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Masters of escape

Manny Randhawa did a nice job filling in for me the last few home games on while I took some vacation.

For the off day story today, Manny did a story on the pitching staff and their success this season in pitching out of jams.

Read it here:

*In today’s news, Johnny Cueto was named the NL Player of the Week. Cueto and Aroldis Chapman are the only two Reds to take the honors this season.

I will be back on the case Tuesday for the Red Sox series, followed by the road trip to Colorado and St. Louis.

Games 112, 113: Reds at Indians

Talk amongst yourselves, politely, please. Try to keep the venom to a minimum.

Reds 4 1/2 games back

The Reds are behind three teams in the NL Central and came out of the All-Star break ice cold. Yet here they are, just 4 1/2 games behind the first-place Brewers with a 56-55 record with 51 games remaining after a 7-3 win over the Marlins. The Reds took three of four in the series, their first series victory after the All-Star break.

Many fans, at least the ones who commented on this blog and on my Twitter feed, weren’t happy the Reds didn’t swing a trade at the deadline on Thursday. Some wanted the team to sell. But at 4 1/2 games out in the division and with the NL Wild Card still very much in play, it’s still too early to count Cincinnati out.

I used this in my game story, but Reds pitcher Mike Leake has definitely been the most vocal in wanting the team to make moves to help. Leake had this to say today.

“We had a chance to take all four, at least we got out of here with three out of of our, that’s always a good job,” Leake said. “It’s much better than coming out of here 2-2. We’re still in this. We’ve still got a chance, if we put ourselves in a good position and Walt [Jocketty] in a good position, I feel like he’ll put his cards in this year. It’s up to the players and up to us whether we want to bear down and make it a good year or if we want to kind of throw it in.”

The team is headed to Cleveland, but I am not. I will be off for about a week. There will be no blog Monday or Tuesday but Manny Randhawa will handle it for the rest of the week.

Game 111: Reds at Marlins


Game 110: Reds at Marlins

Roster move: The Reds have claimed infielder Jake Elmore off of waivers from the A’s and RHP Nick Christiani was designated for assignment. Elmore will report to Triple-A Louisville.

Elmore has spent all season at Triple-A Sacramento and was batting .282/.374/.365 with no homers and 18 RBIs in 47 games. During 52 big league games in 2013 with the Astros, he batted .242/.313/.325 with two homers and six RBIs.


Hamilton 8
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Pena 3
Schumaker 7
Santiago 4
Cozart 6
Bailey 1

Now, this is a collection…

The Museum of Bobbleheads is on the main concourse of Marlins Park. I saw more than a handful of Reds fans checking it out. One of the cooler, and more unexpected, things about it was that cases automatically shake so the dolls’ heads move. That was pretty outstanding.



Game 109: Reds at Marlins

Hamilton 8
Bruce 9
Frazier 3
Mesoraco 2
Ludwick 7
Schumaker 4
Negron 5
Cozart 6
Latos 1

Statement from MLB

Major League Baseball issued the following statement today regarding the play at home plate in the top of the eighth inning of last night’s Cincinnati Reds-Miami Marlins game at Marlins Park and the replay judgment that resulted in overturning the initial ‘out’ call, allowing the run to score because of a violation of Official Baseball Rule 7.13:

“The Replay Official judged that the catcher did not provide a lane to the runner and hindered his path to the plate without possession of the ball. The throw also did not force the catcher into the runner’s pathway. As a result, in accordance with Rule 7.13, the ruling on the field was overturned and the run was allowed to score.
“We realize that people may reasonably have different opinions regarding the application of Rule 7.13 in any particular instance because it is a judgment call. We are continuously evaluating the application of the new rule, and we anticipate a full review with all appropriate parties in the off-season in order to determine whether any changes should be made. We also recognize that the exorbitant length of last night’s review, which was more than three times the season average, must be avoided in the future.
“That said, the most important goal of this rule has been to eliminate dangerous collisions at home plate, and it cannot be disputed that the rule has been very effective toward achieving this purpose.”

Marlins Park makes 30

In a stat that will likely be meaningful to only me, this four-game Reds-Marlins series marks my first time at Marlins Park since it opened. For whatever reason, I wasn’t on the trips here the previous two seasons.

But by going to Target Field in Minneapolis for the All-Star and now here, I have now been to all 30 current Major League ballparks. My total number is 41 when you add the following places no longer existing as MLB stadiums:

Riverfront Stadium (CIN)
Old Yankee Stadium (NYY)
Shea Stadium (NYM)
Metrodome (MIN)
Joe Robbie Stadium (FLA)
County Stadium (MIL)
Tiger Stadium (DET)
Cleveland Municipal Stadium (CLE)
RFK Stadium (WAS)
Olympic Stadium (Montreal)
Veterans Stadium (PHI)

For honorable mention — I’ve also been to Three Rivers Stadium (PIT), the Astrodome (HOU) and Memorial Stadium (BAL) but that was to cover NFL games

I will try to post some more pictures of Marlins Park when I can.





No Reds trades

So the Reds wound up not buying or selling. GM Walt Jocketty will speak to reporters around game time.

I will update you later with what Jocketty said on


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