Senzel taken at No. 2

With the second overall pick in the 2016 MLB Draft on Thursday, the Reds selected third baseman Nick Senzel out of the Univ. of Tennessee.

Senzel, who turns 21 on June 29, batted .352/.456/.595 with eight home runs and 59 RBIs in 57 games this season for the Volunteers. He led the SEC conference with 25 doubles.

In 2015, Senzel was named the Most Valuable Player of the Cape Cod League, the nation’s most prestigious summer wooden-bat league for college players.

“We’re really excited, this is the guy we wanted. He’s a very polished player, one of the better hitters, if not the best hitter, in the draft,” Reds senior director of amateur scouting Chris Buckley said. “We think his power will improve the more he plays. He’s a complete player, runs, throws and plays his position well.”


Good pick. The Reds need some good position players. Not much in the farm system. They have enough pitching prospects. Time to turn their attention elsewhere.

At game tonight, first game this year. Nice to be here again.

Great night for it.

Have fun; always fun to be at the ballpark with the fam! Enjoy!
I am totally envious.

That was a good game last night, enjoyed it greatly. Say what you want but Reds are playing decent ball right now.

First Ten…
# Team Player Pos.
1. Philadelphia Mickey Moniak OF
2. Cincinnati Nick Senzel 3B
3. Atlanta Ian Anderson RHP
4. Colorado Riley Pint RHP
5. Milwaukee Corey Ray OF
6. Oakland A.J. Puk LHP
7. Miami Braxton Garrett LHP
8. San Diego Cal Quantrill RHP
9. Detroit Matt Manning RHP
10. Chicago White Sox Zack Collins C

Another very strong outing for Finnegan…
7 IP
2 ER
5 H
7 SO
1 BB

and the Reds still lose. Sad for Finnegan.

As a Reds fan I sincerely hope drafting of 3B Senzen proves out to be a great draft. Hope he continues to improve as a player and as a man. What I have read about him he has a lot going for him. Good Luck young man and hope to see you at 3B soon and for many years to come.

ESPNs take on Reds pick…
2. Cincinnati Reds: 3B Nick Senzel, Tennessee
Callis: In a draft with a lot of uncertainty, Senzel (like Moniak) has one of the highest floors. He’s arguably the best pure hitter in college baseball, and there is more power in there. He has proven he can play third base and he should be a solid regular in the big leagues very quickly.

Reds pick Tennessee 3B Senzel 2nd overall
Polished player led SEC with 25 doubles, was MVP of Cape Cod League in 2015
“We’re really excited, this is the guy we wanted. He’s a very polished player, one of the better hitters, if not the best hitter, in the Draft,” Reds senior director of amateur scouting Chris Buckley said. “We think his power will improve the more he plays. He’s a complete player — runs, throws and plays his position well.”

Great pitching matchup today…
C. Kershaw 8-1, 1.46 ERA, 92.2 IP
J. Cueto 9-1, 2.16 ERA, 87.2 IP

This was the type of draft I was kind of hoping the Reds would trade down to get more pics in the first and second round if possible. I just feel the top 5 was not nearly as good as past years and the Reds have the most bonus pool. It was kind of just bad luck really for them to set everything up for such a lack of talent in this draft… I feel Senzel would have been at most top 20 in the past couple of drafts. Ofcourse I completely hope I am wrong…

um.. can’t do that in the MLB draft

that’s right you can only trade compensatory picks. I forgot. What a stupid policy.

Actually, its to prevent a failing team one year, to stack the deck a few years down the road with a hand full of picks during a rich talented year. I think MLB got this one correct; dont let a team monopolize a rich draft.

It takes two to tango. So if other teams are willing to trade why is that bad? There are no secrets. Its actually a great way for small market to compete and keep a competitive balance. It makes sense to me.

G #61 today…and we finally get one of our wounded warriors back…
DeSclafani starts todays ball game.

Mark is knee deep in Day-2 of the draft so I will list todays batting order; I am sure he will start a new thread when he has time…
Cozart, SS
Votto, 1B
Phillips, 2B
Bruce, RF
Duvall, LF
Suarez, 3B
Holt, CF
Barnhart, C
DeSclafani, P
Nice to see Price has a set-lineup; at minimum, he is replaying the same song several times…sure appears to be working. Even a 3-2 loss is easier to take than being humiliated by ridiculous score differentials. If you look at the lineup; name by name, they just dont translate to our record. In fact, they look far better than at least half the other teams in the NL. Time to perform; show talent and I think they recently know that.
(ps…welcome back DeScalfani!)

That’s a decent team on the field right now the only thing that’s really held them back from being right up there with the Pirates and the Cards is the pitching and the injuries to our would be starters is the main reason that that has messed us up. We have two guys still learning their position that showed up last night when I was at the game with our left fielder and our third baseman.

Mark tweets/confirms answer on Hamilton…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 34 seconds ago
Hamilton to 7-day concussion DL. His spot taken by DeSclafani’s activation from DL #reds.

Nice to see a well played game. Nice start for disco, welcome back. Got on the board when they needed too. No errors. Good job by pen. I could get used to this!!


Duvall has a WAR of 2.3, to date. He has also GDP on only 3 occasions…
He leads all LF in the NL with 17 HR; Werth of WSH follows with 10…
He leads all LF in the NL with 41 RBI; Werth and Braun of MIL follow with 33…
He leads all LF in the NL with a .604 SLG; Yelch of MIA follows with .510…
He leads all LF in the NL with 32 XBH; Parra of COL follows with 26…
He leads all LF in the NL with a 11.6 AB/HR; Werth follows with 20.1.
At 27, he is the Reds LF for a number of seasons to come and will eventually
bat clean up, once Bruce is traded; he should be today, but thats a different story.
Duvall (and Mella) came to Reds for Leake.

Like to see a winning home stand. Good info Neb. Duvall has looked great. If this organization can help him improve his k%, which is close to 30, he could be the next George Foster.

This season he projects out at:
45 HR
109 RBI
40 DBL
85 R
162 SO
Even with the SO, those are very, very impressive numbers.
This is Duvalls first, fulltime season…at age 27 (played 28 G and 27 G last two seasons respectively).

Duvall ,like Suarez ,is still learning his position. Thursday night he missed played one foul fly which played a part in one of the Cards runs but is getting there. Looks good at the plate , seems very comfortable and confident. His nickname is the Louisville Slugger being from U of L and Louisville. We sat right behind Holt and he is one good outfielder. Reads the ball off the bat really good. Lots of positives starting to show up now.

Duvall just blistered a line drive with RISP but a nice play, caught.
With RISP, he is hitting .348, 8 HR and 31 RBI.
What is noticeable about Duvall…his hits are blistered.

How is 2B Peraza looking at AAA…
52 G
212 AB
28 R
1 HR
12 RBI

Interesting facts on scoreboard Thursday night, Reds are second in the major league’s in RISP and the Cards are first. As I have said many times this team will go as far as it’s pitching will take it and right now the pitching is settling in as it was planned to be at the beginning of the season.

Updated injury report…
Adleman, Tim (P) 06/10 15-day DL Possibly June Left oblique strain Placed on 15-day DL on May 20.
Bailey, Homer (P) 06/10 60-day DL Possibly 2016 Recovering from May 2015 Tommy John surgery On June 4, threw first bullpen session since late-April setback.
Cotham, Caleb (P) 05/31 15-day DL TBD Right shoulder inflammation Placed on 15-day on May 31, retroactive to May 29.
Hamilton, Billy (CF) 06/10 7-day DL TBD Concussion Placed on 7-day DL on June 10, retroactive to June 9.
Iglesias, Raisel (P) 06/10 15-day DL Possibly late June Right shoulder impingement May begin rehab assignment soon after completing extended Spring Training, per June 9 update.
Lorenzen, Michael (P) 06/10 60-day DL Possibly late June Mild strain, tendinitis in right elbow Expected to begin Triple-A rehab assignment soon as of June 10 update.
Mesoraco, Devin (C) 05/31 Out for Season Likely 2017 Recovering from May 2016 left shoulder surgery Underwent surgery to repair torn labrum on May 10; transferred to 60-day DL on May 7.
Rodriguez, Yorman (CF) 05/23 60-day DL TBD Left hamstring strain Transferred to 60-day DL on May 22.

While this is draft season…here are our #1 picks for:
2007 – Mesoraco
2008 – Alonso
2009 – Boxberger
2010 – Grandal
Then, on 12-17-11 we made a questionable trade for Latos;
for him we gave the Padres, Boxberger, Grandal and Alonso…
plus we added Volquez. Seemed at the time as a bit steep to
give away a number of #1 draft picks plus a #2/#3 SP.
Hindsight being what it is we cant cry over spilled milk…
however, during the trade it was reported that the Padres
wanted Mesoraco. So much in fact that they were willing to
trade Latos for Boxberger, Alonso and Mesoraco.
The Reds refused.
Sadly for the Reds…we now find that at least for the last hand
full of years that Mesoraco, although talented, is injury prone
to date in his career.
And, so it goes.

Actually wasn’t that bad a trade for the Reds Latos helped helped stabilize our starting pitching and won 14 games each of the first two seasons he pitched for us plus an ERA of under 3.50. There was no place here for Alonso with Votto on first. Grandal ended up with the drug suspension if I remember correctly.

At the time I thought the trade was very aggressive. Trading 4 reasonable starting MLB players for 1 is difficult to see value. In hindsight, and with the aid of knowing what has occurred over the subsequent thrree seasons, my concern was endorsed. Both Latos and Volquez won equal G over the following 3 seasons with 33 W. One could stop and value the trade right there. Alonso had to go anyway, although he played 3B as well. Grandal turned out to be a starting C. But, it was Boxberger that was the key to the trade, imo. He not only was ranked #4 in AL with 41 S, but clearly could have been the Reds reliever for a number of seasons. All trades reveal their value after the fact and this one wasnt as positive as others; we could have done without it., imo.

SP pool for 2017?

Don’t forget the two down at Louisville.

Yes, there will be others; I merely listed the current big league pitchers. In my mind, the Reds plan about starting pitchers is rock solid and will architect their success in future seasons, while the auditions continue.

Adeleman is everyone’s Moscot from last year. Nothing special and not good enough… Sorry


Sundays lineup; 1:10PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Steve Selsky (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P John Lamb (L)

5 clubs with most promising Draft haul
Phils, Cards, Braves, Reds, Padres took advantage of early picks
4. Reds
Cincinnati really cleaned up on Thurday night, getting the best college hitter (Tennessee third baseman Nick Senzel, first round, No. 2), one of the best high school athletes (Georgia outfielder Taylor Trammell, supplemental first) and the best all-around college catcher (Clemson’s Chris Okey, second). The Reds balanced those bats with several live arms afterward in Minnesota prep right-hander Nick Hanson (third), Florida lefty Scott Moss (fourth), Texas A&M right-hander Ryan Hendrix (fifth) and New Jersey high school righty Tyler Mondile (sixth). They got two more on Saturday with college righties Joel Kuhnel (Texas-Arlington, 11th) and Mitchell Traver (Texas Christian, 17th), both of whom can reach the mid-90s but have health concerns.

Still the batting lineup perturbs me…and I am sure, a number of us…
Here is my main one:
Batting 6th
6 HR, 13 RBI
Batting 2nd
7 HR, 19 RBI
Why, when the guy is hitting well in the spot, change him out and lock
him in a far less successful lineup position? This above anything else that
Price does…absolutely fascinates me; how could you refuse success?
Even incrementally.
And for some that suggest he couldnt keep up the OBP…how would you
know? If he failed, then move him down the lineup. But to change out
a contributing player before he had problems…well thats how Price thinks,
and does.

Agreed… Hamilton was the same way. When he lead off with Votto second he had a strong OBP. But Price kept moving him out or putting someone else in between which changed everything. I swear I am nobody and if I can see that there is an issue here.

Hamilton was just finding his swing. Hope he picks up where he left off. I dont think there is any argument that his speed in CF and the base pads is superior to anyone on the Reds; some may argue in all of MLB.
.269/.308/.394/.701…took him a bit, but he is getting there. Once again, hitting the ball on the ground is his key to success.

NL average OBP – .318.

Hamilton has hit .327/.353/.469/.822 in his last 15 games.

Reds To Sign No. 2 Overall Pick Nick Senzel
The Reds have reached an agreement with No. 2 overall draft pick Nick Senzel and will sign the Tennessee third baseman for a $6.2MM bonus later today, reports’s Jim Callis (on Twitter). The second pick came with a value of $7,762,900 this season, meaning that Cincinnati will save $1,562,900 on the pick. That money can be reallocated to other picks further down the team’s draft board.

Mondays game at Braves; 7:10PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Tyler Holt (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Daniel Wright (R)
CIN: Daniel Wright (R) (0-2, 7.20)

Wright has pitched wrong…so far…
3 G
1 GS
10 IP
19 H
1 BB
6 SO
8 ER
2 HR
.413 BAA
2.00 WHIP
A positive for todays G? We are playing the Braves
and the other guy is equally poor.

Power Rankings…
1. Chicago Cubs

Record: 43-18
Week 9 ranking: No. 1

With their win Sunday, the Cubs are now 25 games over . 500. To put that in perspective, if they played one game over .500 for the rest of the season (51-50), they’d finish with 94 wins. Big series to start the week, with three games in Washington. —

2. Washington Nationals

Record: 39-24
Week 9 ranking: No. 4

Who needs Bryce Harper? The Nationals have won 10 of 13 while averaging 6.5 runs per game, including 25 home runs — even though Harper is homerless in this stretch with just six runs and five RBIs. — David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield), SweetSpot

3. Boston Red Sox

Record: 36-26
Week 9 ranking: No. 3

Now in his third full MLB season at age 23, Xander Bogaerts is fulfilling the promise that once made him one of the game’s top prospects — he leads the majors in fWAR at 3.7, with above-average defense and a stellar .358/.405/.529 batting line. — Ryan P. Morrison (@ryanpmorrison), Inside the ‘Zona

…and then our team…

28. Cincinnati Reds

Record: 24-39
Week 9 ranking: No. 28

Don’t look now, but the Reds have won seven of their last 10 and are actually playing an entertaining brand of baseball at the moment. Jay Bruce, Zack Cozart and Adam Duvall continue to hit, but the story of the year may be Dan Straily. Picked up off the waiver wire just days before the season began, Straily has been Cincinnati’s most dependable starter, going 4-2 with a 3.15 ERA. — Chad Dotson (@dotsonc), Redleg Nation.

Ohlendorf. Lets leave him in. This is pitiful

Hamilton progressing after suffering concussion
Reds center fielder eligible to come off DL Thursday against Braves
“I don’t know what he’s going to be green lighted to do today, because he’s kind of got to go through his warmup stuff, but I’m hoping he’ll be able to get into some baseball activity here soon.”
Hamilton sustained the concussion when he was hit in the head sliding into third base Wednesday against the Cardinals. He was batting .417 (10-for-24) in June before the injury.
The 25-year-old center fielder is eligible to come off the DL for Thursday’s series finale against the Braves, but Price said Hamilton will have to do baseball-related activities and more intense exercises before he can return.

They are calling for 65% rain in Atlanta.

Tuesdays lineup @ Atlanta; 7:10 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
LF Kyle Waldrop (L)
CF Tyler Holt (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Brandon Finnegan (L)

A couple of nice things happened last night at Louisville, Reed pitched six very strong innings and Loernzen finally appeared and pitched one inning without a problem so far. Put some of the weight he lost back on.

Good to hear. As you inferred in an earlier post, we have a couple of specials down in the minors; Stephenson and Reed (trust you meant these two). Best we keep their pitching regular and consistent; far too early and far too many SP up here now, especially with other previously proven SP coming off the DL…just not enough room, not enough work to keep them all cranking. Down south (AAA) they can work/hone their craft regularly; nobody has handed them a trophy yet just because they look good for a few innings. We will see them soon enough. Until then, the auditions continue to produce evaluations and speculations relative to where and what the Reds want to play with ultimately, while moving forward (ie: bull pen, starter or elsewhere). Hopefully, that process is valid, accurate and spot on.

well Hoover and Peraza are back… Neither was really dominating down at AAA though.

Todays transactions…
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds placed C Jordan Pacheco on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to June 3, 2016. Right shoulder tendinitis.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds sent C Jordan Pacheco on a rehab assignment to Louisville Bats.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds optioned RHP Daniel Wright to Louisville Bats.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed C Chris Okey.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed LHP Andy Cox.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed RHP Alex Webb.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed RHP Nick Hanson.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed RHP Patrick Riehl.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed RHP Aaron Quillen.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed RHP Lucas Benenati.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed OF Taylor Trammell.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed 3B Nick Senzel.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed 1B Bruce Yari.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds signed 2B Colby Wright.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds recalled Jose Peraza from Louisville Bats.
6/14/16 Cincinnati Reds recalled J.J. Hoover from Louisville Bats.

Maybe we should hope for rain…
Julio Teheran’s 1.78 ERA in four career starts for the Atlanta Braves against the Cincinnati Reds is his lowest against any National League team.

Senzel will receive a $6.2 million contract bonus.

Do we get Layne Somsen if he clears waivers?

The Reds are such a big hit they appear on page 6 of the Enquirer. Anyone notice or care. Just saying………

Wood does not belong in game.

Brian Price does not belong in dugout


Those decisions right there prove price isn’t game savy and the braves suck. Just saying…………

I take it we lost judging by these posts.


April – 3.86 ERA, 28 IP, .192 BAA, 1.25 WHIP
May – 4.37 ERA, 35 IP, .275 BAA, 1.49 WHIP
June – 1.86 ERA, 19.1 IP, .206 BAA, 1.09 WHIP

Wednesdays lineup @ Atlanta; 7:10PM-ET…
SS Peraza (R)
1B Votto (L)
2B Phillips (R)
RF Bruce (L)
LF Duvall (R)
3B De Jesus (R)
CF Holt (R)
C Cabrera (S)
P DeSclafani (R)
(0-0, 1.50)

Peraza cannot record 172 G this season (172 service days = 1 service year) so I would think he is here to stay unless there is a better reason to send him down, again.

Simon clearly has seen better days; didnt even record an out…
Garcia singled to left.
Markakis hit an infield single to first, Garcia to second.
Peterson doubled to right, Garcia scored, Markakis to third.
Flowers singled to left, Markakis scored, Peterson to third.
Aybar was intentionally walked, Flowers to second.
C.d’Arnaud singled to center, Peterson scored, Flowers to third, Aybar to second.
3 Runs, 5 Hits, 0 Errors

It’s past time for the Reds to cut the strings and give Simon his outright release and be done with it. He’s toast.

Yeah – just go. Doesn’t get any more useless than that…

Ichi-Rose: Combo batter expands hit story
Ichiro gets career hit No. 4,257 (1,278 of which came in Japan); hit king Rose had 4,256 in MLB
Ichiro Suzuki entered uncharted territory on Wednesday with a double in the ninth inning of the Marlins’ 6-3 loss at Petco Park. With a 2-for-5 day, the 42-year-old outfielder now has 4,257 career hits — 1,278 in Japan and 2,979 in Major League Baseball. Pete Rose, MLB’s Hit King, finished his career with 4,256 hits in the Majors.
At 2,979 MLB hits, Ichiro is 21 away from 3,000.
“I don’t think you can compare,” Ichiro said through his interpreter. “Obviously, it’s a combined record. So I always just say, ‘What people think about that record, if they recognize it, I’ll be happy.’ But obviously, 3,000, it’s a no-doubter. Obviously, it’s a record here. So that is a goal I want to achieve.”

Thursdays lineup @ Atlanta; 12:10PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
RF Kyle Waldrop (L)
CF Jose Peraza (R)
3B Ivan De Jesus (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R)
(4-2, 3.15)

A technical question: last night’s box score shows Simon pitching 1.0 innings, but since he didn’t get an out (as noted above) isn’t the box wrong? He pitched 0.0 inning, right? Or does he get a participation trophy for his effort? We are all (I include myself) anxious to be shed of Mr. Simon, but we should at least pause for a moment of sadness – he’s had a fine career and it appears to be over, and that’s a shame.

He pitched the 12th too.

From Hal McCoy: THE ONLY SALVATION FOR folks who stayed up to watch this miscarriage of baseball was that they got to see Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman hit for the cycle (single, double, triple, home run), the first time an Atlanta player did it since Mark Kotsay in 1985.

Q: Who is beating out pitching?
A: Atlanta…a team that is ranked 15th of 15 teams in the NL for:
1. RBI
2. R
3. SLG
4. HR
5. AB/HR
6. XBH

Reds prospect Reed will be promoted, debut
Left-hander Cody Reed, the Reds’ No. 3 prospect per, will be called up Saturday and make his Major League debut against the Astros in Houston.

Reed was acquired from Kansas City in last July’s Johnny Cueto trade. The 6-foot-5, 225-pounder was 6-3 with a 3.20 ERA in 11 starts at Triple-A Louisville, striking out 63 batters and issuing just 17 walks in 64 2/3 innings.
“It’s just another piece,” said Reds manager Bryan Price said of Reed. “It’s another piece of putting this together, where we have some consistency and some young pieces that get a chance to grow. We’re seeing it with a handful of guys who are currently with us now — now that [Jose] Peraza is with us, and [Brandon] Finnegan, [Eugenio] Suarez and some of these guys we anticipate are going to be here — or are at least going to be optimistic are going to be here — potentially long term. …

Sadly, Straily was our Ace…
4.1 IP
6 ER
3 BB
5 SO
1 HR

Well, I’m in Sarasota Springs,New York and when my son is done with work, he, my grandson, and I will head to Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame. Monday night seats behind Red Sox bench as they play the White Sox, maybe get to see Toddfather again. My grandson will wear his Votto shirt and I my Arroyo shirt, that ought to be a hit in Fenway given Bronson’s popularity there. LOL

Good times. In my work heyday, I traveled quite a bit. Went by numerous ballparks and always thought I would have time to visit…big mistake. However, I did visit Cooperstown and Hall of Fame on a couple of occasions. Took me back in time on both occasions; a must for all MLB fans! Have fun, travel safe.

Cooperstown was cool – but for those who don’t know – the Reds, I think, have a great Reds HOF. Of course, the big deal is nxt weekend – with Rose getting a plaque there.

Where exactly is the Reds HOF?

Have fun HV. I’m jealous.

Fridays lineup @ Houston; 8:10PM – ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
DH B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
2B Jose Peraza (R)
John Lamb (L) (1-4, 5.14)

The Reds HOF is next to the stadium. When you go to the entrance of GABP it’s just to the right on the same plaza. It goes along “Joe Nuxhall Way” which is at the bottom of Main St.

I see…and if I ever get back to Cincinnati (live in Pasadena, California)…I will probably ask you to repeat that, once again! Thanks.

Sure. Guided tour!

I have to wonder…what are we going to do with Mesoraco? 29 this Sunday, 6 seasons and we only really received benefit of 1 in 2014…114 G, 25 DBL, 25 HR, 80 RBI, .273/.359/.534/.893. I guess we let him play into next year, hope he excels and then trust a club will pick him up for trade. Sad, he was, still probably is, very promising with the bat…however, fragile as an egg shell in the field. DHing may well be in his future.
2017 29 Cincinnati Reds $7,325,000
2018 30 Cincinnati Reds $13,125,000
Earliest Free Agent: 2019

Nice to see the pitching start to settle. Nice to have Hoover pitching like he can again, helps out Cingrani
in the bullpen closing out games. Nice to see the Reds plaques at the Hall of Fsme today.

Saturdays lineup @ Houston; 4:10 PM – ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
DH Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Ivan De Jesus (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-0, 0.00)

Mr. Reeds numbers at AAA…
6W-3L, 3.20 ERA, 11 GS, 64.2 IP, 59 H, 6 HR, 17 BB, 63 SO, 1.18 WHIP

Reed, 23, was one of three players the Reds received from the Royals in exchange for Johnny Cueto at the trade deadline last year, along with Finnegan and fellow lefty John Lamb.
Outstanding trade, imo.

Hamilton makes unbelievable sliding catch at wall
The Reds center fielder ran a long way to make a ridiculous sliding catch up against the base of the Astros’ bullpen wall in right-center field during the second inning of Saturday’s game at Minute Maid Park.
According to Statcast™, Hamilton reached a max speed of 20.4 mph and had a route efficiency of 97.8 percent, while his first step was clocked at 0.1 seconds. The exit velocity off the bat of Jake Marisnick was measured at 102 mph, and similar batted balls have posted a batting average of .889.

Sunday (Happy Fathers Day!) lineup @ Houston; 2:10 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
DH Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
RF Tyler Holt (R)
Brandon Finnegan (L) (3-4, 3.61)

How much longer will Finnegan go? Just wondering what you guys think. He’s at 87 innings. He threw a total of 48 last year. Can he finish the season in the rotation without increased risk of injury? Or should he be shutdown (maybe work out of the pen) soon?he’s developing nicey IMO!!

Only the Price and coaches know for sure, as there are different IP thresholds for each pitcher. However, knowing the Reds from previous SP, I would guess that he will be allowed to go 100-120. That would theoretically take him anywhere from 2-6 more starts; obviously depending on how many IP per GS. He has pitched 87.1 IP and averaged 5 2/3 per start. Occasionally the Price discusses this in detail, but I haven not heard anything about Finnegan. Maybe, if Mark sees this he knows and can update us on board.

And, you are correct, Finnegan is developing nicely (3.81/87.1), as has Straily
(3.66/78.2). They appear to have been our two budding SP from all that have
made cleat marks on the mound. They also have been stamped SP versus their
spotted careers, although Straily did pitch 152 IP in 2013. Finnegan is 23; Straily is

Game after game after game…Hamilton stuts his D that saves R…

I’ll give you that Neb. The boy does go and get it.

Probably the #1 SP matchups this year…
Two of the major leagues’ best pitchers, Clayton Kershaw and Stephen Strasburg, will face either other for the first time in their careers when the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Nationals begin a three-game series Monday night in Los Angeles.

Strasburg, who signed a seven-year contract extension worth $175 million last month, has yet to lose this season. With 10 wins, the right-hander shares third place with Kershaw and three other major-league pitchers for wins. Strasburg also amassed 118 strikeouts, tied for the third most in the majors, while having conceded just 24 walks and 75 hits in 93 innings and allowing opposing batters to hit just. 220 against him.

Kershaw, meanwhile, is making the case for his fourth Cy Young Award in six years. The left-hander leads the majors with a 1.58 earned-run average and 133 strikeouts. Opponents are batting just .170 against the Dodgers’ ace, the lowest such average in the majors. Kershaw also has walked only seven batters, by far the fewest of any starter this season.
If you are old school, low scoring, SP duels…
this one is for you!

Prospect Team of the Week
RHP: Tyler Mahle, Daytona Tortugas (Class A Advanced)
Reds No. 11 prospect
1-0, 1 GS, 9 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 6 SO, 0.00 WHIP
Speaking of zeros … If it weren’t for a hit by pitch, Mahle would have tossed a perfect game. He still managed to face the minimum in his no-no last Monday. It was the first nine-inning no-hitter by one pitcher in the Florida State League since 2013. The right-hander now leads the FSL in strikeouts, is tied for the league lead in wins and has moved into 10th place with his 2.50 ERA.

Where is Mark Sheldon

I dont think I have ever seen this before:
Kershaw, SP for Dodgers…
141 SO and only 7 BB over 115 IP

Watched that game at the hotel after we got back from Fenway and the Red Sox/ White Sox game last night. Toddfather is struggling at the plate but still plays a mean third. I have seen both the oldest and second oldest fields now. It was neat to watch Papa play, he is the Red Sox fans favorite and I can see why watching him before game.

Dont know if you were at the Sox/White Sox game on Sunday; mustuv been a sight to see if you were…Big Papi stealing 2nd base! And yes, Big Papi is a Red Sox fan favorite; kinda think he is a fan favorite for all MLB fans. He is a stand up guy and one of the ones, above most others, that has played the game as it should be played; highly respected character and a class act.

A Sheldon sighting! With Brennaman bottom of 2nd tonight – had a wing ding vaca with family in NYC area. (why during the season? guess that’s how MLB operates)

Outstanding effort by DeSclafani…
7 IP
5 H
2 ER
1 HR
1 BB
6 SO
2.30 ERA

Votto not in lineup again tonight. Anyone know what’s going on.

stomach bug…

Thanks a bunch.

Who is getting excited about this teams pitching next year??? Disco, Igles, Bailey, Reed, Steve, Finny, Lamb, and Straily. That is 8 worthy starting pitchers… Lorenzen in the bullpen maybe future closer… If they could figure out the hitting this team competes next year with these pitchers all healthy. Mark it down.

Yes, you are correct. The Reds Plan is working well, and we arent even at midpoint!
Then there is the hitting…bright spots throughout the lineup, but more R/RBI production is needed on a consistent basis. With Houdini in CF and now hitting the ball on the ground, we might have our lead off hitter for several years to come. I would get excited about Cozart, Phillips and Bruce, but they may well be wearing a different colored jersey later this season or next. However, we have a number of replacements for each position and with Duvall and Suarez leading the team, we may well find several more diamonds in the rough to get us back on the winning side.
So we know the Plan is working, but taking time to develop and as a result, the Reds will have a war chest to (at a later date down the road) pay for a FA or two if necessary; possibly a premium SP or BP. Everything is on track with one exception:
Who will manage the Cincinnati Reds in 2017? With the correct person lineups will make sense, changes in pitching will make sense and position players will play ball games until it is necessary to give them a day off. There will be no more Sunday sandlot wholesale changes, nor playing anyone out of position…no more Sunday rest days where 2 or 3 of our regulars are given a day off just because. Price will be my major trade of all trades for the Reds.

Here is what I know about baseball. You follow the pitching. If they pitching is good you get the hitting… We now only have so many years with these pitchers and no guarantee anyone else will be any better. If they pitching is there you find the hitter because its too hard to find the pitching. I am all for rebuilding but lets make sure we are trading for the right reasons. As of right now we don’t know we have a replacement for Bruce. Duvall is hitting now but who knows how he will finish or next year will be. Winker is injured again. I would love to see him up here but he has to stay healthy. Peraza is taking over for Phillips or Cozart so no reason to move him to the OF. I really don’t want this team to go out and over pay for another Bruce either. If they can move Phillips, that would put this team in the best position to succeed next year. Then again is the Bruce (fools gold) again…

Winker isnt the only replacement; there are others.

First and foremost…the Reds have an abundance of SP, even now. They have SP on the team and they have SP down the road. Further, if and when they trade Cozart, Phillips and Bruce, they can continue to trade for quality SP as they have done over the last year+…and all three players should bring some very good prospects. As the adage goes…a team can never, ever, have enough good SP. We all can harp, moan and groan about Jocketty, yet the trades he has conducted over the last year or so is now bearing fruit and bearing it big time. And, if Blandino, Selsky, Waldrop, Rodriguez, Winker, Schebler, Lutz, Smith, Ervin or others do not work out in the OF…then there will be a very, very, large war chest that can be used to bring in a more seasoned player. My take is that if the Reds trade Bruce, their ultimate plan is to play Rodriguez in right. Follow my thinking…lets say they trade either Cozart or Phillips. If Cozart goes, they could move Suarez to SS as he isnt all that leatherish at 3B; move Duvall to 3B (natural position) and bring up one of the above to play LF. If Phillips finally agrees to a trade, the Reds would play either Peraza or Blandino (I believe that Blandino is the future there). If none of these young guys just doesnt work out…then they will have a great deal of dinero to go out and either buy or trade for a permanent position player, if necessary. The war chest is a nice feature to have, imo.
As this blog might be winding down, I for one, am very pleased with the overall Plan that the Reds are following. Next year, theoretically, both Price and Jocketty will be replaced. The Reds will be far better positioned to contend in 2017, merely by changes not only in the position players but the rash of SP that the Reds traded for.
If you arent impressed, I invite everyone to merely look at the new players we traded for and where we are headed next season. The true mistake the Reds made wasnt this season, it was their all-or-none SP rotation that was getting very expensive and there were no more horses in the stable; in summary, the Reds were headed for a cliff. And yes, the management of the Reds led us and put us in that position. My take is that they got successful in 2010 and like a kid eating a banana split, couldnt stop what they started…nor wanted too.
One last note…depending on what Sheldon does, I have had alot of fun on this board; it rivals any other board as it is easy to utilize and the posters have not stooped to childish antics as so many do. Thanks to all of you for adding your comments; its been fun, and thanks (just in case Sheldon pulls the plug soon).

Am I dreaming? All the recap of last night’s game that I saw missed the obvious: Reds bullpen coughs it up again!

I think the suggestion is that with the 3-R HR the score could have been 4-4, however
Hoover and Cingrani did what the Reds BP has done for quite some time…they each gave up 1 R. BP are supposed to do one thing; maintain whatever opposition score it is when they come in.
Just my guess.

The bullpen has given a HR to the first batter they faced 16 times so far. More to come I’m sure.

Todays lineup @ GABP verus San Diego…7:10PM-ET…
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
1B Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
LF Jose Peraza (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
John Lamb (L) (1-4, 4.75)

Mark Sheldon…Please let us know if you are going to post here again. Also, if you do not, I would assume that you have chosen to close down this blog (as thought about a few years back). In any event, thank you for your participation in MLB and for allowing the many posters to talk about the Cincinnati Reds here on your blog. Neb

Yes – well put.


I’m sorry for not posting since returning from vacation. Our focus quite frankly is serving and drawing eyes to the main sites —, and social media. I liked doing the blog and appreciate everyone for being here and commenting over the years. I know all of you will likely have given up on it by then, but if the blog is fired up again, I will be sure to publicize it.

Thank you Mark. I am sure that if you throw us a title story every now and then, we will respond. There are a few die-hards here that enjoy the site. Thanks for letting us know the situation.

He’s done. Stick a fork in him.

Ramon Cabrera is not worthy. Get someone else up here. Can’t throw. Can’t catch

Guys – I’ve not been paying attention for a few days … what’s the latest on Bruce and Cozart trade rumors? I can’t believe it, but surely Bruce won’t be a Red after the next month. And Cozart?

Max…nothing to report; trades for both guys you named plus any others have been mute. No trade news whatsoever.

Fridays lineup versus Padres; 7:10 PM-ET…
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Cody Reed (L)
(0-0, 5.14)

Reds Outright Jordan Pacheco, Who Elects Free Agency
The Reds have outrighted infielder/catcher Jordan Pacheco, per a club announcement. He declined an assignment after clearing waivers, instead electing free agency.

Pacheco’s roster spot was needed as the club executed a series of moves relating to their pitching staff. Veteran righty Alfredo Simon was placed on the 15-day DL, while Michael Lorenzen was activated from the 60-day DL.

Versatile with the leather? Yes. But not much of an offensive threat.
51 AB, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 14 SO, 0 BB

Mark tweeted…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 3 hours ago
RHP Blake Wood was reinstated from the paternity list. OF Kyle Waldrop optioned to Louisville. #reds

C. Trent Rosecrans Retweeted
Joel Luckhaupt ‏@jluckhaupt 3 hours ago
1976 #Reds had a .357 OBP as a team.
Only Votto, Rolen, & Choo have topped that in a
qualified season for Reds since 2008.
Reds have a great deal of work to do to even get remotely
close to what once was. 2016 version of Reds is batting
.297 OBP.

Lamb should seek counsel; sue for support…
Victim of a blown save for the second straight start
and for the third time in his last 4 starts.

JJ Hoover not a major league pitcher. Please, no more. Outright release. Give him a job in concessions. Anything. Please, no more

Agree totally.

Glad to be at GABP for the start of Rose’s weekend – enthusiastic crowd for the pregame intro of Big Red Machine. Glad I could be there to be a part of Rose finally getting a tangible recognition of his career.

Love to see #14 cut into CF!

Saturday lineup versus San Diego; 4:10 PM – ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P B. Finnegan (L) (3-5, 3.81)

MLB Rumor Central: Rising price for Jay Bruce?
If and when the Reds trade Bruce in a deadline deal, “it’s evident they’ll receive more than they would have this spring,” writes C. Trent Rosencrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Bruce, 29, is having a career season, hitting .285/.336/.594 with 16 home runs. While his $13 million salary for 2017 might have been an obstacle at one point, Bruce’s increased production is making that contract look like a bargain.

He’ll probably be relieved at this point.

Very true. Hes had a rough couple of seasons, but has really put it all back together again. Hes projected to hit: 35 HR, 123 RBI, 93 R and 37 DBL. At 29, with his arm and bat from the left side, coupled with a return to form…we wont see him past August 1st (trade deadline). And as an aside, he is one of the nicest ball players I have ever heard talk. Never has he resorted to blame or pointing fingers; never one bad word…very much like another guy we lost – Mr. Cueto. A couple of class acts. I truly hope he does well; but please let it be in the AL. The article talked about some interest by the Giants.

Finnegan has buzzards luck…the Reds have been shut out 6 times so far this season; Finnegan has been the recipient of 4 of those.

The Reds looked like a different team entering June, having won 5 of the first 6 G.
But that was short lived; they have lost 8 of their last 10 G.

Sunday lineup versus Padres; 1:10 PM – ET…
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Jose Peraza (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P A. DeSclafani (R) (1-0, 2.30)

Prices Sunday sandlot wholesale changes; CF and C this Sunday.

Upton Jr. was caught stealing, Upton Jr. out, catcher Barnhart to second baseman Phillips…
Barnhart made one of the best throws I have seen in quite some time; the base was stolen if not for a glove and ball, wedged in between the bag and the sliding spikes.
Amazing throw; anything less…SB.

Surprise today…
JC Ramirez claimed off waivers…actually two surprises; the first on was/is that he was even put on waivers. Caught the media boys by complete surprise.

Somebody wants him?

Yep…LA Angels.

This guy could be very special…
8 IP, 5 H, 0 BB, 5 SO, 1.52 ERA
…followed by…
1 IP
SV +9

BTW…DeScalfani pitched today against the…
…best hitting team in the NL in June…
Padres – .281/.341/.451/.792
This guys looks the part of being special.

Sunday nite espn radio – Dodgers/Pirates – announcer said Kershaw who is still at 7 walks(!) – gives him the best strike/walk ratio in baseball history.

No question…I actually checked the stats (what a shock!) and he has the record directly in his sights. He not only has a clear sight on the strike zone, but, they still cant hit him. Pretty amazing.

I shouldn’t have said anything – he’s having an off night – 1 walk.

The Red Sox have been reported they may trade Andrew Benintendi in the right deal for pitching. Any chance tge Reds coukd pull off a 3-way trade that includes Cozart and Bruce to be able to get Andrew Benintendi in some way? The history of the Reds the last 3 World Championships have included a player from Cincinnati. Rose in 75-76, Larkin and Doran in 1990. Benintendi coukd be a part of the future Reds championships!!

Mondays lineup versus Cubs; 7:10 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
2B Jose Peraza (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R) (4-4, 3.83)
against one of the best in all of MLB…
CHC: Jake Arrieta (R) (11-2, 1.74)

I see we called up Diaz to throw a couple innings of BP to the cubs

Here is another site that I am going to start posting on. It is very similar to this site and it is hosted by Jamie Ramsey… It appears to be up to date and active.

Nevermind…there seems to be signup issues. Could not access.

That’s too bad! Will see if the lineup falls like bowling pins again facing Arietta.

Arrieta is the character that not only shut us out, 16-0 on April 21st of this year, but he also no-hit us in the game.

I really wonder what goes on in the dugout. Even if Price doesn’t pinch hit for Lorenzen with guy on 2nd, why would Riggleman go along with that? Got a chance to win against this team – I guess just going thru the motions is what it’s all about.

Yeah – just serve em up – high and over the plate – just like we like em!

We get to Arrieta for 5 ER and run his ERA up to 2.10…but he still wins the game.
Straily was terrible.

JJ Hoover not a major league pitcher. Horrible. Can the club take him back to arbitration and force his salary down? Can we never pitch him again? Take away his uniform?

Ugh, just awful. Wow

Nice pep talk Price.

…and at the beginning of the season, Price proclaimed Hoover as our closer.

Hoover was sent down – not far enough away.

…and Price says he just needs more adjustments. I guess it doesnt matter what Price does this season; as for Hoover, his time to improve is obviously limited.

Wednesday lineup versus Cubs; 12:35 PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
SS Jose Peraza (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-1, 6.75)

Looking For A Match In A Zack Cozart Trade
At thirty years of age, Zack Cozart has fully hit his stride as a ballplayer. Yet because of his early-career struggles at the plate and an ill-timed knee surgery last year, he’s earning just under $3MM this season with one more arbitration-eligible campaign to come. That makes him an interesting and affordable trade piece for the Reds.

A deal is far from a fait accompli, but seems increasingly likely as the market develops. Still, Cincinnati could certainly justify holding onto him if a fair offer isn’t forthcoming. As I recently noted in ranking Cozart among the game’s top fifteen trade candidates, though, he will quite likely be the best shortstop available. Particularly since he was kind enough to acknowledge his MLBTR readership recently, we thought it made sense to take a look at where he could end up playing next.

What gripes me these three games against the Cubs is to hear the stands erupt in cheers when something good happens for the visitors or bad for the home team. Which is to say, there’s been a lot of cheering down at the old ball yard.

Cowboy on the radio goes on and on about how blowing a ball by the hitter high and outside ain’t gonna work in the bigs. I’m thinking – what the hey – they don’t tell them this?

Hoover is a seasonal in-n-outer…
2012 – 30.2 IP – 2.05 ERA – 2 HR
2013 – 66.0 IP – 2.86 ERA – 6 HR
2014 – 62.2 IP – 4.88 ERA – 13 HR
2015 – 64.1 IP – 2.94 ERA – 7 HR
2016 – 18.2 IP – 13.5 ERA – 9 HR
…he has pitched a total of 242.1 Total IP
Sadly, he has lost his mojo, again, and has allowed
6 Grand Slams in a relatively short amount of time…
a new all time Reds record. Hopefully, he does not
expand upon this accomplishment!

When will someone write a non bias story about the state of this franchise please. This is one horrible team and no one seems to want to challenge the Castellini group.
If we expect the second half to be better we’re kidding ourselves. Here’s hoping for a new franchise low. A national embarassment. Thank you.

I think based on the schedule they will be better. I also think the influx of the younger players will help as well. Ok anyone else wonder if the Reds should try and sign Jay Bruce to a long contract? We don’t have any OF to take over and are just hoping the ones we have are good enough, Winker… Bruce is still young enough to be in his prime when this team turns it around. I like trading Cozart and maybe get cute trying to trade Duvall. I am worried the league will figure him out soon. Trade when the value is high and cost is cheap. I would put Straily in the same category..

Time for Bruce and Cozart to go. Sorry

We just lost 3 of 4 to the outstanding padre ball club.

I dont see the Reds letting Duvall leave the team. He is 27 and tied for leading the NL in HR. If Price would have moved him to clean up (showcasing Bruce) he would have 70+ RBI. More importantly, Duvall is ARB eligible in 2019 and a FA in 2022. He makes minimum and although he is no gazelle in LF, he sports a .987 FDG% while making only 2 miscues. Most teams aspire to finding a diamond in the ruff; the Reds traded for theirs. I think SF has regrets on this one. Excellent trade by Jocketty.

Bruce is only a year older than Duvall. I think lets wait and see how he finishes before we anoint Duvall the next best thing. I agree he is cheap, but do we really think this is going to continue. I see him being more like Frazier, hitting home runs but struggling with OBP and average. Just talking age and experience if Bruce has finally figured it out, I would much rather put my chips in that corner for the next 5 to 6 years than Duvall… Not to say we cant have both. Who else is going to play OF. I don’t really believe that you should always sell sell sell. I feel you look at what can help for next year and what you can get best value for. I feel every year you should have two plans. One for winning and one for if you don’t win. There is no reason this team cant compete when healthy. We have the pitching now…

Senzel being moved up to Dayton. Would be good to see him.

And Bruce said he’s now willing to waive no trade clause on those teams!

Duh – ownership! Need a change bad. Don’t care if it ain’t fair – time for Price to go.

Half Price Team with a Half Price Manager. Come on laugh at that one.

Everyone remember how bad these guys were in the second half last year.

Hoover throws groovers.

Anyone heading to Cooperstown July 22nd. We’re heading that way. Was there for #11 figured we’d go for the best Cincinnati kid ever. Sorry Pete but we will be chanting Pete for you.

I was just there a week and a half ago and they already have a nice display at the entrance for the two new inductees. My grandson ,son ,and I got some nice T-shirts with everybody’s name on it plus the two new inductees. We got nice Red Sox hats at Fenway and Yankees hats in the Newark airport on the way home.

3B hot spot for Reds…but nobody plays there (anymore)…
The league leaders in HR, in both leagues, are headed by some interesting names:
AL – Frazier & Encarnacion
NL – Duvall

But they are all league leaders in Strikeouts and low OBP. Not even looking just making a guess. I still say I care nothing for HRs..

I think you are in the minority. In a ballpark like GABP (#7); HR should be hit with regularity. And, Duvall has developed into a HR hitter. And, batting in the clean up spot…that is what you want. He is a definite RBI guy, if and only if, the Reds stack the OBP people in the #1 and #2 positions. We havent had a reasonable LF since 2008 when Dunn was roaming the area hitting 40 HR per season. R and RBI win G and someone has to be the RBI guy; well, here he is.

OK – trying to post again – Local sports guy Andy Furman says David Bell will replace Price over the break. Rumor or Scoop? (

Cant confirm or deny, but it wouldnt surprise me. If it did occur, Bell would be a
1/2 season manager, imo. Then, the Reds would have 8 months to find a far more qualified manager…the search would be on. What an exciting rumor!

if they didnt’t fire Half Price last year, I don’t see him going till its over. Just talk.
But we do suck and we need some life.
David Bell is someone who played the game. Makes sense. I’m all for it.

Buddy Bell did suck as a manager too. Just saying

Is your name Sybil? You took less than 1 minute to reverse your decision.
Ha-ha-ha! Maybe you should put the bottle down before you type. Ha-ha!

Top 20 Trade Candidates
1. Jay Bruce, OF, Reds — The song remains the same. Teams looking for lefty pop are surely weighing a move for Bruce. His $13MM option for next year is increasingly looking nice, as the coming free agent market isn’t the most exciting. Acquiring teams could pencil Bruce in for 2017 or see that added control as a trade asset to recoup the value given to add him. With Jon Jay seemingly falling out of trade contention due to an unfortunate injury, that only increases the appeal of the other corner outfielders on the market.
6. Zack Cozart, SS, Reds — We just broke down Cozart’s market situation, so read there for more. Teams looking for a useful hitter with a premium glove up the middle probably won’t find a better or more affordable option. That said, demand remains unclear and Cinci doesn’t need to deal him right now.

Well – apparently the tide has turned on WLW where the hosts have defended Price and only the callers have called for his dismissal. Now, one of the sports hosts is anticipating his firing based on sloppy play etc. Looks to me like they are “getting the word”.

If the Reds dont replace Price

I wanted him gonzi after 2014. He couldn’t manage T ball.

I prefer hudy delight

I hope Mark Sheldon and the rest of the beat writers Hammer Walt and Dick why in the world they would give 7 million to Alfredo Rodriguez?????? he is another player similar to Peraza, which is nothing special. Why didn’t they go after the Cuban outfielder the A’s got in Lazarito,??? he is supposed to have POP and be a something special.. and he only cost $3 million!!!. With this team needing a lot, why waste 7 million on one player that is all glove no hit??? Makes ZERO sense when you keep telling the fan base your trying to put a winning team together..haha!!!

At first glance I would agree. Wondering if there is more upside we don’t see. I feel dick has had more input lately, since these trades have produced better players than expected. Looks like we will have lots of speed… I would take 9 guys with high obp and speed over power any day.

I agree, and posted last time rumors flew about this kid. He’s about the 5th or 6th best player on a team of single/double AA equivalent talent. 7 million is to much.

Who has some news on boy wonder Winker

55 games at Louisville .286/.381/.367 2 hr 24 RBI.

Reds record through July 3rd…30W-53L or .361 W%. Their RD (run differential) is the worst in all of MLB with a -146 (Atlanta is 2nd worst with -101). The Reds pitching is the worst in all of MLB with a team ERA of 5.51 (Colorado is 2nd worse with 5.13).
The Reds are projected for a 58W-104L season; that will eclipse our all time worst season in 1982 of 61W-101L. Sadly, we all think there are players that will save the day; Peraza, todays pitcher – Reed, Winker, when he get up…but the truth be told, it will take a team effort and no one or two players can or will help this team from the depths of despair.

Here are the other categories the Reds Pitching are dead last in, in all of MLB…
HR – 144
SV% – 43.33%
BLSV – 17
WHIP – 1.54
K/BB – 1.64
Is there any reason to think we wouldnt be the worst team in
MLB? Not with these numbers.

Jenkins in, Riggins out as Reds pitching coach
The Reds dismissed pitching coach Mark Riggins on Monday and elevated bullpen coach Mack Jenkins to his role. Triple-A Louisville pitching coach Ted Power was promoted to take over as Reds bullpen coach.

So if they come up from triple-A unprepared, how does that reflect well on Power? He has a good reputation, but something is definitely wrong somewhere in development.

You might want to check but I do believe most of our pitchers now we traded for and did not come up in our system. They are learning at the major-league level not at the minor-league level hence the numbers you are seeing. That happens in a rebuilding process. Glad to see Ted finally getting up here.

good point

I think you also have a valid point. This season has proven that regardless of where the pitching was raised. in the Reds system or elsewhere, it continues to struggle and be ineffective. Speaking of just the Reds system, there is little to any evidence that the minor league system has been effective. Sad, but I think, true as evidenced by any up and coming pitcher both in the SP or BP roll. Hoover being the poster child.

I think this illustrates the Reds concerns; they finally, after 1/2 season, fired someone they thought was partially responsible for their woes. And yes, it was the pitching coach.

July 4th lineup @ Cubs; 2:20 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-2, 9.00)

It took Price over a half-a-season to move Phillips down.

Price has a lifetime record of 170W-237L with the Reds through July 3rd (.418 W%),
In my view, this was the worst mistake that Castellini and Jocketty made over the last 3 seasons.


Speaking about the minor league bring ups and coaching…we need to talk about
them. We are rated in the very, very bottom of all minor league systems; I posted the ratings sometime ago, dont have time to dig it up today.
They were, and I assume still are, in the same position that they were some time ago; meaning that the management and coaching are bewildered at all levels of the minor leagues. They are lost, they raise very few all stars and they raise very few key players that can make it in the ML. This has been noted by upper management and yet, little to any movement in the minors at the coaching or management level has been made. It all starts here and until this is enhanced…well…we continue to bring up what we have.
Once again, there is no 1 hero to come save us.

1.1 IP
3 H
2 BB
5 ER
…need I say more.

Hey Mack Jenkins no pressure! All of you are out of here come October.
Wasnt Half Price a piching coach. We have to accept we’ve got crappy players.
Dick Pole got the boot and Half Price got the credit. Our fortunes didn’t change till Scott Rolen arrived. Some players have the moxy to make the team better. Aka Peter Edward Rose.

Baesball requires a special mental focus. And this group doesn’t have it.

And we’ve not hit rock bottom yet.

I am confused why Reed gets such a long stint in the majors with bad results, but Stevenson gets a game here and there with pretty good results and is older and more seasoned with the minors. Confusing…

The Reds previously said that he needs to work on his control; finding it inconsistent.
Besides, the Reds are in no hurry when they know he will be a main starter one day, coupled with the fact that this season is a washout; the team does not compete.

Here here on that one. Amen

Reds ranked #29 (Minnesota #30) in all of MLB.

Tweet about Bruce…
Lance McAlister‏@LanceMcAlister 4 minutes ago
From #Reds: Bruce becomes 14th player MLB history to hit at least 18 HR in each of 1st nine ML seasons…..3rd Red ever.

Hard to say goodbye to that.

Refresher course…THE PLAN…2016
There are four main components to the rebuild:

1. Trade players who have value, but will not be here for the next window of success – and acquire young talent in return.

This has been the toughest part for Reds fans, who have seen Frazier and Aroldis Chapman depart during the offseason.

This plan started, to some extent, before the 2015 season with the trades of Mat Latos and Alfredo Simon. Those deals showed immediate dividends, saving roughly $14 million in salary between the two players and their big-league replacements.

In exchange for Latos, the Reds received Anthony DeSclafani, who outperformed Latos in 2015 at a fraction of the price. The Reds also received catching prospect Chad Wallach.

The Simon deal netted Eugenio Suarez, who stepped in at shortstop after Cozart’s injury, and is now the starting third baseman. The team also received former first-round pick Jonathon Crawford, who was injured much of 2015. The Reds re-signed Simon this spring to a one-year deal.

During the season, the Reds traded Cueto, Mike Leake and Marlon Byrd, all players who were nearing free agency. The team lost six months (two months each) of those players, saved $8 million and received six players – LHP Brandon Finnegan, LHP John Lamb, LHP Cody Reed, OF Adam Duvall, RHP Keury Mella and RHP Stephen Johnson.

After the season, the Reds traded Frazier and Chapman for a total of seven players – IF Jose Peraza, IF Brandon Dixon, OF Scott Schebler, IF Eric Jagielo, RHP Caleb Cotham, RHP Rookie Davis and 2B Tony Renda.

Chapman was a free agent after the 2016 season (and at the time was awaiting what was ultimately a 30-game suspension from Major League Baseball for a domestic violence incident) and Frazier had two more years under team control.

The average age of players in the team’s spring training camp was less than 26. It was more than 28 in 2006 and 27.5 in 2010. The average service time of players in camp this season was just more than one year, less than the three years of service in 2006 and 2010.

The Reds’ minor-league system is currently ranked No. 12 by Baseball America, with six of the players added in trades ranked in the team’s Top 15 prospects.

2. Invest aggressively in the amateur market

The Reds’ pool of signing money for the draft and international signings is $13,923,700, the largest of any team in baseball and more than $6 million above last year’s pool. It’s double the largest pool the team has had since MLB implemented the current system.

That money is determined by where the team picks in the draft. Over the last five seasons, the Reds have drafted an average of 20th.

The teams that have recently come through a rebuild, like the Royals, Pirates, Rays, Astros and Cubs, have all had an extended period of picking high in the draft. From the 10-year period from 2004 to 2013, the Royals’ average draft pick was 5.6, and the Pirates’ were the same. Over the same period, the Reds’ average was 13.7, better than the Astros’ (14.2, but with no top 30 pick in 2007) but not as good as the Cubs’ (10.375, in an average of eight years with no top 30 pick in 2009 or 2004). Over the last five drafts, the Astros’ top pick has averaged at 3.2, the Cubs’ 6, the Royals’ 11.2 and the Pirates’ 12.2. In that same time period, the Reds’ average has been 19.6.

The Reds last picked in the top 10 in 2009, picking Leake at No. 8 overall. The last time they were in the top five was 2002 (Chris Gruler at No. 3) and the only time they’ve picked as high as this year’s No. 2 spot was 1983, taking shortstop Kurt Stillwell. Since 2005, the Reds haven’t had a top five pick, but the Royals (7), Pirates (6), Astros (4), Cubs (3), Twins (3), Rays (3) and Indians (2) have had multiple seasons with top five picks.

3. Create payroll flexibility

That money saved last year and in other trades? It’s in a war chest, ready for when the team needs reinforcements.

The Cubs unleashed their savings from their reduced payroll this offseason, adding $289.95 million in future payroll in big-league signings with Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, John Lackey, Dexter Fowler, Trevor Cahill and Andury Acevedo.

The Cubs had the third-highest payroll in baseball in 2009 at more than $141 million. That dropped to just more than $93 million in 2014 (20th) during their rebuild. The Astros had the ninth-highest payroll in baseball in 2009 (more than $108 million) and then just four years later had the lowest payroll in baseball at less than $30 million. In 2011, the Royals had the lowest payroll in baseball ($44.5 million) and last year they were 13th ($128.9 million).

These teams did what the Reds plan to do – save money and then spend it when young talent becomes more expensive or the team needs to add to the roster to make a playoff run, like the Royals did last season.

4. Investments in other areas

Development isn’t just on the field. The Reds promoted Sam Grossman to assistant general manager from his previous role as senior director of baseball analytics. Grossman hired Michael Schatz from Oakland as the manager of baseball analytics and Peter Melgren as a baseball operations analyst. Melgren is a University of Michigan grad who was an economist at Moody’s and has done research at FanGraphs and The Hardball Times.

The team has expanded its internal software, including an application for scouts to use in the field. There’s more hardware, including cameras at the big-league and minor-league parks to help gain even more material for both scouting and analytic use.

The team also hired Dr. Charles Leddon to head the team’s director of sports science initiatives. This is a growing field for many teams in attempts to prevent injuries as well as find other advantages based on scientific research.

The team is expanding its player development staff, including strength and conditioning coaches at each minor-league affiliate and an increased budget in nutrition for its minor-league affiliates. This is building better players not just through their skills on the field, but in their preparations for playing. There is new leadership training offered throughout the minors and an expanded offseason strength camp. The Reds have also invested in improvements to their academy in the Dominican Republic.

Finally, they’ve added scouts both internationally and domestically. The team has a new scout in the Pacific Northwest, as well as scouts and leadership in Mexico, Latin America, Central America and Asia.

Will this all work? Time will tell, if baseball’s shown anything throughout the years, it’s that nothing’s guaranteed — not even a 2-0 lead in a three-game series with three games coming at home. What recent history has shown are the ways smaller-market teams, like the Royals, A’s or Rays, can find success. Those types of teams have been so successful that even big-money, big-market teams, like the Cubs and Astros, are following similar blueprints. Williams and the Reds are doing what they can to be the next success story.

We’re back in the 10 year we suck funk

W (4-7)
5 IP
5 H
5 ER
4.71 ERA
…another work in process.

Neb great info. It would help if some of the guys or just a guy would be a blue chip player that was just acquired. But it appears thats a wish. For years Jim Bowden couldn’t get our first pick right and the team paid the price. We have to hit home runswith that first pick.

I’d love for you to tell us how many of Dan Obriens pick made it to the bigs.

I hope we lose 110 ball games.

Delayed thought: which is it worse to be, a scapegoat (Riggins) or a human sacrifice (Price)? I can imagine the scene if Price is fired over the break – the TV camera zooms in and an off screen voice says “Bryan Price, you’ve just been fired! What are you going to do?” Price: “I’m going to Disney World!” True story – a friend saw Jack McKeon at Montgomery Inn the night he was fired by the Reds and McKeon was crying, in the restaurant! When Price is fired, he will not cry.

If he does not get fired…I will.

Wednesday lineup @ Cubs; 2:20 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
LF Jose Peraza (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P A. DeSclafani (R) (2-0, 1.78)
Our bright light for 2017…

More Priceless stats…
2012 – 97W-65L, .599 W% – 1st place in NL Central
2013 – 90W-72L, .556 W% – 3rd place in NL Central
2014 – 76-86, .469, 4th
2015 – 64-98, .395, 5th
2016 – 31-54, .365, 5th

This is what is frustrating when we think about our H…
E.Suarez popped out to center fielder Heyward.
Phillips singled to right.
Phillips stole second.
Peraza singled to center, Phillips to third.
Peraza stole second.
Barnhart struck out.
DeSclafani grounded out, third baseman La Stella to first baseman Rizzo.
0 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors
Lots of energy and lots of saber rattling…but absolutely nothing to show.
And this I am not talking about just Barnhart; everyone is guilty. And, until
this is fixed, along with the bigger project…pitching, the Reds will continue
to languish. With 2 on (2nd and 3rd) with less than 2 O should always, always
produce a R. I can only imagine what (and if) Price even has to say to the
players during a season relative to this issue. If he is, it obviously is falling
on deaf ears.

DeSclafani today…
6 IP
3 ER
…another QS.

Reds Notes: Bruce, Price, Peraza, Phillips
Reds manager Bryan Price isn’t at risk of dismissal, president of baseball operations Walt Jocketty tells Rosenthal. Price says that the removal of pitching coach Mark Riggins was done as part of an effort to add “a different perspective, different approach” to address the club’s pitching woes.

UGH. I guess GM is a useless title now.

Well…there is Jocketty – GM2
and there is the other guy – gm1

Speedster Hamilton targets leadoff spot in Reds’ lineup
Outfielder normally bats second or seventh, while Cozart usually tops Cincy’s order
Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton still sees himself as a future leadoff hitter. While he easily has the speed to handle the role, he knows his bat will be the required proof that he belongs there.
Hamilton, 25, hungers for another chance to lead off. The Reds have utilized Zack Cozart there most of this season, while Hamilton often bats seventh or second. He batted second the past two games, a spot he prefers if he can’t be at the very top.

Billy Billy Billy ain’t going to make it. He’s had 3 seasons. Stick a fork in him.

Duvall thrilled to take swings in Home Run Derby
Reds left fielder and first-time National League All-Star Adam Duvall received another big invitation on Thursday. Duvall will be a participant in the 2016 T-Mobile Home Run Derby on Monday (8 p.m. ET/7 CT on ESPN and simulcast on at Petco Park.

The new Derby seeded and timed format, which debuted last year at Great American Ball Park, pitted Duvall as the No. 3 seed in the eight-man competition. His first-round foe will be No. 6 Wil Myers of the hometown Padres.

Fridays lineup @ Marlins; 7:10 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R) (4-5, 4.34)
Lets see if Straily can correct his woes and match his earlier successes.

Wonder what the future holds for Mesoraco…he sure looked the part coming
out of the minors. Sadly, he is prone to long-term injuries; bad for a trade too.
After healing, again, could the Reds trade him to the AL where DHing may be
in his future? On the other hand, we have some inexpensive control on the guy:
2016 28 Cincinnati Reds $5,025,000
2017 29 Cincinnati Reds $7,325,000
2018 30 Cincinnati Reds $13,125,000
Earliest Free Agent: 2019
Question is, and has been for some 6 years in the bigs…when will he hit at least
41 HR and 145 RBI in one season instead of over his entire career? Last question
on this guy…will he ever play C again? If not, rehab, showcase…get what we can.

One expensive bench warmer

Are you kidding me? Another awesome robbing catch by Hamilton!
He is never afraid of the walls…but, he scares me when he has that much
speed and is heading for the wall.

Mark, I have been a long time subscriber/reader/commenter but for some reason have not received any posts for a few weeks. When I reenter my e-mail address I am told that I am already a subscriber. Can you fix so I again regularly get your posts ? Thanks. I really miss them and the comments of all

Bob, this site has been closed by Mark. Here are his comments on June 26th:
We are just a handful of diehards that continue to post.

Scroll up to June 26th comments and you will see what Mark said. I could not cut and paste them, for some reason.

Prospect Garrett nearing big league debut
Lefty to pitch in second straight SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game
When Reds left-handed pitching prospect Amir Garrett gets to San Diego to participate in the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game for the second time, he will be coming in on a roll.

Garrett, who is ranked as the No. 4 Reds prospect by, was promoted late last month from Double-A Pensacola to Triple-A Louisville. He has a 2.89 ERA in three games (two starts).

Saturdays lineup @ Miami; 4:10 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P John Lamb (L) (1-5, 5.43)

Team buried in the basement, Phillips fractures his hand, and still he plays. This is the perfect opportunity to say to Phillips, welcome to the DL. Peraza, get your glove, go to 2nd. This is a joke!!!

It all is in the hands of one, Mr. Price. He took 1/2 season to finally move Phillips down the lineup where he is effective. He had no business hitting clean up; he lost his power. Especially when you have Bruce and Duvall hitting as they have. No knock on Phillips, but he has lost what power he once had. Having a SGLs hitter hitting clean up was and is ludicrous, imo. The guy that has power and SLG is the guy I want hitting cleanup. Then, we need to make sure that the first two batters are OBP guys. Cozart has been sensational; Hamilton is working at it, having reached a .315 OBP before his recent injury. Joey is Joey and is the quintessential #3 batter.

BTW…Phillips has hit into far too many DPs for anyone to suggest he should be a clean up hitter (in addition to no power). I would bat him 7th for the duration of the war.

Today Reds outfielder Jay Bruce was named to the National League roster for the 87th MLB All-Star Game in San Diego on Tuesday. Bruce replaces Cubs outfielder Dexter Fowler, who is on the disabled list.
This is the third All-Star appearance for Bruce, who ranks third in the NL with 62 runs batted in and also boasts 18 home runs. Bruce joins fellow outfielder Adam Duvall in representing the Reds at the Midsummer Classic.

In the NL, as we head toward break-time, there is a guy that has 13 W coupled with a 2,47 ERA…who is that guy? One, Mr. Cueto.

Dodgers thought to be entertaining a trade for Bruce.

And, on MLB Trade Rumors…
Jay Bruce to the Blue Jays would make sense, Rosenthal opines. Acquiring Bruce from the Reds would allow the Jays to move Jose Bautista (who’s currently on the DL with a toe injury) to DH and reduce playing time for the underwhelming Justin Smoak. The Jays have a greater need for pitching, but might play to the strengths of the market by acquiring hitting instead.

Jay, the Jay. Hope he gets a good gig somewhere soon.

2016 NL Central Standings
Chicago 52 34 .605 – L4
Pittsburgh 45 42 .517 7.5 W1
St. Louis 45 42 .517 7.5 W1
Milwaukee 38 48 .442 14 L1
Cincinnati 32 56 .364 21 L2

…pitiful, just pitiful….

If Milwaukee lead the NL Central, they would be
10 G under .500. That actually is ridiculous to even
say, isnt it? Sadly, if that were true…the Reds would
be 7 G behind them, or uber ridiculous.

Sundays lineup @ Miami; 1:10 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
3B Ivan De Jesus (R)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-3, 9.00)

Why give even one guy off on Prices-Sunday-Sandlot-Auto-Day-Off? Especially when we have a 4 day break following today. Does Suarez need 5 days off instead of 4? Is he leaving for a vacation and needs an extra day to pack?

Miami whips us 7-3, but is upset they left 9 runners on base!
Once again, some nice pitching…Reed and Smith give up the 7 R,
5 ER, however, the good news is that Iglesias goes 2 IP and gives up nothing.

The current SP rotation is:
When Bailey returns, the SP rotation will be:
…Finnegan, at 23, will be moved to the BP.
Bailey has two rehab assignments prior to
joining the Reds.

In case anyone missed it – Reds completed worst first half – IN FRANCHISE HISTORY.

Well, since they lost what they did in 1982, I can only assume that that was their worst first half of all time. What is the answer?

oops – just repeating what they said on radio.

and no seems to give a hoot. might as well go for the gusto.

no one gives a hoot.

And – for humorous diversion – apparently Cueto doesn’t like the AS Game uni’s. (ugleee)

Even the Padres just have mustard sleeves…this one is the worst I have seen in
a long time. You gotta wonder who sat down and designed the beast.

yesterdays ball game just proves these guys will not play for this manager. He’s done !

Those uniforms are criminal.

Fun site I found when researching records…
Franchise bests/worsts: Cincinnati Reds
Long known as the first professional team in baseball history, the current incarnation of the Reds (The Cincinnati Red Stockings) began recorded history in 1882. They dropped the Stockings and became the Cincinnati Reds in 1890. Due to the communism scare, they switched to being called the Redlegs from 1954-59, but have been the Reds since 1960. They have 15 playoff appearances, 10 pennants and five World Series championships.

Interesting how they were the “Reds” in 1890 to the ’50s. Didn’t know that. Lot of people on radio will say Redlegs lotta time – but that was only a short time.

Very short…I was surprised as well.

By the way – in that same article – hilarious – the “worst fight” video. Hey Neb – you should start a blog. (just what you want to hear)

Yikes…I have been scolded on at least 4 or 5 occasions over the last 5 years for moving around articles. The bad news is that I dont create the news, but I can find it and bring it to light on a conflicting board! Lol…just ask Mark…lol. Not being affiliated with MLB, I think there is little to any chance of that happening. Thanks for the thought though, as I enjoy bringing articles and facts to life so that they can be argued, disputed and discussed; especially about our team. With all that said, I have enjoyed this board a great deal; other boards are controlled too tightly and do not have the easy access and posting involved. The problem with these type boards is that they are old and antiquated…the newer media is far more convenient, controllable and are monetized far better. Oh well, we can at least enjoy this one till it is terminated.

Las Vegas odds for Home Run Derby…
Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins) 14/5
Mark Trumbo (Orioles) 7/2
Todd Frazier (White Sox) 5/1
Adam Duvall (Reds) 6/1
Wil Myers (Padres) 6/1
Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies) 17/2
Corey Seager (Dodgers) 10/1
Robinson Cano (Mariners) 10/1

Duvall attacks the ball more than others I have seen over several years; this stat does not surprise me…what is surprising is that other Reds have not done as these two…
Duvall is only the second Red batter to hit, prior to the ASG (since 1933), at least 20 DBL, 23 HR, and 61 RBI (Bench, 1970, 23-28-79).

Duvall is projected to hit 36 DBL, 42 HR and 111 RBI this season. If and when he is moved to the clean up spot, I would suggest that the RBI total will increase considerably (post Bruce trade).

wow – wouldn’t have guessed that.

All right Mr. Duvall…do us proud…got a feeling he might go against another 3rd baseman that we know pretty well…
Remember last year? I am a bit surprised that Frazier and his ordeal was not more
taken into consideration…Frazier went into a complete tail spin after last years contest. Maybe it was just an oddity.

SP for All-Star game for NL?
Mr. Cueto

Yeah – I know you’ve taken the heat for postings – ha. Nice while it lasts – so many sites make it a hassle to comment for sure.

Duvall VS. Mr. Frazier; round 2 at HR Derby!
Tugs at my heart strings…
(come on Duvall!*?)

Stanton could have been had a few years ago; cost PLENTY…but he would have absolutely torn up GABP….just talkin…

Wow…Stanton VS. winner of Frazier/Duvall struggle…way to go Reds!
Stanton hits monsters…over 400 feet for most…power-plus…

All right Fraz…take em down!

Quite a setting – entertaining. Stanton a stud.

Stanton…too big, too strong, too powerful.

All Star initial lineups…
Ben Zobrist, Cubs, 2B
Bryce Harper, Nationals, RF
Kris Bryant, Cubs, 3B
Wil Myers, Padres, DH
Buster Posey, Giants, C
Anthony Rizzo, Cubs, 1B
Marcell Ozuna, Marlins, CF
Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies, LF
Addison Russell, Cubs, SS
Jose Altuve, Astros, 2B
Mike Trout, Angels, CF
Manny Machado, Orioles, 3B
David Ortiz, Red Sox, DH
Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox, SS
Eric Hosmer, Royals, 1B
Mookie Betts, Red Sox, RF
Salvador Perez, Royals, C
Jackie Bradley Jr., Red Sox, LF

Interesting that Stanton isnt starting; actually, borderline shocking!

More All Star G stats/numbers…
C – NL
lST – NL
2ND – AL
3B – AL
For the past three seasons, the American League has been the team that has earned the right to play the extra game at home. The AL won 3-0 in 2013, 5-3 in 2014 and 6-3 at Great American Ball Park last year.
Vegas Odds…
NL – -115
AL – +105

Big Papi is a cheater. Failed the test in 2003. He’ll never be a Hof’er. Not one mention of it tonight. If it was A Rod or someone else it would be news
cheaters never prosper

Fyi. Arod or Bonds never failed tests. Someone back me up on that please.
Just saying.

Thursday afternoon – I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the break and dread the resumption. This is like the intermission before the last act of a tragedy. We know everyone dies in the end – why to we go back and take our seats? My favorite player’s about to be traded. I look around the league and wonder why Encarnacion isn’t our 1st baseman, why Frazier isn’t our third baseman, why Grandal isn’t behind the plate; and then I have to trust the Reds going forward to build a better team. It’s tough; not Cubs-fan tough, but tough enough.

Theme of the second half “tanking”

Excerpt from; C. Trent Rosecrans article…
The Reds went 32-57 in the first-half, on pace for the second-worst season in team history. The .360 winning percentage is only better than the 1934 team that lost 99 games in a 152-game schedule, finishing 52-99-1 (a .344 winning percentage).
The 2016 Reds have the highest ERA in baseball at 5.47, with blame shouldered both by the starting rotation (5.29) and the bullpen (5.73) – both the worst marks in baseball.
Coming into the season, Jocketty and Reds general manager Dick Williams said Price would be evaluated on things other than the team’s record, especially working with the team’s young pitchers.
“I think he’s done an excellent job, this has been a tough first half for anybody, but especially the manager trying to field a competitive club every night and piece together a pitching staff that has been broken most of the year and trying to keep everyone’s spirits up,” Jocketty said of Price. “I think the guys are still playing well and still playing hard and that’s a big part of what he’s responsible for.”
Say what?

Quite baffling if I must say so. And what did or current GM have to say?

I guess we know that the management of the Reds is broken. Why I would expect Price to be a manager rather than a pitching coach, in this his 3rd season…never mind, my bad. It will be of utmost interest whom Castellini and the PGM (paper general manager) will select as manager entering 2017. If it is Price, I am done. If it is a rookie, I am done. If it is a has-been, I am done. The 2017 manager has got to be a proven commodity with a winning track record…no more milk-toast personality that lets the team run itself…no more Sunday sandlot softball managing…no more tirades everywhere else, instead of in the faces of some players. I dont mind the PLAN and I dont mind the players, but I do mind putting the team in N (neutral) and allowing them to run themselves year, after year. Errors, base running blunders, poor plate decisions are all problems that can be laid at the feet of the manager; giving them a day off on Sunday hasnt and wont fix the problem.

Oh I just love this Enquirer piece that dishes out the same garbage: “I think he’s done an excellent job… (!), guys still playing well…”(!). Also Jocketty’s run unclear to me. I heard someone on radio say the deal was he’s out at end of this season. I don’t think that is correct. I will say this – with the lack of any change here at mid-season, that is a real downer. To me there is nothing to get behind. If ownership doesn’t care – why should I?

btw – every comment on that Enquirer piece is negative.

Half Price is a Jocketty boy. Dick Williams will hire his own guy.
Remember Bob Castellini and group hired Dusty. Dusty hired Dick Pole and Walt fired Dick Pole. WJ hired half Price. That makes him his boy.
If Walt’s lips are moving, don’t believe him.

Very Very Sad the depths we have reached. And everyone thought we’d be better than last year. ha aha aha a aha ha

We need a dag gum leader !

Just shows their ” head is not in the game”

Another day, another spectacular Hamilton sprint
In the fourth inning with one out, Hamilton made it a 1-1 game when he scored from second base on Adam Duvall’s ground ball to the shortstop. Jonathan Villar flipped to second baseman Scooter Gennett, who made a throw to first base that was not in time for an inning-ending double play. Hamilton never stopped running and scored with a headfirst slide ahead of Chris Carter’s throw to the plate.
Hamilton is unreal…I honestly do not know when I have seen such a player that has quick acceleration and ball-beating speed. Check this on out…the site above contains a VIDEO showing this current theft.

Sunday lineup vs. Milwaukee; 1:10 PM – ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
2B Jose Peraza (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R) (4-6, 4.35)

7/17/16 Cincinnati Reds optioned John Lamb to Louisville Bats.
7/17/16 Cincinnati Reds recalled Kyle Waldrop from Louisville Bats.

Billy does it again! Scores on past ball after stealing 3B in bottom of 9th.

Is that a “run off” or “steal off” win? Definitely not “walk off”. The flash.

He is soooo much fun to watch; either in the field or AB (fingers crossed), but especially when he gets on base. He is so fast, when anyone gets on base ahead of him and they are headed for home, Hamilton is usually only a couple of feet behind him. When he gets on base via a SGL or BB, it usually means the same as a TPL. Nobody can say that this kid does not give 110%.

The other thing he brings to the game is opposition pressure. The opposition seems to fall apart on a number of plays, especially when they rush their throws trying to get him at any particular base or home. The last play, wild pitch or passed ball, the C went back to retrieve the ball and threw it 6 feet above the P trying to cover home plate. The game before this one, they tried to get a double play; failed, but the throw home by the lst baseman was feeble and off line. They erroneous plays are all due to the opposition panicking and rushing their throws due to Hamiltons speed.

One last comment about Hamilton. If and when the Reds hold the opposition to 2-3 R per G, Hamiltons heroics will be far more prevalent and obvious, as in todays G.
Losing 7-1 or 6-0 kind of hides the super catches he makes in CF or the base running heroics. Maybe one day we will get back to our superior pitching; not tomorrow, but one day.

Neb, here is my idea for guys like Billy and for putting a little more excitement in the game.
I’d like to see MLB institute the designated runner. Give the manager two or three opportunities during a game to pinch run with his designated runner. Player stays in the game and its a basic free substitution. This would put the stolen base back into the game.

I think that D-speed has passed your by…

Lineup for July 19th (during RNC; arrrrgh!)…
Atlanta @ Reds 710 PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-4, 8.39)
Chance for the well-thought-about Reed to finally
show what many think he is truly all about.

DeSclafani W (5-0) 8.0 8 2 2 0 3 1 2.50

Pitching starting to come together…
Iglesias – 2.42 ERA
DeSclafani – 2.50
Wood – 2.98
Stephenson – 3.00
Cingrani – 3.43

Am I the only one who thinks that when he smiles, Billy Hamilton looks like Gilligan?

Tweeted by Mark…
Louisville Bats ‏@LouisvilleBats 38 minutes ago
#Reds right-handed pitcher Homer Bailey will make a rehab appearance with the #LouBats on Monday, July 25.
Would really be nice to see him at the head of the class…

Lineup for Friday – AZ @ Cincy; 7:10 PM – ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R) (4-6, 4.07)

Hamilton gets his wish, batting leadoff
Billy Hamilton walked into the Reds’ clubhouse Friday afternoon and had to do a double-take.

Hamilton saw his name at the top of the Reds’ batting order for the first time since June 29, and for just the 11th time all season. It’s the first time Hamilton has been in the leadoff position in a game in which Zack Cozart has also been in the starting lineup. This time, manager Bryan Price has the full intention of keeping Hamilton’s name in that No. 1 spot.
“That’s where I want to be. Leadoff is always where I’ve been, but Bryan told me that if I don’t earn the spot, then I’m not going to be there,” Hamilton said. “When I walked into the clubhouse today and saw the lineup, I thought, ‘Is that a misprint?’ I’m sure my face lit up. It’s my time to show that I deserve to be there.”

Since All-Star break…Votto hitting .550; highest in all of MLB…

April – .229/.327/.313/.640
May – .200/.333/.484/.817
June – .319/.466/.549/1.015
July to date – .400/.541/.600/1.141
Appears Mr. Votto is waking up…

Last 7 days – .346
5 G hitting streak; 7 of 8
.251/.300 OBP – season
Batting lead off this season – .323 OBP
(.320 OBP – NL Average)

According to reports there is wide interest in Jay Bruce but execs say they are having difficulty getting any traction with Red’s management.

Tough to negotiate…the BUY team points to the last two seasons, while the SELL
team points to this season and his complete body of work. I for one and very happy
that Jocketty wants quality for Bruce. He is still relatively young and is a bargain at his current contract price, plus he can be had for another year. Quality for quality; he should bring a handsome trade.

Reds’ Jon Moscot Undergoes Tommy John Surgery
By Steve Adams | July 19, 2016 at 8:47pm CDT

Reds right-hander Jon Moscot announced (on Twitter) today that he underwent elbow surgery, and C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer tweeted soon after that the 24-year-old underwent Tommy John surgery.

While Moscot has been working out of the club’s Triple-A rotation, his loss will serve as a hit to the club’s depth chart, though Cincinnati certainly has a large number of arms to vie for spots in the rebuilding rotation. Anthony DeSclafani, Dan Straily, Cody Reed and Brandon Finnegan currently sit in the Cincinnati rotation, with a mending Homer Bailey working his way back to join. Beyond that, the Reds have the recently demoted John Lamb in Triple-A as well as top prospects Robert Stephenson and Amir Garrett as options in the near future. Beyond that grouping, right-handers Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias have both worked as starters for Cincinnati over the past year, though each is currently in the big league bullpen.

Saturdays lineup – AZ @ CIN, 7:10 PM – ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Keyvius Sampson (R) (0-1, 5.51)
(Dont let the scissors get anywhere near him!)

Just for fun…here is what the lineup may look like; sans Phillips and Bruce…
CF Hamilton
SS Cozart
lB Votto
LF Duvall
RF Winker (or Rodriguez, or Ervin – or many others could play here)
3B Suarez
2B Peraza
C Barnhart
P Sampson
…and then there is Cozart…

pretty funny

I meant to say “pretty funny” here (Sampson)


Hamilton pre-CF…
Time travels so fast that we often forget where players started; remember where
Hamilton played when he first came up? Thats right…SS! Now, he looks like he is
a complete natural in CF and that may well have been his calling. Clearly, his speed
is a huge attribute as nobody I know could do the things he can do with the leather.

Not too sure what is in Phillips mind. First step was to move him down the lineup (he had no business batting clean up), and then the next step will be to supplant his time at 2B by playing Peraza. And, next season, it should occur more often and less time for Phillips on the field. After all, he will be 36 next June 28th and it is evident that he lost his power. I am surprised that a team does not offer to trade him as he still can go get em and does so with acrobatic speed and panache. But his turn down to go play with Baker for a winning team was perplexing to say the least. There he may well have been offered an additional short term contract; with the Reds it is…how do we
move him out as he is taking up a position that he will not prosper in in the future, or when the Reds PLAN is to be relevant. So, here we are…let us just hope there is some sort of positive offer within the next 10 calendar days…either for Bruce, or Phillips or even cozart for that matter. But I, like Jockettty (I hope) will never just give them away; they are all talented ballplayers…ones that you cannot replace with a whim or even with alot of cash.

Todays Hamilton de jure…
lst inning: Hamilton on 3rd (stolen base), Votto on lB (walk), 1 out and Bruce at the plate. Votto goes and Bruce strikes out; throw to 2B is waiting for Votto by 20 feet. Seeing that Votto would be the 3rd out, Hamilton smartly breaks for home and gets the 2nd baseman to throw to the catcher. Hamilton is 30-40 feet down the line but sees the throw and by the time they throw to 3B, Hamilton beats it back to the bag; Votto safe at 2nd. Amazing how he can get a team to make wrong decisions. It would have been better to get Votto even if Hamilton scored. Instead, the inning was prolonged and the Reds scored 3 R; all thanks to Hamilton and his smarts and speed.
This kid is going to be great for the Reds, and he is only 25!

I still say you look at trading Duvall while his stock is high. I just don’t see him developing to be much more than a home run hitter. He does not get on base at a high clip like many of the other reds, but at least their ceiling and defense is stronger. I would also look to dealing one young starter for prospects not named disco or Iglesias unless blown away. We need more young hitters.

Duvall is only 27 years old and an All-Star.
His contract is very, very Reds friendly:
2016 27 Cincinnati Reds $510,000
2016 Status Signed thru 2016
Earliest Arb Eligible: 2019
Earliest Free Agent: 2022
84 R
38 DBL
38 HR
106 RBI
.990 FLD%
Can play lst, 3rd and RF.
First, who could we get that produces like he does, and for the salary
he is drawing? And secondly, the Reds want Bruce gone due to salary.
That leaves Duvall batting clean up; without him the Reds
have little to provide the power resulting in what decides the
game; R and RBI. SF has been said to be a bit remorseful when
they think of letting Duvall go; I can understand that as the guy
has been very productive.

Great analysis – Duvall – what a gift!

Oh I agree we don’t have much else… But what he has done and will continue to do is in question. I agree he has been a great pick up. But the Reds are not going anywhere this season and probably not next season. Sell high. Duvall may also tank and will not even be a part of the rebuild. He was not a high talent when we grabbed him. Did he all the sudden figure it out, did someone just finally give him a chance, or is he playing at an unsustainable level. You have to trade something to get something and the Reds may pull in something nice with his production and many years of service left at such a great price. Sell high… I am not a fan of power numbers and care nothing about home runs or RBIs. Fill your team with On Base guys that surpass .330 posting mostly in the .350 plus range. HRs and Power is too hit and miss… I want consistency from our offense.

Finnegan…I will let you guys decide…
6/19 – 5 IP – 4 ER
6/25 – 6.2 IP – 3 ER
6/30 – 2.1 IP – 8 ER
7/5 – 5 IP – 5 ER
7/18 – 5 IP – 2 ER
7/24 – 5 IP – 6 ER
(today – 7 H, 3 HR, 87 pitches, 4.93 ERA)

Would anyone trade Desclafani to the Rangers if the offered up a package including Galo? What if it had Profar. Man is Desclafani good enough to pull in both. This is an absolute Latos trade in reverse. Desclafani is throwing and would be a huge trade piece that could change this rebuild immensely… Heck they could throw Bruce in the deal and bring back even more. Texas is loaded at the top prospects along with Profar. Texas is trying to win now and has a lot of big contracts and no room for the upcoming players. Bruce and Desclafani for Profar and Galo along with a few others… We can replace the pitching loss. Amir Garret is bursting on to the scene…

Not me.
Profar and Gallo wont help the Reds get stronger imo, they will only create more question marks. Gallo is a AAA player to boot…
News: Gallo, 22, is batting just .171 with 20 strikeouts over his last 10 games for Triple-A Round Rock. (Tue Jul 5)
Spin: While the Rangers have been unable to find at-bats for Gallo at the big league level, he is not exactly raking right now either. Overall, he is batting just .246 on the year, though he does have a .382 on-base percentage along with 14 home runs in 53 games with Round Rock. Barring injury, it appears that Gallo may have to wait until September to see the big leagues again.
Profar is projected to be a very good infielder (2B, SS, 3B – natural position) – what about what the Reds already have to play those positions?
However, Profar is an INF hitter with no punch, projected this year to hit:
74 G
38 R
7 HR
23 RBI
These two guys are young and full of potential, but are not ready today.
The Reds do not need any more rookie prospects in the lineup, given what
they have on the team and in the pipeline. Additionally, these two do not appear
to have 0 power.
Bottomline: DeSclafani is just now proving his worth as a SP and he is proving it
in a hurry. A SP just starting out, with unlimited potential is worth far more than two
young guys with maybe-potential that the team does not need today. If Jocketty traded for these two, by putting up DeSclafani and Bruce…I will quit baseball.

So we trade Chapman and get zero top 100 prospects, zero. Now the Yankees trade him and get 2 top 100 prospects. What a joke.

Saw that and cried a bit. This is ridiculous in so many ways… I hope this smacks the Reds front office into making a good deal. We wouldn’t except anything lower than 3 top prospects last year to giving him away at his lowest because the Reds got scared for whatever reason. We could have kept him and gotten this type of return in completely insane…

Yeah – that was a messed up deal – probably b/c the outcome of that domestic violence charge was still up in the air then. Sure Reds didn’t plan this: now they gotta face him!

r3rd is absolutely correct; Reds trade was predicated on DV case at the time…
The Reds had previously tried to trade Chapman to the Dodgers for two prospects earlier this month during the Winter Meetings. The move was put on hold after allegations of a domestic violence incident involving Chapman surfaced. Major League Baseball has yet to complete its investigation under the new domestic violence policy.

Nevertheless, it seems that the investigation might have affected Chapman’s value. Only Jagielo and Davis were ranked by as top 10 prospects in the Yankees organization. Renda and Cotham were not among the top 30.

DV case or not you don’t trade someone at their lowest value… That is what bothers me… They seem to make bad decision after bad decision. I blame Walt. He did the same with Frazier. Waited too long. I would have rather kept Chap and at worst you lose him to FA and receive a draft pick which is probably still better than the two they got from the Yanks.

OK…shortly after the half, here is what I would do if I were Jocketty…
(and, of course, it does not happen unless you have a trade partner)
1) continue to work on the SP, although I believe we may well have the
5. That said, any and all offers for anyone remains open and appreciated.
2) continue to work on the BP, big time…again, if there is a trade out there
that can help, entertain the trade; does not mean we have to trade or accept.
3) find homes for Bruce and Phillips (iffy on Cozart; not ultra important today).
This would only mean that we would have even more $$$ in our war-chest to acquire
talent IF NEED BE, in the future, when we may be well within striking distance
of a playoff spot.
4) trade for a C that can hit (AVG & SLG). Talent to handle pitching is just that.
5) evaluate all managers, retired and present.
(have a feeling that Riggleman is front runner…not all that bad, not all that good).
I have to appreciate the PLAN that the Reds put together and I find it results oriented.
However, it may take a bit longer to spew results. Though…it appears that the
current change, plan, team…is being put together with appreciable results; thus far.

As I have always said…we, the fans are looking into the fishbowl, with no knowledge of what is happening inside the bowl; only Jocketty and Co. know what is
going on inside. We, as fans and self-assigned GMs have little to no knowledge
of what the intricacies of any transaction may or may not be. In other words, we
know squat!

I know I this team will never be above .500 with this sorry coaching staff. And I cant trust this FO will ever get to the next level in the playoffs. Remember 2013 when they handed the Pirates the home field adv in the playoffs by not claiming or blocking Byrd to the Pirates? No wonder Dusty said thier was no urgency to win. It was true. So get use to last place for along time. Sadly Bob and Walt are okay with it. Not me as a fan for 44 years!!

Agree… Phillips though I like him very much seems to be done. Sad to waste the money he has left but he really does nothing for us. We have to free that spot up for development of the future, aka Peraza or these other infielders the Reds have acquired over the last couple of years. I am not sure what criteria the Reds are looking at right now with these players future. Take a look at Gigi who we traded and how well he is performing right now. I know you have to trade something to get something but wow that seems to be a miss for one year of choo. Edwin is a monster hitter that we needed to just find a position for but instead traded. Basically what I am getting at is Bruce. It seems he is finally healthy and playing consistently. He wants to be here… This is the type of player you sign to a long term contract. All of these contracts are coming off the book in a the next year to only have Votto and Bailey as long term contracts. I would trade one of the two of Duvall and Bruce depending on what brings the most in return. They are the same age but Bruce is much more dependable to know what you have. Duvall could fall a part in the next year to a 4th and 5th OF. The Catching situation is in serious jeopardy, Mez is done and its going to be a few years before our talent is ready. But if they are not any good then why not let Barnhart hold down the position. He is great with the pitchers and what else matters for offense if the Reds decided not to compete.

The Reds FO wont have the guts to say they blew it with Chapman. The Yankees are laughing how they stole him from the Reds and got a great trade from the Cubs. I bet the Cubs sweep the Reds the rest of the year. And if they Keep Chapman the Reds will still suck ag the Cubs for along time. I wish BOB would zell this franchise toa huge Billionaire Reds fan that hates losing and will get talent here to Wina World Series. The Bengals will win a playoff game before the Reds even sniff a playoff game for along time.

Chapman traded for…
Davis, 22, spent 2015 at Class A Advanced Tampa and Double-A Trenton, and he was 8-7 with a 3.86 ERA in a combined 25 games (24 starts). He was added to New York’s 40-man roster in November. MLBPipeline rated him the 10th-best prospect in the organization.
“Rookie Davis is a young right-handed starting pitcher we think will have a chance to be a starting pitcher in the next year or two with us,” Jocketty said.
Jagielo, 23, was the Yankees’ first-round pick in the 2013 Draft and was ranked by as the organization’s No. 6 prospect. Limited to 58 games last season at Trenton because of right knee surgery, he batted .284/.347/.495 with nine home runs and 35 RBIs. He’s a career .266 hitter in the Minors, with 33 homers in 205 games.
“Jagielo is a guy we liked in the Draft,” Jocketty said. “We could see him as a potential left-handed — maybe utility guy at first and third — for the first few years. He would definitely be a strong bat off the bench, definitely a solid hitter.”
In 127 games last season for Double-A Harrisburg and Trenton, the 24-year-old Renda combined to hit .269/.330/.358 with 30 doubles, three homers, 44 RBIs and 23 stolen bases in 29 attempts. He also had 43 walks and 39 strikeouts in 480 at-bats. The Yankees had acquired Renda on June 11 in a trade that sent David Carpenter to the Nationals.
Cotham, 28, had a 2.21 ERA over 35 relief appearances at Trenton and Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. He had a 6.52 ERA in 12 big league appearances for the Yankees.

Reds actually had a trade in place for Chapman with the Dodgers for two prospects….however the domestic violence issue nixed the deal. The Dodgers,
nor the Reds ever said who the two prospects were.

Was fortunate to spend the weekend in Cooperstown with my brothers and a few of our grown up kids. Had a great time, met alot of nice people, food and service was fabulous, weather was superior, have a new found respect for Mike Piazza and Mets fans. Stayed three nights in Little Falls New York along the Erie Canal and trains racing by. It was a good time. Even when the trains blew their horns at night !

Family + Baseball = Fun Times

Speaking of C…
Mesoraco is another rehab assignment; will he ever be right?
Yet he is still a drain on our tax system, while getting no younger.
2016 28 Cincinnati Reds $5,025,000
2017 29 Cincinnati Reds $7,325,000
2018 30 Cincinnati Reds $13,125,000
Earliest Free Agent: 2019

In hindsight and looking forward, this guy is the biggest disappointment. We let
Grandal and others go instead of the requested him.

On the mend…
*C. Cotham: Scheduled for 7/22 rehab assignment at Pensacola.
*A. Simon: On DL (6/22) with strained right trapezius
*A. Morris: On DL (shoulder strain); resumed throwing (7/17)
*D. Mesoraco: Will resume activities in January 2017. (7/18)
*Y. Rodriguez: Began rehab assignment with Class A Daytona (7/8)
*H. Bailey: Due to make next rehab start 7/25.
*T. Adleman: Threw 5 rehab innings on 7/21 for Louisville.

Baileys rehabs…
04/21/2016 IND 0 0 4.91 0 3.2 3 2 2 6
04/26/2016 JXN 0 1 2.25 0 4.0 6 1 2 3
06/27/2016 BUF 0 1 7.71 0 1.0 3 2 0 1
07/02/2016 GW 0 0 6.75 0 2.0 5 1 0 1
07/07/2016 COL 0 0 6.10 0 3.2 6 2 0 1
07/15/2016 IND 0 1 5.02 0 4.0 3 1 2 5
07/20/2016 @COL1 0 5.95 0 5.1 6 5 1 1
07/25/2016 CHA 0 0 5.63 0 4.1 5 2 4 4
TOTALS 1 3 5.14 0 28.0 37 16 11 22

MLB Trade Rumors…
Five Teams Interested In Cuban Third Baseman Yanio Perez
By Mark Polishuk | July 25, 2016 at 12:18am CDT

Cuban third baseman Yanio Perez has drawn interest from the Astros, Padres, Rangers, Reds and Rockies, as per a report from MLB Pipeline (Twitter link). The 20-year-old was ranked by Pipeline as the 10th-best player available in this year’s July 2 international market, and he is known to have impressive raw power, makeup and above-average speed. Perez is subject to international bonus pool guidelines.

Deadline Rumors: Hellickson, Reds, Rangers, Aybar, Gibson, Twins
The Rangers are exploring many trade options and have been linked to multiple teams, though they don’t appear to have had any “substantive talks” with the Reds, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News tweets. Texas has been linked to Jay Bruce, and the right fielder could be a fit with Shin-Soo Choo constantly battling injuries and Prince Fielder gone for the season, though Grant seems to imply that the Rangers’ interest in Bruce didn’t get too far. Anthony DeSclafani would certainly the attract the Rangers and other pitching-needy teams if Cincinnati made him available, though DeSclafani’s breakout year may have also made him into a building block for the rebuilding Reds.

Tuesdays balllgame lineup; @ SF, 7:10 PM – ET…
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P Cody Reed (0-4, 6.75)
Needs to show us a continued success over
last outing; 6 IP, 5 H, 0 ER…but has to lower
his 1.73 WHIP.

Sorry guys, lets make that 10:15 PM – ET…

Aroldis arrives in Chicago with focus on wins
Fireballing closer expresses excitement in joining promising Cubs, having learned from past mistakes
Aroldis Chapman arrived on Tuesday, saying he’s excited to join the Cubs and has learned from the mistakes he’s made in the past, and he couldn’t explain why he’s throwing with more velocity this season.

“It feels very good to wear a Chicago Cubs uniform,” Chapman said, sitting in the visitors’ dugout at U.S. Cellular Field. “There’s a lot of expectations here in Chicago, and I’m here to do my job and try to win a World Series.”
As if it couldnt get any better!?*

Reds “Picking Up The Pace” On Jay Bruce Trade Talks
By Steve Adams | July 26, 2016

The Reds have “picked up the pace” on trade talks surrounding slugging right fielder Jay Bruce and are talking to “at least” four teams, according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick (Twitter link). Cincinnati is seeking a top prospect in exchange for Bruce, who is in the midst of an outstanding rebound campaign at the plate.

Bruce, 29, underwent arthroscopic knee surgery early in the 2014 season and never looked like himself upon his return that year or in 2015. Over those two seasons, Bruce batted a paltry .222/.288/.406 with a combined 44 home runs, submarining a great deal of his trade value in the process (though Cincinnati still nearly moved him to Toronto in Spring Training). The 2016 season, however, has yielded a revitalized version of Bruce that is slashing an excellent .272/.326/.564 with 23 homers, 22 doubles and six triples. His 20.6 percent strikeout rate is the second-lowest of his career, and 20.9 percent homer-to-flyball ratio and 37.5 percent hard-contact rate are the best single-season marks he’s ever posted.

Where Bruce has seemingly struggled, though, is on the outfield grass. Despite sporting a park- and league-adjusted batting line that is 29 percent above league average, per wRC+, and 32 percent above league average, per OPS+, defensive metrics feel that Bruce has mitigated the majority of the value provided by his bat. Ultimate Zone Rating and Defensive Runs Saved both peg Bruce as 12 runs below the league average right fielder, dinging him for both his range and his arm. Bruce graded out as a serviceable, if not above-average fielder last season, though, and he rated among the game’s top defenders in right field back in 2013 as well (prior to his knee surgery). Scouts, of course, will have their own take on Bruce’s glovework, and it’s certainly possible that there are evaluators out there that find such metrics to overstate Bruce’s statistical deficiencies this season. And, even if on is to believe that Bruce’s defensive game has dramatically deteriorated, his resurgent bat makes plenty of sense for an American League club that can give him significant time in the DH slot.

Bruce is earning $12.5MM this season — of which about $4.71MM remains — and has what now looks to be a reasonably priced $13MM club option on his contract as well. Bruce’s six-year, $51MM extension provides him with the ability to block trades to eight clubs, but he’s reportedly willing to waive his no-trade protection in order to play for a contending club. He’s been connected to the Dodgers, Orioles, Giants, Nationals, Rangers and Indians in the past week, and Toronto has been mentioned multiple times as a potential fit. More recent reports, though, have indicated that Cleveland isn’t in the mix for Bruce at this time. The Blue Jays, meanwhile, acquired Melvin Upton Jr. earlier today.

Remember the quote….Who are those guys?
Straily W (6-6) 7.2 3 1 1 1 5 1 3.84
Iglesias H 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.20
Cingrani S 1.0 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.20
(Ok, movie buffs…what movie?)

Trade deadline: August 1st…
Reds “Picking Up The Pace” On Jay Bruce Trade Talks; Mariners Interested
JULY 27: The Mariners are among the teams that have reached out the Reds to inquire about Bruce, Crasnick reports today (Twitter link). Seattle’s offseason addition of Nori Aoki has yet to pay dividends, causing the Mariners to rely more heavily on Franklin Gutierrez and Nelson Cruz in the outfield than the team initially expected.

JULY 26: The Reds have “picked up the pace” on trade talks surrounding slugging right fielder Jay Bruce and are talking to “at least” four teams, according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick (Twitter link). Cincinnati is seeking a top prospect in exchange for Bruce, who is in the midst of an outstanding rebound campaign at the plate.

Mr. Jay Bruce is leading the NL in RBI – 79. Sad to think that we might
only have him until next Monday.

Hamilton went 0-4 last night…however for the prior 9 G…
he hit .375 while scoring 9 R; Reds were 6-3 over those 9 G.
News: Hamilton went 2-for-4 with a double, a run, an RBI and a pair of steals in Tuesday’s 9-7 loss to the Giants. (Tue Jul 26)
Spin: Hamilton once again wreaked havoc from atop the Reds lineup, raising his hitting streak to nine games while increasing his steals total in that span to 11. Don’t look now, but Hamilton is just two stolen bases behind league leader Jonathan Villar despite taking part in just 85 of Cincinnati’s 100 games to date.

More on Bruce…and nice piece by Mark…
Will Reds keep or trade Bruce by Deadline?
Bruce, who has six homers in five games and tied a club record on Wednesday with a five-game streak with at least one home run, headlines speculation if he will be moved by Cincinnati ahead of Monday’s 4 p.m. ET Deadline. To this point, Reds president of baseball operations Walt Jocketty has been surprised that he hasn’t fielded more calls.
“I would expect things to probably over the weekend get a little more engaged,” Jocketty said.

Bailey off DL, may start this weekend
The Reds activated pitcher Homer Bailey from the 60-day disabled list on Thursday, which should clear the way for him to make his long-awaited 2016 debut this weekend. To clear a spot on the 25-man roster, outfielder Kyle Waldrop was optioned to Triple-A Louisville.
Reliever Caleb Cotham was transferred to the 60-day DL to make room for Bailey on the 40-man roster.
Bailey last pitched for the Reds on April 23, 2015, before he needed Tommy John surgery on his right elbow. He made six rehab starts for Louisville, including on Monday, when he threw 98 pitches over 4 1/3 innings.

Trade Market For Corner Outfielders
Signed Through 2017

Jay Bruce: Not only is Bruce in the midst of a brilliant rebound, he’s arguably the hottest hitter in Major League Baseball. Bruce has homered in five straight games, one being a multi-homer showing, and he’s hitting .271/.323/.572 with 25 homers overall. His $13MM option for next season looks perfectly reasonable even if his defense has taken a step back following 2014 knee surgery. The rebuilding Reds seem likely to move him within the next few days barring a somewhat surprising lack of genuine interest.

Hey Jocketty…it better be for a low pick prospect (or two), no matter which team
you trade to. This time, there is no rush, no problems, no nothing; Bruce is the golden haired kid with the golden bat and arm. Lets see a quality cha-ching this time around.
Youve done it before, lets see you do it again. Otherwise, lets just hang on until next year.

Reds top 10 prospects:
#1 Senzel, 3B
#2 Garrett, LHP
#3 Reed, LHP
#4 Winker, OF
#5 Stephenson, RHP
#6 Rodriguez, SS
# 7 Mahle, RHP
#8 Davis, RHP
#9 Mella, RHP
#10 Stephenson, C

What is that from? I could never imagine Senzel over Garrett and Reed. Garrett is going to be an absolute stud….

I see it now. WOW completely surprised by how much they have pushed all the Reds prospects down on the list. I would love to know why. Amazing how Washington and Boston continue to have top prospects and still continue to compete. How do they do it? Good management or drafting or both? I don’t remember either of those teams making any trades for prospects… A little odd how that keeps happening.

Right off the Reds site. And yes, that is why I posted shocked me a little bit also. What really surprised me is that Stephenson is ranked #5. Also, Reed, who is struggling a great deal adapting to MLB is ranked #3. Rodriquez is the guy we just signed for $7M.

I will say this as well…there better be another guy out there that will rank in the top 5…when all is said and done with the Bruce trade! (wherever and whenever that may be). To date, the word on the street is that nobody is willing to give up much of anything.

Actually, I think we may pad the prospect list a little bit with the trades Bruce, Phillips and Cozart. Unfortunately, there is zero demand for a talented SS in either league.

MLB top 100 prospects…
Senzel – 56
Garrett – 57
Reed – 59
Winker – 66
Stephenson – 70

Another great article by Mark; good read…
Newcomer Senzel at top of Reds’ prospect list
Senzel, 21, moved right to the top after being taken from the University of Tennessee. After a slow start at the Rookie level, he entered Thursday batting .333/.443/.577, with three home runs and 15 RBIs at Class A Dayton.
“He’s been exactly as advertised,” Reds player development director Jeff Graupe said. “He gives consistent, quality at-bats. He’s a tough kid and a really good athlete with a plus arm, and he’s a plus runner. I think he’s going to be a really good defender at third base. So far, so good. We’ll keep pushing him along.”

Votto throwing another rare tantrum…
Is Reds’ Joey Votto becoming unglued with trade talk?
by Ted Fleming

One fan claims Joey Votto blew off a kid who was asking for his battling gloves.

Joey Votto seems angry and it may have something to do with his name being out there as trade bait. A fan claims the 32-year old not only rejected a young fan’s request for his batting gloves, he called the kid elite for where he was sitting.

Despite his estimated $22.5 million per year deal that runs through 2023, Votto has drawn interest from a number of clubs including the Toronto Blue Jays, a team not afraid to take on big contracts.

However, the 10-year veteran seems to be drawing the wrath of the Cincinnati fans after he stomped on a paper airplane looking very angry when he did it. They started chanting “airplane stomper.”

Votto doesn’t seem to be bothered at the plate because he is currently riding a 12-game hit streak where he has .500/.611/.850 splits over that span and on the season is hitting .281/.415/.494 with 18 homers and 52 RBI.

The rumors about Votto being moved might have some basis in fact because the Reds won’t be able to move him after the season because he will fall into the 10/5 provision, meaning he had ten years in the majors and the last five with the same team and cannot be trade without his permission.

Votto is in his 10th year and if Cincinnati has any plans on moving on without him, it will happen in the next four days.

Depressing answer to tweet from…
C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent Cincinnati, OH
C. Trent Rosecrans Retweeted Craig Baldwin
Answer: 2-4? but optimistic to me C. Trent Rosecrans added,
Craig Baldwin @craignbaldwin
Question: @ctrent given Walt has had 1 rebuild under his belt. Do you think the current one will make reds World Series worthy in 2-4 years?

Mariners Have Asked Reds About Zack Cozart
The Mariners have inquired with the Reds about the availability of shortstop Zack Cozart, according to’s Jayson Stark (via Twitter). Seattle does expect Ketel Marte back from the DL somewhat sooner than had initially been feared, he notes, so it doesn’t appear as if Seattle’s need is all that great.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
7:36pm: The Rays appear to be the potential third team, per a Morosi tweet. Tampa Bay has been chatting with Los Angeles about scenarios that “could link up” with the talks between the Reds and Dodgers.

7:23pm: Talks between the Reds and Dodgers involving Bruce and Puig “didn’t materialize,” according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). He adds, though, that there are other trade scnearios still being tossed around between the clubs.

6:59pm: Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig could be in play in the talks regarding Bruce, Stark tweets. He’d presumably be pushed out of a regular role if a significant corner outfielder is added, and Stark says that L.A. has been trying to move him in proposals with other teams.

6:24pm: The Reds and Dodgers could be putting together another three-team arrangement after joining up for such a deal over the winter, Jayson Stark of tweets. Details — including the would-be facilitator — remain unclear, but Bruce would end up in Los Angeles if it comes to fruition.

5:46pm: The Dodgers remain in the hunt for Bruce, with’s Mark Sheldon tweeting that there’s dialogue between the clubs and Jon Heyman of Fan Rag adding (via Twitter) that he has heard the same. Los Angeles isn’t keen on the idea of giving up much in the way of prospects to make a deal, though, per C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer (Twitter link).

8:08pm: Tampa Bay is actually not involved in any Dodgers-Reds scenarios, Stark tweets.

8:31pm: Morosi says the Rays are still a player; he tweets that the team could end up shipping out two starters, one to each of the two other teams.

It seems that the reason for the involvement of a third team is that Cinci prefers position-player prospects, per Heyman (via Twitter), while the Dodgers are somewhat more inclined to deal arms. Of course, an earlier report suggested that the Rays’ role could involve sending a pitcher to the Reds, so the entire situation still seems in flux at present.

Finnegan got break bottom of 1st. GIve him 4 runs and he runs up his pitch count.

Reds Media Relations ‏@RedsPR
Padres have homered in each of 25g since they lost Reds, 3-0, on 6/26 at GABP, tying the NL record. Reds pitchers lead majors in HR allowed.

Gotta admit…nice Closer pickup by Nationals…
That could spell lots of Ws for those guys, imo.

Pirates must figure they aren’t going to catch the Cardinals.

Mets want Bruce…big time.

Padres, Braves In Agreement On Kemp-For-Olivera Swap, Pending Medical Review

Bruce is batting clean up tonight; if removed, we will know. Keep your eye on that.

How do the Yankees do that. They just rebuilder their offense with two trades… I guess that is what good teams do. Must be how the cards do it too. Completely jealous..

NYY – Brian Cashman

Hamilton – 2016…
Batting lst…………61 AB – .262/.338/.344/.682
Batting 2nd……..121 AB – .264/.308/.339/.647
Batting 7th………..70 AB – .243/.284/.371/.655
Batting 9th………..42 AB – .238/.273/.357/.630

BTW…that batting lst OBP of .338 is +.18 higher
than the NL league average (.320).

Reds @ San Diego; 4:40PM-ET…
1) so long Jay; we will miss you.
2) welcome back Mr. Bailey!
3) we got some blindng speed in LF/CF
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
LF Jose Peraza (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
Homer Bailey (R) (0-0, 0.00)

Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 45 minutes ago
Bruce scratched from #reds lineup, but no trade coming says Price. It’s a mental day off. Peraza starts in LF, Duvall RF
Uh huh…

When I first read this, I saw Leslie Nielsen in one of his Airplane
stunts in my minds eye; he is addressing the passengers and
telling them that thereis a pilot and they are in good hands…then
his nose starts to grow.

9 to watch as Deadline dominoes start to fall
#4. Jay Bruce: OF, Reds
This is a tougher one to figure out. The Dodgers and Giants have both had conversations about Bruce. The Dodgers have also been pursuing starting pitching, and at a time when they’ve been scoring runs in bunches, offense would seem to be a lower priority. The Giants entered Sunday 3-11 since the All-Star break, during which they’ve scored just 3.3 runs per game. But they got outfielder Hunter Pence back on Saturday and also would like to upgrade a shaky starting rotation.

Deadline buzz: Bruce an Apple of Mets’ eye?
Jay Bruce has been scratched from Sunday’s lineup as talks regarding the Reds outfielder intensify leading up to Monday’s non-waiver Trade Deadline.
Manager Bryan Price told reporters Bruce was being held out of the lineup as a mental day, not because of any imminent trade.
Shortly after reports said the Mets were out Sunday morning, others indicated that New York is back in on the lefty-hitting outfielder. ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported Saturday that the Reds are not asking for “elite prospects” from the Mets, but rather for two or three good players a notch below elite status.
The Dodgers also remain in discussions with the Reds about a possible deal, according to’s Jon Paul Morosi, who reported that such a deal would likely remain between the two clubs, as opposed to being a three-team swap, as was widely reported on Friday. MLB Network’s Jon Heyman confirmed the Dodgers’ interest, while MLB Network’s Ken Rosenthal also reported that the Giants are among the teams still in the mix for Bruce.
The Rangers also are interested, as Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reported on Saturday that Texas had at least one scout present at the Reds-Padres contest on Friday night in San Diego to take a look at the slugger.
ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick’s previously reported as many as six to eight teams are “still in the mix” for Bruce.

ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported Saturday that the Reds are not asking for “elite prospects” from the Mets, but rather for two or three good players a notch below elite status.
Depending, that would seem to work. Just look at Duvall.

I truly trust that Jocketty will not be eager to just do a last deal or two…he is leaving
at year end; is he not? I would think this is his legacy, his last hurrah, his parting shot, if you will. All kidding aside, I would presume that the puppet GM has some say-so.

Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 39 minutes ago
Cotham has torn meniscus in right knee and will have season-ending surgery Tuesday. Was already out since 5/31 with shoulder injury #reds

Wow another series win. Way to wrap it up Cingrani.

(W, 1-0) 5.2 4 2 2 3 6 0 89-54 3.18
(H, 7) 1.1 0 0 0 0 2 0 20-13 3.26
(H, 2) 1.0 1 0 0 1 2 0 30-17 2.79
(S, 13) 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 16-11 3.13
I think our pitchings; all around, is now starting to shape up.
Congrats to Bailey, coming off the list…1 R was scored on a
mental lapse…turning his back on the mound while a guy
was on 3rd. A site to behold…not too sure I have ever seen
that happen before.

Since the All Star Game, the Reds have won 5 series in a row! The PLAN is starting
to work for the Reds.

11:36pm: With several notable names already gone from the relief market, the Giants are “making [a] late and strong push” to land outfielder Jay Bruce from the Reds, according to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle (via Twitter). San Francisco has been variously rumored to be in and out on Bruce in recent days, but it seems that the club is a serious contender for his services at this late stage.

The Mariners and Reds are closing in on a trade involving Zack Cozart, reports Bob Dutton of the Tacoma News Tribune (on Twitter). While the trade isn’t done yet, both sides are confident that a deal can be worked out, according to Dutton, who notes that talks are still fluid at this time. ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported last week that Seattle had asked the Reds about Cozart.

The non-waiver trade deadline is just under nine hours away, and rumors/transactions figure to be flying around quickly today. Reds outfielder Jay Bruce remains one of the likeliest candidates to be dealt between now and the 4pm ET deadline. As of Sunday, the Giants were said to be making a “strong push” for Bruce, who is also said to be a prime target of the Mets. Bruce has also drawn interest from the Indians, Dodgers and Rangers, among others, over the past few days, and the Rays have at times been mentioned as a possible factor in three-team trade scenarios involving Bruce.

We’ll keep track of all the day’s Bruce rumors here in this post…

Morosi now tweets that the Mets and Reds have made progress on a deal involving Bruce.
Yahoo’s Jeff Passan tweets that the Mets are the favorites to land Bruce, but the Rangers and Giants are still in. Talks could stretch into the afternoon, he notes.

It will be very interesting to see how Price sets the field and lineup…if and when both Cozart and Bruce are traded.

I would rather have one of the Rangers top hitting prospects, dream for a Gallo deal. Maybe we can throw in Cingrani and pull in Gallo and another prospect. Seems the Rangers really want a reliever too. I am just hoping we get a top prospect and enough of these B level prospects that are nice but we need a potential superstar to replace Bruce. We just don’t have enough as it is to compete. Other than Votto who is the best, we don’t have anyone or anyone coming up who puts fear in pitchers or even the potential to put fear in pitchers. Hamilton, Peraza, and these other young guys are good but not great. There are wonderful pieces but you need another strong bat to go with Votto. We have the pitching… No more pitching.

You can never have enough pitching , see the first part of this year as a prime example. If they cannot get a top-of-the-line prospect for Bruce I can see absolutely no reason to trade him. He has been an absolute professional about all these rumors swirling around him and how he keeps focused.

HV…could not have said it more succinctly and accurately; agree 100%. And, if the rumor is true (Syndergard), I would do the deal in a heart beat. He is only 23 and clearly an up and comer. Lastly, quality pitching is costly and can be very hard to obtain; position players can be had more readily.

Word here in Cincinnati is Bruce’s been traded to the Mets for Nimmo and two lower prospects. Not official of course.

Rumor…Syndergard for Bruce.

About 3 hours 45 minutes to go!

11:26am CDT

The Mets are “on the verge” of completing a trade to acquire outfielder Jay Bruce, reports ESPN’s Buster Olney (on Twitter). Earlier today, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan reported that the Mets were the favorites to land the Reds’ slugger.

C. Trent Rosecrans Retweeted
Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1 45 minutes ago Jersey City, NJ
It is Nimmo and 2 lower-level prospects for Bruce. #Mets #Reds

Mets boost offense with trade for Jay Bruce
10:17 AM PT

Last year, it was Yoenis Cespedes. This year, the New York Mets have added Jay Bruce to bolster their offense, getting him in a trade deadline deal with the Cincinnati Reds, sources told ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick on Monday.

Bruce, 29, has spent his entire nine-year career with the Reds. He leads the National League in RBIs this season with 80 to go along with 25 homers and a .265 batting average. He is a lifetime .249 hitter with 233 home runs and 718 RBIs.

Jay Bruce leads the National League with 80 RBIs. AP Photo/Aaron Doster
In the trade, which is pending physicals, the Reds get a number of prospects, including 23-year-old outfielder Brandon Nimmo, according to ESPN’s Adam Rubin. Nimmo has played 18 games with the Mets this season. The 2011 first-round draft pick batted .336 in Triple-A this season.

Bruce’s contract has a team option next season for $13 million, with a $1 million buyout.

The Mets were not on Bruce’s no-trade list, which included the Red Sox, Rays, Yankees, Blue Jays, Diamondbacks, Marlins, A’s and Twins.

The Mets boast one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, led by Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, but they are only 13th in the NL in runs scored. Last season, they were in a similar position and acquired Cespedes, who sparked them to the World Series.

well Nimmo and a couple lessers. Not really the big haul. So now we have about 4 guys that all do about the same thing kinda. They all play great defense, have a lot of spead and none can hit major league baseball pitching. But they all look good in AAA. I sure hope Hamilton, Peraza, Nimmo, and the new kid from Cuba all figure it out…

Now, lets see what the Cozart talk will do over the next few hours.

Schebler was just picked player of the month in the IL. He hit . 359 for the month. That could be another reason the Reds figured it was time to let Bruce move on. We are getting some depth now with position players.

Right we have depth of a bunch of average guys. Really excited about this.

Brandon Nimmo | Rank: #5 (Preseason: 5)
Team: Las Vegas 51s (AAA) ETA: 2016
Position: OF Age: 23 DOB: 03/27/1993
Bats: L Throws: R Height: 6′ 3″ Weight: 205 lb.
Drafted: 2011, 1st (13) – NYM

Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 50 | Run: 50 | Arm: 50 | Field: 50 | Overall: 50
In some ways, it seems like Nimmo was drafted a lifetime ago, as a project of a first-round pick out of Wyoming, where he had no high school team. Yet had the Mets been told he’d reach Triple-A and make the 40-man roster following the 2015 season, they’d have been thrilled to hear it.

In many ways, Nimmo has exceeded expectations, especially with his approach at the plate. He’s had an advanced knowledge of the strike zone since his pro career began and that continued at Triple-A. That should allow Nimmo to continue to hit for average. The big question has been about the power, something that shows up in batting practice regularly and just needs to translate to game play. Nimmo is a solid defender who could play center, then slide over to a corner spot down the road.

An offseason left foot injury might slow Nimmo temporarily, but the Mets feel he still has the goods to be a big league regular. Even if the power doesn’t come, his table-setting skills will help a Major League team win games. Just 23 for all of the 2016 season, Nimmo received his first big league callup in late June.


LV 72 286 45 96 17 7 7 45 34 53 6 .336 .409 .517 .926
Minors 72 286 45 96 17 7 7 45 34 53 6 .336 .409 .517 .926
MLB 18 55 7 13 0 0 1 5 4 15 0 .236 .300

Keith law is basically saying Nimmo is a 4th OF with a lot of injury issues. This was the one guy I didn’t want based on his low ceiling. Hopefully if anything he becomes an On Base monster which would be all worth it with the defense. Really getting nervous about how low valued the Reds see their players or allow them to trade for. Chap got nothing out there and the Yanks blew it away. I am waiting for Frazier to be traded for a top prospect too. Also look at the haul Lucroy was looking to bring in if it was completed. How is he so much more valuable than Bruce, that much just because he is a catcher…

Reds need to continue to improve pitching. We just had a power outage that is largely responsible for winning our last 5 G series. Losing a 22 DBL, 25 HR, 80 RBI leader is nothing to sneeze about, especially when we traded for potentials in AAA and below.

Mark Sheldon Retweeted
Jeff Passan ‏@JeffPassan 36 minutes ago
Worth noting: Brandon Nimmo had a torn tendon in his foot earlier this year. Medicals in the Bruce-to-Mets trade are far from a sure thing.

C. Trent Rosecrans Retweeted
C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 53 minutes ago
considering physicals have torpedoed one Bruce trade (not Bruce’s physical) this year, I’m not about to consider anything done

C. Trent Rosecrans Retweeted
ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo 39 minutes ago
Jay Bruce would be 1st player traded during season while leading league in RBI since it became official statistic in 1920 – via @EliasSports
We are just the best record setting club anyone has ever known!?*

12:55pm: The Reds are balking at the medical reports on one of the minor leaguers in the package, tweets USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.

12:37pm: ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick now tweets that a medical issue may be holding up the Mets’ acquisition of Bruce. Crasnick adds that the severity of the issue isn’t known, but the medicals are no longer a formality.

1:13pm: Rosenthal tweets that the medical issue is not with Bruce or with Nimmo. The Reds and Mets are trying to restructure the trade at the moment, he adds.
Sounds like the Reds are sold on the deal, or a deal with at least Nimmo in part.

1:59pm: Minor league lefty Max Wotell is one of the players that could be headed to the Reds if the deal goes through, tweets Rosenthal.

Interesting situation…the Reds received additional trades at the 11th hour, considered too late…by at least two teams. We might not be done with the Bruce trade, as many baseball people have opined.

Trades executed – or killed – by final medical opinion
Zach Buchanan, 5:28 p.m. EDT April 1, 2016

Patients hoping to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Timothy Kremchek late in July might want to follow the thrust of the season for the Cincinnati Reds. If the team is in clear buy or sell mode as the trade deadline approaches, that creaky shoulder may have to wait until August.

Kremchek, the team’s medical director, is very likely to be busy with baseball duties.

“It becomes very stressful. Very stressful,” Kremchek said. “I’ve had times where I’ve basically had to cancel my afternoon patients that I see because stuff is going on.”

Kremchek represents the last line of defense for the Reds when it comes to not getting ripped off in trades. He’s the one who gives the final medical opinion about whether prospective acquisitions are healthy enough to be worth the transaction. It was on his advice the Reds chose not to trade Jay Bruce to the Toronto Blue Jays in February.

That deal, a three-team swap that included the Los Angeles Angels, reportedly fell apart because the Reds had medical concerns with one or more of the minor-leaguers they were set to receive. The aborted trade was just the latest offseason move in Major League Baseball to run into health issues.

Of course, teams have always taken medical information into account when considering any acquisition. But with the proliferation of social media in the last few years, that part of the trade process that has become more public, with reports of an agreement outpacing the due diligence needed to officially reach one.

That concerns Reds general manager Dick Williams. He doesn’t like players popping up in trade reports, only to be unfairly branded with a scarlet “H” for health risk when the deal falls apart over medical opinions. That was exactly the trajectory of the near Bruce trade, with some reporters openly speculating about the condition of Bruce’s knee.

Williams also knows he can’t do anything about it.

“I feel like I’m hearing more of the reporters saying nothing’s done until it’s done,” Williams said. “But they still want to be first reporting this sort of discussion. They’re still getting the names out there, and that’s part of the issue.”

While advancements in mass communications have given Williams some headaches along those lines, they’ve likely also saved the Reds millions of dollars in the form of bad investments avoided. There is more medical information available, and it is far more accurate and accessible. The process may be more public than it ever was, but it’s also less painful for the same reasons.

But, as any doctor will tell you, less pain doesn’t mean painless. The stakes riding on Kremchek’s medical expertise are as high as ever.

C. Trent Rosecrans Retweeted
Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst 16 minutes ago
Sources say Mets & Reds aren’t sure yet whether the unknown medical issue will cause the Jay Bruce trade to self-destruct. Working thru it

seems way to similar to peraza, just so fixated on one prospect that isn’t that great and no one else rates that high. what are they doing?

Max Wotell | Rank: #16 (Preseason: 18)
Team: Kingsport Mets (ROK) ETA: 2019
Position: LHP Age: 19 DOB: 09/13/1996
Bats: R Throws: L Height: 6′ 3″ Weight: 195 lb.
Drafted: 2015, 3rd (88) – NYM

Scouting grades: Fastball: 55 | Curveball: 50 | Changeup: 45 | Control: 45 | Overall: 45
Tall and projectable, Wotell was one of the best high school pitching prospects in the state of North Carolina in the 2015 Draft class. The Mets nabbed him in the third round and went over pick value to sign him away from the University of Arizona for $775,000. After dipping his toes in the professional waters briefly, the southpaw is ready to begin his career in earnest.

Wotell throws his fastball in the 90-91 mph range, but he has shown the ability to reach back for more, touching 95 mph on occasion. With the ability to add strength to his 6-foot-3 frame, there might be more consistent velocity to come. There’s some funk to Wotell’s delivery, some of which works for him and causes deception, some of which will need to be cleaned up to allow for better command. He has the potential to develop a plus breaking ball, with the ability to really spin it. Wotell’s changeup has a chance to be effective, though it’s behind the other two offerings.

A solid athlete on the mound, there is hope that Wotell can make the necessary adjustments to his delivery. With a good arm and some upside, the lefty has the chance to develop into a future big league starter.


KNG 3 1 3.94 6 6 0 29.2 24 1 12 31 .220 1.21 0.45
Minors 3 1 3.94 6 6 0 29.2 24 1 12 31 .220 1.21

2:30pm: Olney tweets that things are back on track and the Mets are almost done with the trade.

Reds Media Relations ‏@RedsPR 50 minutes ago
EXCLUSIVE: Hamilton is 13-for-15 in SB attempts with Molina catching…his 13 steals are the most by any baserunner vs the All-Star catcher.

C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 2 minutes ago
Sounding like Cozart deal may not happen… We’ll see…

Mark Sheldon Retweeted
Joe Trezza ‏@JoeTrezz 19 minutes ago
Brandon Nimmo is hitting in the #Mets batting cage, and laughing.

Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 1 minute ago
Bruce deal is done. Dilson Herrera going to #Reds.

great updates – thks

Ever spit on a very hot griddle? That results in what looks like the information about any baseball trades…1/2 are erroneous, 1/2 are maybes, 1/2 are correct…(tee-hee)

Dilson Herrera
Birthdate: 3/3/1994 (22 y, 4 m, 29 d) Bats/Throws: R/R Height/Weight: 5-10/150 Position: 2B
Contract: Add New Contract
Reported: 8/29/2014 Risk: 2 ETA: 2015 Team Rank: NA Positional Rank: NA Overall Rank: NA
Hit GamePower RawPower Speed Field Throws Future Value
45 / 55 40 / 45 50 / 50 50 / 50+ 45 / 50 45 / 45+ 50
RotoWire News: Herrera, who was scratched from Tuesday’s lineup with Triple-A Las Vegas, could be recalled by the Mets after Jose Reyes suffered an intercostal strain during the doubleheader against the Cardinals, ESPN’s Adam Rubin reports. (7/26/2016)

2:47pm: Marc Carig of Newsday tweets that Nimmo is not in the trade.

2:41pm: The Mets and Reds have agreed to a restructured trade that will send outfielder Jay Bruce from Cincinnati to New York, reports Yahoo’s Jeff Passan (via Twitter). FOX’s Ken Rosenthal tweets that Dilson Herrera is going to the Reds. Reports this morning had suggested that the trade was nearing completion, but medical reviews of one of the minor leaguers in question delayed the trade’s consummation for hours. Top outfield prospect Brandon Nimmo was originally said to be in the deal, but despite the fact that he was reportedly not the player whose medicals held up the deal, it seems unlikely that he’s in the swap now that Herrera has been added as a potential centerpiece. Indeed, ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin writes that there’s “no indication” that Nimmo has been traded.

Good lord this is hard to follow; but what could we expect?…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 4 minutes ago
Our @JonathanMayo has Herrera and Wotell going to #reds for Bruce, via source. Nothing announced yet.

So, Bruce went for…a 2B and a SP; their numbers illustrated in above posts.

2:55pm:’s Jonathan Mayo tweets that the deal is Herrera and left-hander Max Wotell in exchange for Bruce.

The first deal was for Nimmo #5 and 2 others (unknown rating)…
the final deal is for Wotell #16 and Herrera # (not in top #25).

He is not eligible, would be top prospect. Much better than the injured nimmo

Seattle didn’t pull off any deals, Dutton tweets, so evidently the sides were not able to line up on Cozart.

So are newly acquired Herrera, and Peraza both blocked by Phillips? what is going on down there. Why is Peraza riding the bench when he could be playing every day? Is this development?

Well…Peraza is blocked by both Phillips and Cozart; nowhere to get him ABs.
As for Herrera, he is part of the recent deal that relieved the Reds of about $4M
this season and another $13M next season. Whether he plays on the Reds or not
is another question, altogether.

I have a feeling Peraza will play left and Duval will play right because Duval has a better arm and you want the better arm in right. After the smoke cleared the Yankees ended up with a very strong farm system getting rid of some of the old and stocking with new.

Bruce starts off with the subway series w/Yanks. Big Timing –

‘Extremely hard’ for Reds to part with Bruce
Right fielder dealt to Mets for infielder Herrera, lefty prospect Wotell
Adding Herrera adds gives the organization another young position player. The 22-year-old has spent this season with Triple-A Las Vegas, and he was batting .276/.327/.462 with 13 home runs and 55 RBIs in 86 games. In 49 big league games for the Mets in 2014-15, he hit .215 with six homers.
“We just think he has potential to be an everyday second baseman,” Jocketty said. “He’s got a good bat, he runs well, plays good defense. He’s just 22 years old but he has some Major League experience. He’s got real good upside and high grades in all of our reports.”
Wotell, 19, was a third-round Draft pick in 2015, and was ranked as the Mets’ No. 16 prospect by He was 3-1 with a 3.94 ERA and 1.21 WHIP in 29 2/3 innings for Rookie-level Kingsport this season.

The Mets select left-handed pitcher Max Wotell with the 88th pick of the 2015 MLB Draft
“We liked him last year and had him as a third-round type of player also,” Jocketty said. “He’s a kid we feel has tremendous upside. We’ve gotten very reports about him this year.”

Well Peraza will get time in rf now… They need to do something with Phillips so that they can get Herrera up here too.:. These guys need to play the rest if the year up here

C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 5 hours ago
Jocketty said Herrera will likely start in Triple-A Louisville, Wotell to Billings.

Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 6 hours ago
Jocketty said #reds still discussing plans after trade. Herrera likely, but not definitely, headed to Triple-A.

Schebler probably called up.

Dilson Herrera – 22 year old – 2B
2014 – Mets
59 AB, 0 DBL, 3 HR, 11 RBI, 0 SB, .220/.303/.407/.710
2015 – Mets
90 AB, 3 DBL, 3 HR, 6 RBI, 2 SB, . 211/.311/.367/.677
2016 – AAA
359 AB, 24 DBL, 13 HR, 55 RBI, 6 SB, .276/.327/.462/.790
149 AB in bigs…
3 DBL, 6 HR, 17 RBI, 2 SB…not very attractive numbers,
BAVG in majors is dismal.

In Herreras favor…he is very, very young. Maybe he will mature into the bigs.

Free Dilson Herrera
by Chris Mitchell – March 1, 2016

A cornucopia of promising young hitters lost their rookie eligibility over the course of the 2015 season. Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Francisco Lindor and Kyle Schwarber are just a few of the most notable names. Each of them were consensus top prospects, and each looks primed to have an excellent big league career.

However, there was another youngster who eschewed his rookie eligibility with much less fanfare, yet whose future may be nearly as bright — at least according to the stats. As you probably deduced from the title of this piece, that player is Mets second baseman Dilson Herrera. Herrera’s minor league performance yields a KATOH forecast of 10.1 WAR over the next six years. Were he still prospect eligible, he would have landed 12th on KATOH’s top 100.

Herrera doesn’t look the part of a future All-Star. He’s listed at just 5-foot-10 (which means he’s probably even shorter than that), and by most accounts, doesn’t have the defensive chops to play shortstop. He also lacks the loud physical tools of a Bryant or Correa. Heading into the season, erstwhile lead prospect analyst Kiley McDaniel rated all of Herrera’s tools very close to average. Herrera’s hit tool received the best FV with 55 on the 20-80 scale, while he projected his game power and arm to remain below-average (45). Guys with merely average tools don’t generally populate prospect lists.

But what Herrera lacks in tools, he’s made up for in performance. Herrera clobbered minor league pitching in each of the past two seasons. In 2014, he hit .323/.379/.479 with 23 steals between High-A and Double-A. Last year, he followed it up with a .331/.384/.515 showing in Triple-A. He held his own in 103 plate appearances with the Mets as well, posting a 92 wRC+. That’s an encouraging statistical track record, but the stats themselves aren’t what make Herrera so compelling. It’s his age that makes his profile really pop.

Herrera turns 22 on Thursday. He spent all of last season as a 21-year-old, making him one of the youngest players in Triple-A last year. Among hitters with at least 150 plate apearances in Triple-A last year, only top prospect Corey Seager and KATOH dreamboat Jose Peraza were younger than Herrera. Players who are that good that young are few and far between. And the history of such players is encouraging.

In the chart below, you’ll find the Mahalanobis Distance comps for Herrera’s Triple-A season and every Triple-A season since 1990 in which a hitter recorded at least 400 plate appearances.

Dilson Herrera’s Mahalanobis Comps
Rank Name Proj.WAR Actual.WAR
1 Wilton Guerrero 7.7 0.5
2 Jose Ortiz 7.4 0.3
3 Ronnie Belliard 6.0 10.7
4 Arquimedez Pozo 5.3 0.0
5 Joe Thurston 8.5 0.0
6 Ray Durham 5.4 9.4
7 Luis Castillo 6.2 17.4
8 Adam Kennedy 6.6 14.7
9 Luis Rodriguez 4.7 1.3
10 Quilvio Veras 6.2 11.4
As always, there are hits and misses here, but some of the hits turned out to be pretty good. Ronnie Belliard, Ray Durham, Luis Castillo, Adam Kennedy and Quilvio Veras were all quality everyday second basemen in their 20’s. Belliard, Durham Castillo were even (deservedly) All-Stars. The other half didn’t turn out so great, but even so, 5 out of 10 ain’t bad. I’m sure the Mets would be very happy if Herrera’s career arc mirrored Ronnie Belliard‘s. Here’s a graphical look at these players’ careers.

With last year’s showing, Herrera proved he’s too good for the Triple-A level. All indications are that he’s ready for the show. Steamer and ZiPS both peg him for a 98 wRC+ this year, while the ever optimistic fans call for a 116 mark. League-average offense from a second baseman? That’s pretty darn valuable. However, the Mets don’t seem particularly eager to give their potentially valuable second baseman a shot.

Herrera wasn’t even a member of the Mets travel squad during last year’s playoffs. And when Chase Utley destroyed Ruben Tejada‘s leg in the ALDS, they passed over Herrera in favor of Matt Reynolds. Reynolds had never played in the major leagues and was not even on their 40-man roster. Yes, that decision had a lot to do with Reynolds’ ability to play shortstop, where Herrera had little experience as a pro. But still: It speaks how little faith the Mets have in Herrera’s abilities, especially on defense.

Weeks later, the Mets had a gaping hole at second base following the departure of Daniel Murphy via free agency. They could have easily filled that hole with Herrera. Instead, they went out and got Asdrubal Cabrera and Neil Walker, who join Herrera, Tejada, Reynolds, Wilmer Flores and emerging prospect Gavin Cecchini on the depth chart. With that many capable middle infield bodies in the mix, it’s hard to envision Herrera finding regular playing time without at least a couple of injuries taking place. He appears destined for an assignment to Triple-A Las Vegas come April.

Of course, just because the Mets aren’t willing to play Herrera right now, that doesn’t mean he isn’t part of their future. Perhaps they just think he needs a bit more seasoning. He’s still just 21, after all, and his .211/.311/.367 showing in Flushing last year suggests he’s still learning the finer points of hitting. But even so, Herrera has little left to prove in the minor leagues, and his high-contact approach figures to translate well to the highest level.

Herrera’s first taste of the big leagues was a little rough, but his offensive showing wasn’t half bad for a second baseman. It’s also worth noting that his time in the show was interrupted by a broken finger, which may have negatively affected his performance. Big league performance aside, everything about Hererra’s minor league track record suggests he’ll make for a very good second baseman. And his Triple-A numbers suggest he could be that as soon as this year. Whether he gets that opportunity remains to be seen.

Herrera rankings…
Ranked Pittsburgh Pirates #20 prospect after the 2012 season
Ranked New York Mets #13 prospect after the 2013 season
Ranked New York Mets #4* prospect after the 2014 season
Ranked Baseball America #46* prospect after the 2014 season
(*not too shabby…)

Trade Deadline Roundup: NL Central
By Charlie Wilmoth | August 1, 2016 at 7:06pm CDT
Next up in our series of trade deadline roundups is the NL Central.
The CUBS acquired righty Joe Smith from the ANGELS for pitching prospect Jesus Castillo. They also completed their deal for Aroldis Chapman, in which they sent Adam Warren and prospects Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney and Rashad Crawford to NEW YORK.
The REDS got infield prospect Dilson Herrera and lefty Max Wotell from the METS in exchange for outfielder Jay Bruce. They came close to trading shortstop Zack Cozart to SEATT;E, but that deal was never consummated.
After star catcher Jonathan Lucroy vetoed a trade to CLEVELAND, the BREWERS sent him and reliever Jeremy Jeffress to TEXAS in exchange for outfielder Lewis Brinson, pitcher Luis Ortiz and a player to be named. They also sent lefty Will Smith to SAN FRANCISCO in exchange for pitching prospect Phil Bickford and catcher Andrew Susac.
The PIRATES shipped closer Mark Melancon to WASHINGTON in exchange for lefty reliever Felipe Rivero and lefty prospect Taylor Hearn. Later, in a surprising move, they sent lefty Francisco Liriano and top prospects Harold Ramirez and Reese McGuire to TORONTO in exchange for righty Drew Hutchison and relief from Liriano’s contract. They also dealt struggling lefty Jon Niese to the METS in exchange for lefty reliever Antonio Bastardo, and they acquired righty Ivan Nova from the YANKEES for two players to be named.
The CARDINALS had a quiet deadline, but they got lefty Zach Duke from the WHITE SOX in exchange for minor league outfielder Charlie Tilson.

BAR: National reaction to Jay Bruce trade
The Cincinnati Reds completed their only deal at the trade deadline, sending outfielder Jay Bruce to the New York Mets in exchange for 22-year-old second baseman Dilson Herrera and 19-year-old left-hander Max Wotell. The final iteration of the deal was different than initially discussed, as a medical issue with one of the Mets’ prospects forced a shift away from a deal centered around outfielder Brandon Nimmo.

We’ve all seen plenty of Bruce play, but I doubt many of us have a sense of how good Herrera or Wotell could be. Herrera used to be a well-regarded prospect for the Mets but doesn’t appear on any of those lists now because he’s used up his rookie eligibility. Wotell is a former third-round draft pick.

Now we need to find homes for Cozart and Phillips; the new kids on the block are looking good…Peraza @ SS and Herrera @ 2B. Talented and controllable, they should be with us for several years. Only drawback is that they are punch-n-judy hitters, however it would be nice to think that at minimum, they can produce over .300 BAs and OBPs.

Baileys performance silenced his critics…
5 2/3 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 6 SO
89 pitches topping out at 95 mph
3.18 ERA
Very solid performance; nice to think our Ace has arrived

I would think its going to be Herrera at 2B, Peraza at 3B, and Rodriguiz at SS then putting Suarez in RF or LF. Gotta get Suarez out of 3B. Then you have Duvall, Winker, Hamilton, and Suarez in the OF along with the ability to move Suarez to the IF when needed as a super utility. I have always liked the idea of having one or two players to move around to give others rest. Readjust when Senzel comes up in 18′ or 19’… I would like the Reds to become a more fluid ball club like the Cards and trade whether in contention or not when it suites instead of necessity. When Senzel is ready trade possibly Suarez or whoever to rebuild the youth and have a place for Senzel. This is kind of how prosperous ball clubs do it, like the Cards and Red Sox, but never seem to be strategic about it. We always seem to be reactive to the situation.

Not too sure that the Reds are interested in teaching Peraza how to play 3B. He has played 516 G in the minors and 40 G in the majors, playing from 2011 through today, 2016…he has only played 3B in 1 G for 1 Inning, and that was when he was 17 in 2011 in the Dominican Summer League.

I am assuming the Reds are doing what they started with Hamilton. If you play SS then you are most likely the best athlete possible. Not saying you can hit or anything else just saying going through the system SS over the years are weeded out to play other positions, if you make it so far as a SS then you can play any base. Many people start off playing SS in high school then move accordingly to play 2B, 3B or OF. This is just an athletic ability with kids coming up as SS which is by far the most difficult. I would say its going to be either Rodriquez or Peraza to play SS and Rodriquez has the better glove. Unless Peraza doesn’t have the arm then he may be in the OF I guess, but I don’t see Suarez sticking at 3B either. Before this year Suarez had only played about 40 some games at 3B most of those in 2009 in the minors. I would just doubt that they are stacking up all these players to play SS and 2B…

Rodriguez is playing the DSL Reds…
…thats the Dominican Summer League – rookie league.
I think he is a few years away for sure.

Reds lineup; Cards @ GABP, 7:10 PM-ET…
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
RF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
LF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R) (6-6, 3.84)

Send Peraza down If you want him to sit, maybe there developing the calluses on his back side.

Peraza has not adapted to MLB as of yet. However, his credentials in the minors are fairly stellar. The Reds cannot perform AAA tryouts at the major league level. Therefore, they have to put the players on the field that they believe can and will do the job…today, not tomorrow. IMO, Peraza is the SS of the future. Until Phillips and Cozart are traded off the team, there is little to any room to play additional players; having him play in the OF is filler…he has little to any daily business out there.

That was quick…
The Reds on Tuesday optioned infielder/outfielder Jose Peraza to Triple-A Louisville. The 22-year-old rookie hit .250/.290/.284 with eight RBIs and 10 stolen bases in 33 games for Cincinnati.

Cincinnati also recalled outfielder Scott Schebler from Triple-A and selected the contract of infielder Tony Renda.

C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 22 minutes ago
Jay Bruce’s last request as he walked out of clubhouse on Monday was that Zack Cozart get his locker.

C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 2 hours ago
Got two separate texts from Mets writers telling me I wasn’t kidding when I told them how good of a guy Jay Bruce is.
I dont think that shocks any of us Reds followers; Bruce is without a doubt…
a class act poster boy (Cueto too!).

C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 58 minutes ago
Zack Cozart out of the lineup with a bruised right ring finger. Ivan De Jesus Jr. in the No. 2 spot, playing SS.

Reds Media Relations ‏@RedsPR 57 minutes ago
Cozart took a ground ball off the finger during batting practice.

Good luck, Jay…
CF A. De Aza (L)
2B Neil Walker (S)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
1B James Loney (L)
3B Wilmer Flores (R)
LF M. Conforto (L)
C Travis d’Arnaud (R)
SS Matt Reynolds (R)
P Jacob deGrom (L)

Jays first AB as Met…
Ball, Ball, Ball, taken strike, Pop fly to LF.

BTW…the crowd cheered him on when announced.

It always urks me to see an opposing pitcher hit a HR off our pitcher, especially when it is a very close G. Well, tonight meets my disdain. I also have been around baseball people enough to understand how it happens…by throwing a FB down the middle.
I live in California…Dodger Drysdale used to be used as a PH cause he ate FB!

Sorry…tonight HR-de-jour agains the Reds…
Wainright against Straily…
Luckily the score is still 1-1; 3rd inning.

Duvall needs to grow up…he just SO in the 4th.
But it was how he SO…hes chewing his bubble gum
and acting like a first year player; swinging at poor
pitches and chewing away like a rookie-look.
Wake up Duvall…you are now the clean up hitter
for the Reds.

22nd time a Reds reliever gives up homer to first batter faced. Coughin up a good game.

Wow – welcome back Schebler!

Boy did he acclimate quickly…after hitting only .188 in May with the Reds, he was sent down to AAA…and then he clicked…
289 AB, 18 DBL, 13 HR, 43 RBI, .311/.370/.564/.934
His swing generates a great amount of power from the left side. He might just
be the Reds LF for a number of years. He is only 25.

A couple of reversals of fortune have occurred…
Winker has had a power outage of sorts:
273 AB, 15 DBL, 2 HR, 31 RBI, .289/.377/.366/.744 (the .366 SLG
is not a misprint either). Hamiltons SLG is .343.
The other off-form player is Stephenson. He was moved from #2 prospect
to #5, and his numbers are not stellar:
18 GS/1CG, 103.2 IP, 6W-7L, 4.17 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, 57 BB, 90 SO.
There is little question the guy is a workhorse, but his ERA is upward a tad.
The Reds have indicated that he is having problems with control; lets hope
he finds IT…after all he is only 23.

OMG…my arteries just closed up another 1/4 inch!
I will, one day, take a shot at the FLYING PIG…but they
better have raw onions to go with that, or forget it!?*
True story: When Dodger Stadium opened in 1962, they
initiated their menu of course. Back then they offered two
types of hot dogs; 1) steamed and 2) grilled. After several
season, the Dodger Dog was their claim to fame when it
came to grub…everyone cried the credo; Dodger Dog and
a beer or coke. Then, I think it was in the late 1990s or early
2000s, the Dodgers announced that they would be discontinuing
the grilled Dodger Dog and only would offer the steamed dog.
This obviously made sense to the Dodgers as there was less
work and further longevity to a steamed dog than a grilled dog.
The public went ballistic and revolted; it only took a few days
before the Dodgers re-installed their grills and the grilled Dodger
Dog was reinstated and offered through today.
There are just some items that cannot be removed on any menu!

Ha – way to go fans. Definitely a great part of the fan experience.

Max Wotell was assigned to Billings; rookie league. Implies he also is several seasons away from MLB.

time wo-tell – oops – sorry

Although still very early, here are some that have shown
some ability in our SP and BP…
Obviously time, effort and results will construct our SP
and BP entering next season.

Barnhart hit his 6th HR this season yesterday; he hit 4 in his entire career,
prior to this season.

Reed pitching today against the Cards. He has been an extreme disappointment
but the Reds have decided to allow him to pitch through the funk, rather than send
him down; at least for now.
3.53 BB/9
2.50 HR/9
7.07 ERA
1.79 WHIP

We talked the other day about the Reds recent trades and where the players might be playing. I would turn you attention back to the days when the Reds had Gregorious, Cozart and Hamilton all lined up and capable of playing SS. Gregorious was traded and Hamilton, as we all know, was moved to CF, based on his Class A speed. Now the Reds are once again stacking them up around the INF; most notably at 2B…
they have Phillips, Peraza and now Herrera…Blandino in AA has been said to be the future 2nd baseman. What is disturbing about these moves is when the Reds trade for or nurture from draft, a player or players that after several seasons, are then traded away because there is a log jam at a certain position. This leads me to believe that their plan for a player or players in any given position is never long term planned and that in any given season, a players nurturing and progress can and will be interrupted
in any given season based on a trade which could and may have been avoided. In other words, years of a player in the minors at a certain position may well be met with a complete and unpredictable change in position due to the management of the Reds; with no design and no prior planning whatsoever. The Reds seem to think this is acceptable and routine, however I for one do not believe that after several years learning their art and craft at a certain position that they can be moved much like players in a Sunday softball team. Suarez is a very good example; he is trying and may succeed, but until he achieve consistent success…it have been an adventure for the guy. If none of this were true, then why dont they play players all around in the minors. Bottomline: I think the Reds do not plan appropriately and are forced into playing players in different positions or trade them.

One thought I omitted…when you have a player in the minors for years, this situation is seldom a situation that creeps up on you; it is planned to occur, especially when you trade a player for another player that automatically stacks a position. Herrera brought this to mind. Why, when we have Phillips balking, Peraza searching for a spot to play it seems to tell me that the Reds really were not prepared to trade for Herrera. If they did, why? You can never, ever stack SP or the BP or the OF. they initially wanted Nimmo (so they said). That would infer that they wanted a further backup at 3B; deal went south and they ended up with a revised deal, meaning a deal they initially did not offer for.

Agree… Peraza, redrequiz, Herrera, and Blandino are all 22… This makes zero sense unless you plan to move them around the infield and or OF. These are our best hitters and you through in senzel who is better than them all. So you have 5 guys for three openings unless you trade or move to the OF… What is their plan here?

Wednesday lineup…
Cards @ Reds; 7:10 PM-ET

CF Tyler Holt (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
SS Ivan De Jesus (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-5, 7.07)

Reed getting whacked again; 4-0 Cards in lst.

Breaking news from Reds Nation. Cody Reed is a lost ball in tall weeds!

Reed needs to switch with Stevenson

Finnegan getting his groove on…6 IP, 1 H…
Excellent outing against a fairly good hitting team.

That game was a real walk in the park – 6 series in a row. And good game for BP.

When we see a couple of G out of 5 that are much like todays G…we have arrived!
But, as we all know…we are still in search n seizure mode and have yet to identify, let alone observe, such performances. The PLAN is designed to accomplish this so we need to give the management some amount of support and credence; after all, this management G PLAN is only half baked (no pun intended) as we are only in early August. Also, It appears to be working very well, thus far. In other words…so far, so good. I still target 2018 for the team to achieve playoff consideration; would love to be wrong on this one…by a year!

Reds win another series; this time against hated Cards.
Finnegan was exceptional today, as was Iglesias…
Cingrani did what he seldom does; closes out game
on 3 batters; no walks, no hits. His downfall his entire
career = too many pitches over any period he has pitched.
Appears to be learning the art of control with 95-96 MPH
FB, which is his only pitch he throws these days. Very
well suited to be a closer for 1 inning, not much more.

So…the Reds have now won 6 consecutive series. Kinda makes one pose the question, when was the last time they won 6 consecutive series? Well, shockingly, the last time the Reds won 6 consecutive series in 1999!

Jayyyyyyyyyyyy…3-R HR! lst H as a Met.

Hooray for Jay!


Reds now on pace for 67-95 season.

And, as the PLAN is being implemented, it appears that the Reds have turned the corner and are playing far better baseball than in the first half. The SP and BP continues to solidify and the cream is rising to the top; the others will end up either in the minors or on another team. The question now is what will the opening day lineup, 2017 look like? I trust there will not be any questions by then and a solid lineup and bench will be assigned. Clearly, without Price, the jockeying around of players will stop. Also, by then, the Reds should have a better handle on where Phillips and Cozart will be playing. Things are looking up in Cincinnati; been a long time for anyone to feel that way, including me. I am not saying we are there, but the Reds are showing progress as discussed in the four point PLAN. Nice to see.

Reds pitching is tell-tale-sign of major improvement…
…they just beat beat St. Louis 7-0. It was their fourth shutout this season, second in their past six games and third in their past 16 games.

I have never seen a long-term work; lets hope the one the Reds have does…

“First and foremost, you just have to flat-out admit, it is not easy to eat — meaning release — that kind of money,” Cashman told ESPN Radio. “It’s not something you come to a quick decision on. You see players — and I don’t want to name them because they are still playing — but there are players around the game who are on big contracts that have been well-below-average players now for many years, not just a year.

“Alex hit 33 home runs, I believe, last year. This is a bigger media market and more attention, and there is certainly a tempest about what should be done. All I can tell you is, slow down a little bit and here is the counterarguments: There is a very large financial commitment through next year on a player of Alex’s caliber that was productive as early as last year.”

“It’s not an easy circumstance, but there are no plans right now to do anything but give some reps to other people and see where it takes us,” Cashman said. “And if some matchups show up or injuries hit, you might see him back out there.”

Reds @ Pirates; 7:05 PM – ET…
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P A. DeSclafani (R) (6-0, 2.93)

Mark Teixeira to retire after 2016 season.

April – 0-2, 3.73 ERA, 9.2 IP, 8 BB, 11 SO, .200 AVG, 1.55 WHIP
May – 0-0, 4.97 ERA, 12.2 IP, 8 BB, 13 SO, .244 AVG, 1.50 WHIP
June – 1-0, 2.08 ERA, 13.0 IP, 5 BB, 2 SO, .191 AVG, 1.08 WHIP
July – 1-1, 1.69 ERA, 10.2 IP, 2 BB, 8 SO, .194 AVG, 0.84 WHIP
The WHIP tells the whole story…he may well be the closer for the
Reds for quite a while. He now uses only one pitch, his supreme
FB that reaches 95-96 mph; his control has been elusive; but it
appears…not for long. Glad to see that we have a lefty with heat
and with control…or at least working toward it; appears to be
developing nicely.

Ohlendork. Anyone tired of watching that act. Good god I’ve seen enough.

Ohlendorf leads the pitching staff with 5 lead off HR. Suggest he learn to not get so much of the plate as a reliever; he certainly is not alone.

Agree. But let him learn that in the minor leagues.

Ohlendorf…last 5 years…
2012 San Diego – 7.77 ERA
2013 Washington – 3.28 ERA
2014 ——————
2015 Texas – 3.72 ERA
2016 Reds – 4.56 ERA – 1.33 WHIP
MLB Career – 4.81 ERA – 1.43 WHIP
At 33 and bearing poor stats for a reliever,
his time with the Reds may be limited.

Lineup for Saturday; 7:05 PM-ET

Reds @ Pirates
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
(P) Homer Bailey (R) (1-0, 3.18)

Two bats return to minor leagues…
Yorman Rodriguez and Juan Duran off DL and with Daytona Tortugas (A Advanced)…
Yorman (CF) – .500/.538 /.583/1.122 (6 G, 12 AB, l DBL, 0 HR, 0 RBI)
Juan (RF) – .583/1.000/.545/1.583 (3 G, 11 AB, 2 DBL, 1 HR, 5 RBI)

Stats have been expanded over the years; actually, nearly any and every statistic available has been analyzed, re-analyzed and analyzed once again.
So, in that light…here is a stat that many will know or at least figure out quickly…
What player hits the ball with the most velocity? (regardless of pitchers speed)

Straily has achieved great success, why? Because the Reds have gotten him to
achieve control, how? They got him to slow down his 94-95 mph FB to 91-92, even
lower at times. As we all know, one of the greatest SP of all time is Maddox, and he threw hardly 89 mph, yet he was uber successful. Congrats to Straily…nice G!

BTW…the change by Straily has reduced his pitches per inning, from 17 to 14; huge
difference relative to MLB standards.

Mr. Hamilton…

Mr. Hamilton…
Robs players of hit…
Has 3 H…3 R…1 BB…4 SB
He is now the lead off hitter of the Cincinnati Reds.
His speed in both the outfield and on the bases cannot be
compared. Ultra exciting to watch whenever he plays.

Video on amazing catch…seems to happen every other day…
Hamilton wreaks havoc as Reds top Bucs
“It’s a completely different dynamic,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “He just has a special talent and it certainly shows itself when he’s getting on base and not just stealing the base, but scoring the runs.”
Hamilton went 3-for-4 with a walk, and he took advantage of his time on the bases. The speedy center fielder — who showcased his athleticism with a running, twisting grab to rob Eric Fryer in the third inning — twice swiped both second and third base, his fourth career four-steal game.
“You can’t stop him. You can only hold him for a few pitches,” Cole said. “We did neither today.”
…like a snowball down the mountain side…

Man – what did he have for breakfast!? Who else could make that crazy catch? Close up of his shoes in video (Hamilton’s do-it-all day) shows words on his shoes: “speed kills”!

This kid (Hamilton) is gonna be something. Yet to reach his full potential; that within itself is hard to believe. He makes it happen, again, and again, and again. When he achieves a + .325 OBP, the league is in big time trouble. As is, they already know it and this puts a huge strain on the SP, the C and the entire INF. Its like the keystone cops then he gets on by BB or SGL, yet nobody can slow the kid. Then you add his speed on base and in the field…OMG…gimme a break; he looked like a cork screw out there today, but more times than not…he caught the ball with his back to the plate. Love to see the anguish on the batters faces after the play…amazing young man.

Rookie Davis crushed today…
4.0 IP…10 H…9 ER…20.25 ERA
Needs big time help.

Max Wotell (came over from Mets in Bruce trade) Age 19
He started his first G yesterday for the Billings Mustangs (Reds rookie league)
4 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 4 SO, 1.50 WHIP, 6.75 ERA

Iglesias’ career-high 22.2-inning scoreless streak snapped.

Lineup for Monday – Reds @ Cards – 8:15PM – ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-6, 7.30)

Mr. Reed best make the best use of this appearance…could be his last for awhile;
although the Reds have publicly stated they would allow him to work out the kinks
at the MLB team level…but did not say for how long.

Excellent G pitched by Reed…then the damn busted and sky fell in; not the first time and I wager it will not be our last. This is the type of G that gamblers detest; I can personally assure you!

Shameful. Half Price. Come on man

Wow – leave it to bullpen to find a new way to lose! I didn’t know hitting a batter to bring in the winning run qualified as a “walk off”. (according to MLB article) More like a “here… take it”.

Embarrassing……2 outs, guy on lst and we cant close it down? And how we did it was even more embarrassing…BB and HBP…
Cingrani pitching.
Molina singled to right.
Jh.Peralta flied out to right fielder Schebler.
Gyorko flied out to right fielder Schebler.
On defensive indifference, Molina to second.
Pham walked on four pitches.
Wong pinch-hitting for Maness.
Wong was hit by a pitch, Molina to third, Pham to second.
Carpenter singled to right, Molina scored, Pham scored, Wong to third.
Hazelbaker pinch-running for Carpenter.
Piscotty singled to left, Wong scored, Hazelbaker to second.
Holliday walked on four pitches, Hazelbaker to third, Piscotty to second.
Ohlendorf pitching.
Leake pinch-running for Holliday.
Moss walked on a full count, Hazelbaker scored, Piscotty to third, Leake to second.
Molina was hit by a pitch, Piscotty scored, Leake to third, Moss to second.
5 Runs, 3 Hits, 0 Errors

There is no excuse for losing this G, and I did not see the cave in in the 9th…but…
why would you…On defensive indifference, Molina to second…when the guy has 2 SB and 1 CS on the season?

Reds @ Cards – 8:15 PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Finnegan (L) (7-8, 4.45)
It took 2 1/2 seasons and still he plays Sunday-sandlot-softball,
but there seems to be more stability in the lineup these days;
the result…more Ws. Wonder if Price knows how it occurred.

Ohlendork and Price both should have been canned today. Shame shame

On a completely unrelated topic: I’m concerned about the large number of HR’s the Reds pitchers give up. Are there any modifications the team could make to GABP to make it less of a Cape Canaveral? (Oldtimer reference – see if you don’t know it)

No, GABP was designed that way in order to benefit the Reds. Not too sure they could even expand the park even if they wanted to. Unfortunately, being the #7 hitter friendly park in the NL, the door swings both ways. We need to settle down the pitching staff, and right now there are several that allow the long ball but may not be there come April of next year. But your point is well taken; the Reds are #1 in allowing HR with 181 (Phillies are #2 with 141). And, of course, we just traded our main power source so the NET of HR are not going to be favorable. Looking up and down the lineup, as it exists today, there are only 3 or 4 that can do the deed; Votto (on occasion), certainly Duvall, Schebler and Suarez hit a few. But, overall, other than Duvall, we arent much of a HR hitting team right now (Reds #9 with 122 HR, Cards are #1 with 151).

As his confidence grows, as well as his OBP, so do the numbers…
Running wild: 9 SBs for Hamilton in 3 games
Not even Yadier can slow Reds speedster, who sparks win against Cards
Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina seemingly didn’t have a kryptonite during his first eight years in the Major Leagues, until Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton ran onto the scene in 2013. Hamilton is now 20-for-22 in stolen-base attempts against the seven-time All-Star and eight-time Gold Glove Award winner after stealing three more bases in a 7-4 victory over the Cardinals on Tuesday.

He has nine stolen bases over his last three games to bring his total to 48 for the season, and Hamilton is now ahead of Jonathan Villar by three for the Major League lead.

I still can’t understand why 25 year old prospects are riding the MLB bench. Is Renda a legitimate prospect or not? Do we have so many middle infielders that 1 who should be playing every day has to sit the pine because of the log jam? What a joke! Who is running this circus?

I think we have to remind ourselves that this is audition year; and the PLAN is to bring up a number of potential players that are on-the-cusp…those players that show potential in transitioning from the minors to the majors. The good news is that the Reds feel Renda deserves a look based on his positive hitting line: .290/.361/.379/.740 over his 5 years in the minors. The bad news is that he is he is thunder-less and plays 2B where even Peraza was sent back down. And although Price is Sunday-softball-happy where he plays players our of position far too often, there just is not enough room for Renda to play daily with the roster the Reds have.
However, you underscore the reality once again…the Reds have got to move Phillips, maybe Cozart as well. Otherwise, the long line stacked up behind these guys will either stay in the minors or be traded like Gregorious was. Later, and hopefully before April of next year, the Reds will assign players to positions and the end of the audition season will end; at least I trust the Sunday-softball mentality will end when Price is history.

Example…here are a few 2B guys on Reds/AAA
Phillips (voids trades x2)
Peraza (capable of playing SS)
Blandino (said to be future 2B for Reds)
Renda (came over in Chapman trade)
Herrera (traded for in Bruce trade)
They say there is never enough pitching and the Reds have done a
great job in acquiring a barn full…but often the Reds lay that philosophy
over to position players, ending up in a trade of a perennial minor.

Early birds: 10 top Draft picks off to fast starts
Moniak, Rutherford and Dunn among first-year pros impressing early
Nick Senzel, 3B, Reds (#2)
No. 52 on Top 100; No. 1 on Reds’ Top 30
Senzel’s overall line of .277/.389/.478 is solid enough, but it really starts to look more impressive when looking at what he’s done since he was moved up to full-season ball. The Tennessee standout has hit .310/.414/.556 with six homers, 22 RBIs and even 12 steals in 36 Midwest League games. The top college bat in the class sure seems like he’s starting to follow a Bregman-Benintendi kind of path.

Thanks Neb, looks like we have 3 guys who should be at AAA second base and 1 for AA. That’s not even counting the Cuban they signed, although he’s a SS I think. Log jam.

Yes, you are right. And, of course, there are others but spread farther on down the line. Alfredo Rodriguez is playing in the DSL or Dominican Summer League, and yes, he is a SS.

Iglesias: “I Want To Be The Closer”
By Zach Links | August 11, 2016 at 9:28am CDT
Raisel Iglesias recorded the first save of his big league career on Wednesday, and there could be quite a few more in his future, writes C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “He’s stepped it up and I think we’re looking at a role that could be very comfortable for him and something we’ll have to weigh moving forward between starter and reliever,” said manager Bryan Price. Iglesias himself expressed an enormous amount of pride in being asked to take the ball in the ninth inning, explaining through a translator that he was as proud to pitch in that role as he was to be named Opening Day starter for the Reds. Said Iglesias: “I feel really proud because I’ve waited for this moment, this is what I’ve wanted to be on the team, this is what I want to do. I want to be the closer.” Iglesias looked like a highly intriguing rotation candidate entering the season, but a shoulder injury sidelined him for two months, and he’s pitched exclusively out of the bullpen since returning. Since being activated from the DL, Iglesias has a sensational 0.65 ERA with a 31-to-12 K/BB ratio in 27 2/3 innings.

Appears we have a run-away…
Dog days of August? Not for the Cubs, who have yet to lose in 10 games this month. Chicago jumped on St. Louis ace Adam Wainwright for seven runs in the first two innings en route to its 11th straight win, a 13-2 victory on Friday afternoon at Wrigley Field. It’s the first time the Cubs have won 11 in a row since a 12-game streak in 2001.
The Cubs are a season-high 32 games over .500 for the first time since finishing last year at 97-65, and they have a 14-game lead in the National League Central. This is Chicago’s largest lead this late in the season since a 14 1/2-game cushion on Sept. 15, 1929. That year, the Cubs were the NL champs, but they lost to the Philadelphia Athletics in the World Series, 4-1.

And this, on the tales of a complete team rebuild…only hitters instead of pitchers…
The Chicago Cubs rebuilding strategy explained
The Chicago Cubs and Theo Epstein went against the grain when they started building this team. Instead of pitching, they focused on getting the best pure hitters from each draft. And so far, that strategy is working.

Reds lineup @ Milwaukee – 8:10PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Homer Bailey (R) (1-1, 7.27)

Wow…vintage Bailey…
6 IP
3 H
0 ER
1 BB
11 SO
4.30 ERA
Bailey is coming (back) into his own…trusting his arm
and looking very, very tough; not to us fans, but to the
guys facing him!

Remember fans…he threw tonight very strong against the Brewers…but when
healthy and pitching regularly, he was tough on any team and on any day. In other words, he is able to go up against the best. Need I talk about the playoffs, G #3…only allowed 1 R…we never saw the light of day after that G.

Here is a list of available FA – Cs. If Mesoraco cant go this next season, the Reds may want to consider obtaining a C to play backup to Barnhart, as some think that the Reds think he has earned a right to start.
Alex Avila (30)
Drew Butera (34)
Jason Castro (30)
A.J. Ellis (36)
Ryan Hanigan (36) — $3.75MM club option with an $800K buyout
Nick Hundley (33)
Chris Iannetta (34) — $4.25MM club/vesting option
Jonathan Lucroy (31) — $5.25MM club option with a $25K buyout
Jeff Mathis (34)
Dioner Navarro (33)
A.J. Pierzynski (40)
Wilson Ramos (29)
Carlos Ruiz (38) — $4.5MM club option with a $500K buyout
Jarrod Saltalamacchia (32)
Geovany Soto (34)
Kurt Suzuki (33) — $6MM vesting option
Josh Thole (30)
Matt Wieters (31)

25 DBL
6 HR
30 RBI
Obviously a player with a reasonably high OBP and SLG
would be desirable. And the Reds may feel that their C should
be offensive, as well as very good with the staff. With that said,
Barnhart does not provide much power. And with few hitters
left on the Reds that could provide consistent power in a hitters
park, they might make an acquisition or maybe even a trade.
All of this is conjecture based on what Mesoraco will be able to
do, of course.

Straily goes today…he hasn’t allowed more than three earned runs in any of his last seven starts and is 3-0 with a 1.93 ERA in his last five outings.

Decent pitch performance by Straily tonight; however he only went 5 1/3 IP due to
10 H, 2 ER (1 HR)…but 102 pitches…oddly, no BB.

Reds lineup @ Milwaukee – 7:10 PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R) (7-6, 3.76)

NL Rankings
R 497 – #10 (of 15)
DBL 189 – #12
HR 124 – #10
TB 1540 – #11
RBI 466 – #11
AVG .244 – #12
OBP .306 – #12
SLG .401 – #11
OPS .707 – #13
With Bruce gone, these numbers are starting to stall…cannot
do it all on just pitching (see Braves in mid 1990s)

Keep in mind that GABP is a hitters park (#7).

Votto is only starter batting above .282 (.301)…cannot due it alone.

Hamilton hurt hand. I would assume he will be checked out ASAP.
He is going very good in lead off; hopefully he will not have another

Reds lineup @ Milwaukee – 2:10 PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P Cody Reed (L) (0-6, 6.36)

Reed has started 9 G this season for the Reds…and the Reds have lost all 9 G.
However, Reeds last start was stellar, having gone 6 IP and allowing 0 R. That
was the embarrassing G where the Cards scored 5 R in the bottom of the 9th.

Phillips out with left knee contusion on slide into him in lst inning.

Why not put Renda in the game here. I do not understand this organization.

Looks like Stanton tore himself up pretty good sliding into 2nd.

Yeah, maybe they’d like to have cozart, be a good fit for them

Reed was recently prospect #2 prior to coming to the Reds…suggesting that continued failure should result in a tenure in AAA. Keeping him up on the Reds
will do nobody any good.

Reed starts 10 = 10 losses for Reds.

It has been no secret that I am pro-Hamilton…from the day he came up to the bigs.
Here is a quick look at last season and thus far, this season…
2015 – 412 AB, 93 H, 56 R, 8 DBL, 28 BB
2016 – 345 AB, 91 H, 58 R, 19 DBL, 27 BB
2015 – .226/.274/.289/.563
2016 – .264/.318/.362/.680
Howd it happen? Here is how it happened:
Hamilton has shown some interesting trends in his recent streak. His BABIP is normal (for him); his slugging is even a bit low. However, his walk rate has been 9.78 percent and his strikeout rate has been 18.05 percent. That is a huge improvement over his career 6.22 percent walk rate and nearly a half percent better rate of striking out than his career 18.47 percent rate.
Hamilton made a concerted effort for this entire season to focus on his hitting to maximize on using his speed, and he had been successful in that, going from a guy who had a 37 percent fly ball rate and around a 41.5 percent ground ball rate. With his speed, he can beat out a ton of ground balls, and he’s used an adjustment made this season to bring down his numbers to a 31 percent fly ball rate and increase his ground balls to 46.4 percent. In turn, his ground ball to fly ball ratio has gone from 1.12 in his first two seasons to 1.49 this season!
Oh yes, and his speed on the bases and D in CF aint too bad either!

Since the All-Star break, Hamilton is hitting .324 with 21 runs scored, five doubles, one triple, three RBIs, 29 steals and 12 walks. The Reds (48-68) have gone 16-11 in that span, winning seven of the nine series they’ve played.

Yeah – I was ticked at Dusty when Billy first came up ’cause he wouldn’t play him. I was all for getting him in the game. An unbelievable excitement factor. Will admit has been slower process to get to this point, but the outfield play a total bonus.

Mr. Baker = Vets over Roks

As a fan…would anyone not want to see a player that…whenever he gets on base he is a threat to steal every base including home plate? How about when he plays in CF; would you not want to see the guy patrol all of CF (LF/RF); already stealing several H and even HR? Lastly, even when he hits, he bring excitement to the game as his speed often gets him on base under the most spectacular and unusual circumstances…especially when and if he bunts! Spectacular player that is just now showing what he can do and what the league, so far, has attempted to do against his wrath. This kid will be special, imo.

Hamilton and Barnhart are both back up material.

Monday lineup for Reds vs. Miami at GABP…7:10 PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Ivan De Jesus (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
2B Tony Renda (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P B. Finnegan (L) (7-8, 4.45)

Boy i just wait to get to the ballpark to watch that lineup

Unfortunately Hamilton doesn’t have a bionic shoulder – awkward bang into wall cuts short his game tonight.

Barnhart singles to extend his career-high hitting streak to 11 games.

Barnhart homered to right on a 1-0 count, E.Suarez scored, Schebler scored, De Jesus Jr. scored.

That slam extended Barnhart’s career-high hitting streak to 12 games. He is batting .357 (15-for-42) with two homers during the streak, and .308 over his last 37 games since June 22 to raise his batting average from .238 to .267.

Tuesday lineup: Miami @ Reds – 7:10 PM-ET
LF Tony Renda (R)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Scott Schebler (L)
2B Ivan De Jesus (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
RF Tyler Holt (R)
P A. DeSclafani (R) (6-1, 3.11)
Duvall, Hamilton & Phillips – time off
(hope #4 and #5 have broad shoulders)

Hamilton is batting .263/.319/.361 this season and leads the MLB with 51 stolen bases. He’s batting .321 with a .393 OBP and 29 steals over his last 26 games.

Very difficult to think that Nick Senzel wont be our 3rd baseman in the future. Now playing for the Daytona Tortugas (A Advanced), he doing what we thought he would; tearing the hide off the ball…42 G, 150 AB, 14 DBL, 2 TPL, 6 HR, 25 RBI while putting up a line of: .313/.408/.553/.961. We obviously wont see him for a couple of years, but when we do he looks like he will be a shoe-in. Outstanding draft pick!

Could Billy Hamilton keep up with Usain Bolt?
Billy Hamilton’s wondering the same thing you were — just how would he do in the 100-meter dash against the world’s best?
“Right now, I probably wouldn’t have a chance with those guys. But if I got out there and trained and learned the techniques… I think I could get with those guys,” Hamilton said on Tuesday. ”But as of right now, I don’t think I’d be able to match those guys. They’re on a different level.”

And to think we traded Latos for this guy…nice Mr. Jocketty; timing and trade was
definitely a winner!
DeSclafani: 6 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 6 SO, 89 pitches, 60 strikes.

DeSclafani is only 26 and just not coming into his own; and totally manageable…
2015 25 Cincinnati Reds $507,500
2016 26 Cincinnati Reds $540,000
2016 Status Signed thru 2016
Earliest Arb Eligible: 2018
Earliest Free Agent: 2021
I really like seeing our rotation take form; one day its Bailey, the next
its DeSclafani. I think that two of our SP staff has been identified for next

Reds lineup versus Miami – Wednesday @ GABP – 7:10 PM-ET
LF Tony Renda (R)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Scott Schebler (L)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
RF Tyler Holt (R)
P Homer Bailey (R) (2-1, 4.30)

Two ridiculous plays by BP! Glad to have that entertainment while it lasts!

Yep…nobody can ever say that Phillips isnt one of the best with the leather at 2nd…
love to see a ball hit deep in the hole; backhanded and thrown to lst on a twisting, in air throw…its like baseballs own Olympics! And, Phillips is one of the best at it. Then, to outdo his leather tricks, he comes up with a big hit to cinch the G. Great effort tonight by Mr. Phillips.

I dont understand what happened in the 6th…
6th Inning (losing 2-1)
Suárez doubled to left.
Dunn relieved Cashner.
Schebler lined out to right.
Barnhart grounded out to first, Suárez to third.
Holt lined out to first.
7th Inning
Hamilton hit for Smith.
Wittgren relieved Dunn.
Hamilton reached on infield single to pitcher.
Renda sacrificed to catcher, Hamilton to second.
Cozart popped out to shortstop.
Votto intentionally walked.
Phillips doubled to deep right, Hamilton and Votto scored.
Suárez grounded out to shortstop.

Why in hannas-half-acre didnt Price have Schebler sacrifice? With that said, I must admit…Price has called G pretty daw-gone good since mid-season. Scary to me that the management might think he turned the corner and after 2 1/2 season…sees the light. Come on Castellini…dont be fooled!

Reds lineup vs. Miami – @ GABP – Thursday – 7:10 PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Ivan De Jesus (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
LF Tyler Holt (R)
P Dan Straily (R) (8-6, 3.75)
Come on Straily…get on with your bad self!

Hmmmm – could Mark be monitoring his blog? Ha – just heard him use that same expression (your bad self) on radio broadcast.

Mark did? That is hard to believe…although it is widely used…by sports nuts, including me.

What happened to Mr. Cueto?
At July 6th…
2.47 ERA
0 W
2 L
At Aug 14th
2.97 ERA

Giants record since break 9-21

Giants have been struggling saw them play the Orioles Friday night at AT&T Park. Probably I believe the only park in the major leagues that has a digital splash hit number sign. They keep track of the number of balls that go over the fence into the bay. As of last Friday the number was 70 showing on that sign. First time visit there had been to Candlestick. By the fourth inning we could see our breath and the fog rolled in.

Neb how bout some stats on Jay bruce since he joined the mets. Thanks

Not much happenin there – gettin a few hits.

The reds may dig out of the cellar. Been much more fun to watch the last several weeks.

Pretty much in a funk…
59 AB, 2 DBL, 0 TPL,, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 7 BB, 12 SO
And………when he hits like this……….I do not miss him at all!

TP…especially with our young pitching and young hitting. You gotta love it! The mass SP that Jocketty acquired has revitalized the team; once they start the trek up the MLB ladder…we be fine! SP are starting to carve out their rightful spots.

G should have ended up far less closer; say 5-2. But, once again, our BP let us down…just not finally; but could have. The SP-crystal ball is slowly, but surely, coming clearer and clearer; I trust the BP-crystal ball will follow suit………… day!

6.0 IP
6 H
2 ER
7 SO
1 BB
3.72 ERA
I dunno…Straily may well be pitching himself into
the 3rd or 4th spot in the future SP rotation.

Fridays lineup versus Dodgers @ GABP – 7:10 PM- ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
LF Tony Renda (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Tim Adleman (R) (1-1, 3.72)
This really chaps my hide…they are playing at GABP, but because I am
about 12 miles from Dodger Stadium, they will black me out. I understand
their argument (marketing) but I sure dont have to like it!?*

MLB can drive one nuts with all that stuff. Reds having fun tonight!

Top three OBP (of starters)…
Votto – .431
Barnhart – .329
Hamilton – .323 (on base 3 x last night; 2 by BB)

In the month of August; over 16 G played and 53 AB…
Hamiltons hit line is as follows: .340/.444/.434/.878

Absolutely love the first 4 lineup today…hope it is our future 4…
Hamilton – CF
Peraza – SS
Votto – 1B
Duvall – LF
Outstanding first four!

Wow…this kid continues to show me his maturity.
Hamilton walked on a full count, Phillips scored, E.Suarez to third, R.Cabrera to second.

Cespedes off 15 day DL for Mets – brings rbi power back. Not happenin for Bruce at this point.

Reds moved out of cellar in Central Division; 1 G lead over Milwaukee. Also, the Reds are on pace for 70 wins this season (70-92).

During an 11-7 win for Louisville on Saturday, Reds prospect Robert Stephenson had a poor outing as he pitched two innings, with six runs, four hits, four walks and two strikeouts. He began the game by allowing a leadoff home run. It was the third time in his last five starts that Stephenson had given up at least six runs.
Stephenson, the Reds’ No. 4 prospect according to, is 6-9 with a 4.66 ERA in 22 starts for Louisville. He also made two starts for the Reds in April. Louisville manager Delino DeShields made some pointed comments after Saturday’s game.
“Until he makes an adjustment, it’s going to continue,” DeShields told the Louisville Courier Journal. “It’s not going to get better. It’s on him. He’s been told what he needs to do and what he needs to work on by numerous coaches and staff members. It’s up to him to make those adjustments. If I was him, I’d be embarrassed.”
Price said that he was not aware of DeShields comments.
“I think it’s a consistency component that’s missing from his season,” Price said of Stephenson.

Another amazing catch by Hamilton today; clearly saved a R. GG for years to come.

He is coming around

This is Reds mgmt bull donkey. All these guys brought up and he’s left down there. He’s pissed and i would be too. Reds are jerking him around. Shame on them. Get him up here and pitch him

Only on Sunday…Price plays his Sunday-sandlot-softball-game plan by nearly always resting players regardless of the SP. Today was a prime example; Votto and Schebler out. We win 5 G in a row, play hot and he needs to give his day-off service. I will say it again, if Castellini signs Price to manager in 2017…I will quit the Reds until such time their manager is not named Price.

Votto in August….429/.513/.651/1.164.

agreed… Was even worse because I was at the game…

How was that catch that Hamilton made in real time? I saw it on tape, but to be at the ballpark, well…he is something special. He came in a long, long way to catch the ball; literally outrunning the baseballs descent.

CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Jose Peraza (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Homer Bailey (R) (2-1, 3.66)

Just when you think the bats will bring us back – more pitching implosion. Beautiful day – what’s Homer’s prob.?

On top of that, serve one up so Gonzalez can get 3 on the day. Reds relief – now 25 homers to first batter faced.

Holt is da man. Nice going TH!

…on 5 pitches; 63 & 68 mph knucklers and sub-par fast balls. It must have looked like the old mush-ball, 12 inch soft ball floating up there; they were over swinging out of their shoes.

9 R and we lose? Come on…then we bring in a NEW PITCHER…Holt…and he is the only one to set down the side? How embarrassing is that? Geez…

The Dodgers hit .457 against Reds pitching yesterday; I would not want to have been at that G.

654 comments to one article. With that kind of dedication it’s a shame that we dont count as far as MLB goes because we are not on twitter or other social media. Don’t understand the difficulty for Mark to post an article once every week or two to show his appreciation of his and the Reds fans on this site.



Reds’ pitching staff gave up another 6 HR yesterday; totaling 202 home runs allowed this season, easily on record pace to break the 1996 Tigers mark of 241. Wonder if the Reds will get a trophy…

Pretty funny tweet from C.Trent after yesterdays G…
C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 18 hours ago
4 hours, 2 minutes is the official time of death

A couple of old friends…
Frazier…hitting below in every category – .212/.295/.454/.749
Yet he continues to produce – 31 HR, 76 RBI
Bruce (since trade) …struggling – .169/.263/.282/.544, 71 AB, 2 HR, 6 RBI

Tuesday lineup – Texas @ Reds – 7:10 PM-ET…
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Jose Peraza (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Dan Straily (R) (9-6, 3.72)

Gotta say…Peraza looks good at SS and looks really good batting 2nd behind Hamilton and in front of Votto. He looks like he has shaken off the newbie dust and is really doing well at the plate. With Hamilton batting lead off and Peraza following, these two rabbits should give teams the fits on the base pads; especially when you have Votto batting 3rd and Duvall cleanup. Now, we need to find a trade partner for
Phillips and Cozart; should not be that difficult to find a home for Cozart prior to opening day next season.

Although the writing is on the wall for both Phillips and Cozart…it has to be recognized that these two guys, playing together, looked like circus de soleil day in and day out. Unfortunately, the rebuild will render them off the team as they will not be on the team by the time we start to perform against the likes of the Cubs, Cards and Pirates while truly challenging for playoff consideration.

Come on…Hamilton does it again. This time from dead C to the wall in LC on a diving catch on the track…unreal. This guy is the best glove I have ever seen in CF, and I have been around the block a few times. Unbelievable speed; I cannot say it any clearer…he outruns the descent of the ball! If the Reds were in playoff contention and the SP was doing what it should, this guy would be worth his weight in gold. In the future, the SP will love this guy even more than they do already! Man, is he fun to watch or what…

Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 6 minutes ago
According to @statcast — Hamilton’s top speed on that catch was 22 mph. #reds
My lord…20 mph alone is blazing speed; few can even achieve that. What is scary to watch…Hamilton, at 160 lbs., runs at uber speed and ignores the wall on nearly any and every catch he makes. He is literally fearless on each and evrery play.
Since 1975 there have been maybe two or three players I would pay to watch regardless of the G played…this guy heads my list since he came up! Sadly, for me, its merely a 2,164 miles boat ride to GABP!

Saw that first hand Neb. We figured he sprinted at least 40 yards and caught that bad boy. Looked like he had a bit room to spare too on the video board.
Run Billy Run. Billy Gold Glove Hamilton. I’ll give him that.

Ken Griffey and Cesar Geronimo eat your heart out

Straily…10th W
6 IP
2 BB
5 SO
3.57 ERA
Starting to look very, very impressive.

Ditto TOW. Wouldn’t seem like a big deal for Mark to post a few things.

Ok when I go the game it literally looks like Hamilton will catch everything and its almost expected. The TV does not even show how amazing it is. He beats the ball it seems. Could you imagine having three speedsters out there? What if you had Hamilton, Peraza, and Holt. Those might be the three fastest the Reds have that can play the outfield. That would be a hitters nightmare.

Straily has won a legit starting spot in next years rotation. I think this frees up the ability to trade one of our young studs to get a huge haul of prospects. I would say one of Finny, Lamb, or Desclafani. Or do you just keep all and make a amazing starting rotation and pen knowing you can replace anyone at any time. I like that and creates competition. And hopefully the Reds keep the young pitching coming up through the system in order to trade pitchers when necessary and not freak out about the need to rebuild knowing you have a replacement. I think its called the Cardinal way!!!

I think it is still early, although the Reds have already inferred that Bailey and DeSclafani have a lock on the SP staff come next season. I agree that Straily
has earned a spot as well. Nice to see that the PLAN is taking shape, as is the
SP staff and BP; love Iglesias (2.05/1.13) and Lorenzen (2.70/1.10) as the tag team for middle relief. Who will be the closer? I give up, who? Cingrani (3.54/1.31) is shaky; he puts far too many on via BB or H. He shows lack of control and in a really close G,
that attribute will not cut it. Overall, though, I like what the Reds are doing in regards to the entire pitching staff.

Oh and Votto is the best player in baseball and a Hall of Famer.

Billy bolt: Grab merits gold-medal glove
Reds’ speedy center fielder robs Beltran of extra-base hit
Hamilton reached a top speed of 22 mph, had a first-step reaction of minus 0.03 seconds and covered 123 feet with a route efficiency of 97.2 percent. How fast is 22 mph? Well, Usain Bolt averages roughly 23 mph while running the 100 meter dash, topping out above 27 mph. Of course, Bolt doesn’t have to carry a glove or run on grass. And because sprinters don’t reach their top speed until the 60-to-80 meter window, we don’t really get to see Hamilton’s peak speed on a baseball field.

Wednesday lineup – Texas @ GABP – 7:10 PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Jose Peraza (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P Tim Adleman (R) (2-1, 2.96)

Cueto stopped from posting his 15th W…losing to the Dodgers….1-0.

Winker among Reds’ potential prospect callups
Cincinnati could also use Herrera, Stephenson, Garrett in September
The 23-year-old No. 3 prospect overcame a right wrist sprain in June and has been one of Louisville’s best hitters. He entered Thursday batting .301/.390/.394 and has had a nice second half. A line-drive hitter, Winker has yet to find much power, with five homers this season and one since April 30. He would need to be added to the 40-man roster.
A second baseman, Herrera is batting .275/.327/.459 with 13 homers at Triple-A this season, but he hasn’t done much with his Major League stints with the Mets over 2014-15, totaling 49 games. Herrera dealt with a minor shoulder injury shortly after the Bruce trade, and he is 4-for-15 since returning.
The Reds’ No. 4 prospect has endured inconsistency for Louisville, but he made two solid spot starts in the big leagues in April. His inability to make adjustments has seemed to madden the organization at times, including his last start when Louisville manager Delino DeShields said, “If I was him, I’d be embarrassed.” Slated to start Thursday, Stephenson is 6-9 with a 4.66 ERA in 22 starts for Louisville.
Amir Garrett
Now the No. 2 prospect, the lefty starting pitcher posted a 1.75 ERA in 13 games for Double-A Pensacola before getting moved up to Louisville. He has impressed the organization with how he’s handled the challenge, which could warrant a promotion.

Someone tell Paul D we’re tired of reading the enquirers bs..

Time to say goodbye to Blake Wood. The goal is to come into the game and record three outs. And not to let in a run. Or two. Pathetic performance, over and over again. And nonchalantly tossing the ball aside after you’ve thrown a forty-foot pitch to lose the game is unprofessional. Please send him down. Do not play him anymore. Please

Blake Wood…
June – 2.08 ERA, .224 AVG, 1.23 WHIP
July – 3.48 ERA, .243 AVG, 1.45 WHIP
Aug – 6.00 ERA, .327 AVG, 1.67 WHIP

Mr. Peraza is getting comfortable…
Last 30 G – .322 AVG/.352 OBP
Last 15 G – .360/.385
Last 7 G – .412/.412

Brutal – Bruce 4 SO’s in last nite’s Mets win – 1 LOB.

Brennaman just said in all his 40+ broadcast yrs. he’s never seen a hitter as hot as Votto right now – since the break. Brennaman also couldn’t resist saying Arizona’s pitcher tonight pitching “Ungodly”.

Pretty bad from the get-go. Nice to see Schebler feast on it; needs to get his AVG up to at least .260-.270 and OBP over .300.

Mr. Bailey…
July 31 – 5.2 IP, 2 ER, .200 AVG, 3.18 ERA, 1.24 WHIP
Aug 6 – 3.0 IP, 2 ER, .333 AVG, 7.27 ERA, 1.85 WHIP
Aug 12 – 6.0 IP, 0 ER, .268 AVG, 4.30 ERA, 1.36 WHIP
Aug 17 – 5.0 IP, 1 ER, .269 AVG, 3.66 ERA, 1.37 WHIP
Aug 22 – 2.1 IP, 6 ER, .326 AVG, 5.73 ERA, 1.68 WHIP
AUG -16.1 IP, 12 ER, .361 AVG, 6.61 ERA, 1.84 WHIP
Ok…time to put it all together now…and consistently.

Sunday lineup – Reds @ AZ – 4:10PM-ET
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P Homer Bailey (R) (2-2, 5.73)

Reds transactions…
The Reds have selected the contract of catcher Rafael Lopez from Triple-A Louisville, C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer tweets. To clear space on their active roster, they’ve optioned infielder Tony Renda to Louisville. The Reds needed an extra catcher due to a minor hand injury to Tucker Barnhart. The 28-year-old Lopez appeared briefly in the big leagues with the Cubs in 2016, but has not done so since. He’s hit a modest .213/.262/.297 for Louisville this season.

Blue Jays Pursued Joey Votto Trade Last Summer
The Blue Jays opened “serious discussions” with the Reds last summer (2015) about a possible deal to add star first baseman Joey Votto, according to Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star. But those talks “never gained momentum,” per the report.

Instead, Toronto shifted its attention to adding Troy Tulowitzki and David Price in a pair of blockbusters that helped push the club into the post-season. While the dialogue with the Reds seemingly did not get very far down the line, Griffin says that the expectation was that Cincinnati would hold onto some of the large financial commitments to Votto, who is owed $179MM after the end of the 2016 season. (Ultimately, the Blue Jays took on Tulowitzki’s own lengthy deal, but sent Jose Reyes back to the Rockies to help offset the cost.)

Hard to believe that AZ only hit .439 for the G and knocked in only 11 R…

Rendas first visit…
16 G
27 AB
0 HR

Rookie Davis finding transition from AA to AAA…a tad difficult…
96 IP
2.72 ERA
.233 AVG
1.11 WHIP
24 IP
7.50 ERA
.355 AVG
1.88 WHIP

I’ve seen enough of Ross ohlendorf

The opposition sure hasn’t.

Reds lineup versus LA Angels…26 miles from the Neb…10:05PM-ET…
(still blanked out!?* – arrrrgggghhhhh!)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Jose Peraza (R)………..(in place of Cozart)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
DH Eugenio Suarez (R)
3B Ivan De Jesus (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)………(in place of Barnhart)
P Dan Straily (R) (10-6, 3.57)

8/29/16 Cincinnati Reds activated RHP Alfredo Simon from the 15-day disabled list.
8/29/16 Cincinnati Reds optioned Josh Smith to Louisville Bats.

Alfredo brought us Suarez; thanks. However, we need to see more than what
he has contributed this season…
9.45 ERA
11 GS
13 G
53.1 IP
.348 AVG
2.06 WHIP
Sadly, he knows how but time is fleeting. Hope I am wrong. The first time around,
this guy was an inning eater and I think that is what they hope for him moving forward.
After that he was so good, he brought us a REG-ular in Suarez. I really like this guy but believe (very sadly) he is getting a bit too long in the tooth. Hope he does well in his waning and sunset years; one of the good guys, imo.

Alfredo is a SP…6′ 6″, weight: 265 lbs. and he is 35 years old.

No faster than we started…we are very close to ending…
we have only 33 G left this season. Very close to seeing the
entire entourage of kids come September 1st…this Thursday!
3 days from now!

Reds on track for………69-93 record.

Tuesday lineup for Reds @ Angels…10:05PM-ET…
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
DH Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
SS Jose Peraza (R)
C Rafael Lopez (L)
P Tim Adleman (R) (2-1, 3.68)

Cozart at DH, Peraza at SS…

Diaz, Wood, and ohlenDORK better not get another sniff of the mound. In case they read this blog, you guys suck bad. So tired of you

Wednesdays Reds lineup @ Angels – 7:10 PM-ET…
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
DH B. Phillips (R)
RF Scott Schebler (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
2B Jose Peraza (R)……………………..(4for4 w/sb yesterday!)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P Finnegan (L) (8-9, 4.27)

In my mind, this kinda underscores the power-outage this team has endured…
Phillips is hitting DH. We really have not had a bopper since 2008…who? I think
we all know. Not saying we need 9 of them, but one or two is what plates R.

Reds To Sign Cuban Right-Hander Vladimir Gutierrez
The Reds have agreed to sign highly regarded right-hander Vladimir Gutierrez for a bonus of $4.75MM, reports Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald (via Twitter). The 20-year-old Cuban righty will count against Cincinnati’s international bonus pool, which they’ve already vastly exceeded with their $7MM deal with Cuban shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez. As such, Gutierrez will come with a 100 percent luxury tax, effectively making this a $9.5MM expenditure for the Reds.

Votto just missed batting 400 the last 2 months! Had shot on last ab of game – no dice.

Votto stats…
April – .229/.327/.313/.640
May – .200/.333/.484/.818
June – .319/.466/.549/1.015
July – .413/.549/.627/1.176
Aug – .394/.471/.636/1.107
2016 – .309/.430/.524/.954
25 DBL, 22 HR, 78 RBI, 94 BB, 110 SO
G played – 129
G with no H, by month:
April – 10
May – 11
June – 7
July – 4
Aug – 6

Callups signal a step closer to future for Reds
Herrera, Winker candidates to join big league club as roster expands
With the successes of young starters Anthony DeSclafani and Brandon Finnegan and the sneak peeks at prospects like Cody Reed and Robert Stephenson, much of the focus of the Reds’ rebuild has centered on pitching in 2016.

But considering the struggles of Reed and Stephenson and a combined 14 Triple-A starts for Amir Garrett and Rookie Davis, it might actually be the Reds’ future offense that’s closer to fruition.

The question marks surrounding Devin Mesoraco and the catcher’s position aside, it’s not farfetched to imagine a 2017 Opening Day roster for Cincinnati that includes an infield of Joey Votto, Dilson Herrera, Jose Peraza and Eugenio Suarez and an outfield corps that includes Adam Duvall, Billy Hamilton, Scott Schebler and Jesse Winker.

Slowly…the Reds plan is unfolding…
SP…appears that Bailey, DeSclafani, Straily and Finnegan are destined to be
on our SP staff come next season.
BP…also appears that Iglesias and Lorenzen are mainstays; as well as Cingrani.
More wil be known over the next several months.
The batting lineup is taking shape as well…the question marks remain as the disposition of Cozart and Phillips are yet, unknown. With those answers resolved,
the lineup becomes clearer as are dedicated positions. Duvall, Schebler and Suarez really have come on this season and are playing their positions far better than I
expected; save Suarez, although he is learning very fast, while making a few incredible plays over the last two weeks.