the Cubs but if he can’t make it — how does lefty Matt Maloney sound? Maloney threw a three-hit shutout on Sunday and is 4-3 with a 2.00 ERA through 10 starts at Louisville.

The Reds don’t need anymore adversity, especially on the heels of the Joey Votto situation. They will need Bronson Arroyo to go deep into Tuesday’s game after throwing a complete game the last time out.

On the resiliency scale for Monday, the Reds deserve a 10. What did you think of the outcome and how that win ranks up there this season?

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Janish, Herrera make it, Arroyo gets cortisone shot

Before the Reds workout at Great American Ball Park got going, some players that came north learned they weren’t going to be around for Monday’s opener.

Here’s what I know so far:

IF Adam Rosales and LHP Bill Bray were optioned to Triple-A Louisville. Jonny Gomes was reassigned to the Minor League camp. That last move totally shocked me. I thought Gomes was as good as in when I left camp a couple of weeks ago and will try to learn more about the thought process behind it.

That also means shortstop Paul Janish and lefty Daniel Herrera made the team.

“I’m excited and fired up to be here,” Janish said. “Being on the Opening Day roster, for whatever reason, has such implications to it, so it’s a good thing. It’s huge because it makes me feel like they have a lot of confidence in me too to start the year here.”

There are still some extra players in the clubhouse so I’m not sure on the final 25-man roster just yet.

Outfielders Laynce Nix and Darnell McDonald were both given new numbers (16 and 17, respectively) and were unpacking lockers. Looks like they’re in. 

RHP Homer Bailey is still here, as is RHP Nick Masset. That decision could come down to the health status of Bronson Arroyo, who has been dealing with carpal tunnel in his right wrist. Arroyo, who is scheduled to start on Thursday, is going to play catch during the workout. The results of that session could decide Bailey’s fate — Louisville or starting on Thursday for the Reds.

“I don’t know what they’re going to tell me but I’m telling you that I’m going to pitch on Thursday,” Arroyo said. “I think I’ve earned my stripes to look them in the face and say ‘I’m fine, give me the ball.’

“It’s just sore from the cortisone but all of the tingling is gone. I haven’t had this much energy in two years. I’m so pumped just to play catch. It’s the first time my arm feels normal in about three weeks.”

  • The Reds are showing off their new HD scoreboard today and the early reviews are solid. Not only that, they have LED displaying of out-of-town scores on the left field wall now. And those lousy looking flags that showed the standings behind the right field moon deck are gone (they actually blew away during September’s wind storm). In their place and in the same spot are an electronic display of the standings — much better looking.


  • FYI — I’m back on the beat again starting today after the extended time off. Team Sheldon did add a new member but he will need extended, extended Spring Training before he will be able to start learning to type and post on my blog.


  • I have to offer sincere thanks and gratitude to Jonathan Mayo, who filled in very well while I was out. His effort made it easier for me to get away and for me to catch up as I returned. Thanks as well to my boss, Jim Banks, for giving me the time off.

— Mark Sheldon 



Taveras and Herrera

Couldn’t get out of here without a couple of updates…

After getting hit by a Joey Votto line drive in the first inning, OF Willy Taveras came out of the game with a bruised right pectoral muscle. He’ll be evaluated tomorrow. Just what you want when you’re about to break camp, right? And no, the Reds aren’t trying to do this just give them a reason to sign Gary Sheffield…

How about Daniel Ray Herrera. He went another 1 1/3 innings of scoreless ball today, allowing just one hit. That means he’s allowed no runs all spring and just three hits over 8 2/3 innings. He didn’t walk a batter and struck out eight. I’d be very surprised if he’s not on the Opening Day roster over Bill Bray, at least for a little while.

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