Game 59: vs. STL


I hesitate to say that Price has finally found a set lineup…and it isnt all that bad (not mine); no, not all that bad. He has OBP in the #1-2 slots and ascending order of power in the #3-6 positions. What is perturbing is, after a few games, the lineup usually changes yet once again. Lets see if Price can stand success.

Since the beginning of the Colorado series; May 30th, I think in finally donned on Price to play a set lineup rather than a Sunday sand-lot bat em everywhere lineup…
I could be wrong, after all, he hasnt exactly found a modus operandi since he arrived on scene at the beginning of 2014.
5/30 – 11 R
5/31 – 4 R
6/1 – 7 R
6/2 – 11 R
6/3 – 7 R
6/4 – 6 R
6/5 – 9 R
6.7 – 7 R
That is an average of approximately 7.75 R per game. Color that with some reasonable pitching and this team has won a few ball games;
not really difficult math even for this version the Cincinnati Reds.

Why is Simon still on this team ?

Again. Why is Simon still on this team ?

He wont be for long. A very good trade…Suarez (and Crawford) for Simon, just before he lost his stuff. Nothing more than a filler, an innings eater, for the Reds the 2nd time around. When we first got him via the waiver wire on April 3, 2012 there was speculation. However, the next 3 seasons he excelled:
2012 – 61 IP – 2.66 ERA
2013 – 87.2 IP – 2.87 ERA
2014 – 196.1 IP – 3.44 ERA
After a year with Detroit (87.1 IP, 5.05 ERA) he has found, at age 35, an up hill battle…pitching up and down. His base salary is $2m + incentives so his contract is Reds favorable.
Good guy and he has done the Reds a solid. Probably his last year; hate to see him
finish up in AAA. So it goes.

Fourteen pitchers with an ERA above 5.00. I’m going to guess that that has never happened before. Five pitchers with an ERA above 10.00. I’m going to guess that that has rarely happened before. And the Skipper is a pitching coach

Lol !!! Amazing,isn’t it?

Other than Finny and Lamb, maybe Straily, its not like we are playing anyone that will be here long term. Just biding time for health and youth.

Good point .

Can a whole bullpen have a WAR? Anyone else wondering how many games this team would have won (that they lost) with a decent bullpen? I’m not saying ‘contender’ – no one’s catching the Cubs – but, seriously, whose heart doesn’t sink when the call to the bullpen goes out?

Alex Guerrero is available for cheap. I say get this guy and see what he can do… What would it hurt.

The Dodgers released him from AAA after 66 AB, l HR, 4 RBI and hitting

Keith Law’s final MLB Mock Draft (4.0)

1. Philadelphia Phillies
Mickey Moniak, OF
La Costa Canyon HS (Carlsbad, California)

I’ve heard them with A.J. Puk and Kyle Lewis and to a lesser extent Corey Ray and Blake Rutherford, and I wouldn’t be surprised if any of those guys is taken here. It’s going to depend on the price tags; if the Phillies can save $1 million by taking the No. 2 player on their board and then apply that money to sign pick 42 to an overslot deal, they’ll do so. And they should — it’s exactly what the current CBA encourages teams to do.

2. Cincinnati Reds
A.J. Puk, LHP

They also like Nick Senzel and Corey Ray, and are also high on Moniak. The Reds have the largest pool of any team (most draft money), and just as importantly, they get to pick again before the Phillies or Braves do.

A.J. Puk | Rank: #4
School: Florida Year: Junior
Position: LHP Age: 21 DOB: 4/25/1995
Bats: L Throws: L Height: 6′ 7″ Weight: 230 lb.
Previously Drafted: 2013, 35th (1056) – DET

Scouting Grades*: Fastball: 70 | Slider: 55 | Changeup: 50 | Control: 45 | Overall: 55
The hope, especially for the Phillies with the No. 1 overall pick, was that Puk would use his frontline rotation stuff and separate himself from the rest of the class, making him the slam-dunk choice for being taken 1-1. Inconsistency, which has plagued him for much of his career at Florida, not to mention some time on the shelf with back spasms, made Puk more of a wild card than hoped.

Big and strong, Puk arguably has the best raw stuff of any arm in the class, with the chance to have three plus pitches. He’s capable of touching 96-97 mph with his fastball regulary. Ironically, he might have been at his best in the one inning he threw before his back acted up, showing a 96-99 mph fastball and a plus slider at 88-90 mph. He can maintain his velocity deep into starts and while his changeup is his third pitch, it should be Major League average in the future.

Puk’s biggest stumbling block has been his control and command, something that has kept him from dominating college competition consistently. Puk only missed one start with those back spasms and a huge start at the SEC tournament cemented his place at, or near, the top of the Draft.
* scouting grades run from 20-80.

Nick Senzel | Rank: 7
School: Tennessee Year: Junior
Position: 3B Age: 20 DOB: 6/29/1995
Bats: R Throws: R Height: 6′ 1″ Weight: 205 lb.
Previously Drafted: Never

Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 50 | Run: 50 | Arm: 55 | Field: 55 | Overall: 55

Senzel established himself as a productive college hitter during his first two seasons at Tennessee, then boosted his stock considerably with his performance in the Cape Cod League last summer. He led the Cape in runs (33), hits (56), doubles (16), RBIs (33), extra-base hits (21), total bases (86), slugging (.558) and OPS (.976), earning MVP honors and winning the league’s Top Prospect Award from scouts. He posted similar numbers this spring, topping the Southeastern Conference with 25 doubles and ranking second with a 1.051 OPS.

Undrafted out of a Tennessee high school in 2013, Senzel could be the first position player selected this year and pass Todd Helton (No. 8 overall in 1995) as the highest pick in Volunteers history. He combines strength and bat speed from the right side of the plate, and his patient all-fields approach should help him to hit for both average and power. Senzel exhibits average to solid speed and has the instincts to steal a few bases.

Coming into the year, there were questions about where Senzel should play at the next level. Primarily a DH as a freshman and a second baseman as a sophomore, he has worked hard to become a solid third baseman. There were never any worries about his arm, and there no longer are doubts about his hands and quickness.

Corey Ray | Rank: 6
School: Louisville Year: Junior
Position: OF Age: 21 DOB: 9/22/1994
Bats: L Throws: L Height: 5 ’11” Weight: 185 lb.
Previously Drafted: 2013, 33rd (987) – SEA

Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 55 | Run: 60 | Arm: 50 | Field: 55 | Overall: 55

Ray ranked as the Draft’s top position prospect entering 2016 because he offers the best combination of hitting and athletic ability. He should become the highest pick in Louisville history, surpassing current teammate Kyle Funkhouser, who declined to sign with the Dodgers as the 35th overall choice in 2015. A 33rd-round pick by the Mariners as an Illinois high schooler in 2013, he broke out as a sophomore last spring and continued to star during the summer, leading the U.S. collegiate national team in OPS (.971), extra-base hits (nine) and steals (11).

Ray has a quick left-handed bat and makes consistent hard contact, giving him the potential to hit for both power and average. He uses the entire field well and has done a better job of managing the strike zone and making consistent contact this spring. Ray has plus speed and knows how to use it well on the bases, and no player this year can match his combination of 39 steals (fourth in the nation) and 15 homers entering the NCAA Division I playoffs.

Though he has spent most of his career at Louisville in right field, Ray runs well enough to play center field and should get a chance to play there in pro ball, though some scouts question his instincts. He has the offensive production and arm to profile at all three outfield positions, and obviously he’d offer the most value if he can play in the middle.

Mickey Moniak | Rank: 5
School: La Costa Canyon (Calif.) HS Year: Senior
Position: OF Age: 18 DOB: 5/13/1998
Bats: L Throws: R Height: 6′ 2″ Weight: 190 lb.
Commitment: UCLA

Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 45 | Run: 60 | Arm: 50 | Field: 60 | Overall: 55
At the start of the summer, Moniak was thought of as a decent high school prospect from Southern California. By the time the showcase circuit was over, the outfielder had emerged as one of the best high school bats in the nation. He cemented that reputation by continuing to rake all spring.

While Blake Rutherford was thought as the top SoCal high school outfielder, there are now scouts who feel Moniak has caught up, if not passed, him. That’s largely because of Moniak’s hit tool and his ability to stay in center field long-term. Moniak makes consistent hard contact against high levels of competition. He has a good approach at the plate and can spray line drives to all fields. Moniak has more doubles power now, but there’s room in his frame to add strength. His above-average speed works on both sides of the ball, and some see a future Gold Glove caliber center fielder. Moniak gets high marks for his baseball instincts and effort.

The UCLA commit has shown an ability to slow the game down as the competition improves. That should bode well for him at the next level and it would shock few if he ended up being the first high school hitter taken in the first round.

Of the four names listed above; Puk L-SP, Senzel 3B, Ray OF and Moniak OF, the first three are Juniors and the latter is a Senior. All four names have been associated with interest by the Reds. Also, all four have an overall score of 55. Remember that 50 is an average score (20-80).

Remember this is all perception and interpretation. This is what makes baseball different from any other sport. Ya can’t define the intangibles.

Why we all got our britches in bunches over the draft is beyond me. Who cares those picks are pipe dreams and flip a coin. Its the diamond in the roughs that matter and contribute. Not the prima donna’s.

What matters is the big club and the talent on the big club.

I swear this sounds the same as John Allan and the Lindner ownership group because of their inadequacies to acquire talent for the big club.

Talking about the draft is smoke and mirrors while the big club that matters sucks out the wazoo.

Can we all have a big shout out for Chad Mottola………Ty Howington………….. and on and on. Get guys who can play baseball for holy sake.

Homer, what’s he done for us. Really. What did he do to earn a 100 million ?
Stupid MANAGEMENT that’s what.

Quit whining and get us some talent D Williams.

All that matters is now and tomorrow. Five years from now who cares. I’m sick and tired of losing. Get some cocky ball players please. I thought Uncle Bob said we were not going to lose anymore. Nope. We’re losing big time that’s what.

AMEN !!!!! RF 1

Draft Buzz: What Callis and Mayo are hearing
No. 1 pick still up in air but Moniak on rise; Lewis gaining steam after workout?
Phillies still mulling; Lewis gaining steam
With less than 24 hours remaining before the Phillies exercise the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 Draft, there didn’t seem to be a decision as to who that player will be.
While Florida left-hander A.J. Puk and California high school outfielder Mickey Moniak have been the front-runners in recent weeks, Mercer outfielder Kyle Lewis is generating increased buzz for the top spot today. Other players, such as Louisville outfielder Corey Ray, also could be in the mix, though Puk, Moniak and Lewis remain the favorites.
The uncertainty at the top reflects the lack of a transcendent talent in the Draft. Though Puk can unleash mid-90s fastball and wipeout sliders, he also has had a history of inconsistency with the Gators. Moniak is a lock to remain in center field in a down year for up-the-middle players, but he might not have a true impact bat. With Lewis, there are questions about his busy right-handed swing and his small-college competition.
— Jim Callis

Draft tweet from Mark:
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 3 hours ago
#reds will select 2nd overall in #MLBDraft at 7:16pm. Their pick at 35th overall slated for 9:58pm and 43rd pick (2nd round) at 10:13pm.

Housekeeping tweet from Mark:
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 3 hours ago
RHP Stephen Johnson cleared waivers, outrighted to Louisville. C Kyle Skipworth activated from 60 day DL outrighted to Pensacola #reds

SS Zack Cozart (R)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
CF Tyler Holt (R)
C Ramon Cabrera (S)
P B. Finnegan (L)
STL: Adam Wainwright (R) (5-4, 5.40)
CIN: Brandon Finnegan (L) (2-4, 3.89)

OK, I will ask…where is waldo?…errrrr….Hamilton? Especially for two reasons:
#1) Hamilton has found his stride and increased his OBP, #2) he could steal Molinas
face mask, back to the dug out for a Pepsi, then on to 2nd or 3rd base…SAFE and SAFE! Have to believe he is kept out for more than the reason that is in my (now others) head; we will find out.

Heard on radio he was out for concussion protocol due to slide at 3rd. (what I heard – didn’t see it myself) Also – “Designated for assignment” – Matt Latos (White Sox).

Thanx…seemed odd without immediate explanation.

Phillies took Moniak…#1…

Reds up.

Reds chose #2…Senzel.

Brantley on radio said that’s who he woulda picked.

Interesting comment by Brantley; validates thoughts of a weak-draft in the pitching ranks this year.

Remember when Mark got out of the way of a foul ball, but forgot to take his laptop?
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 1 hour ago
While sitting in press box, another tour came in and had the guide telling the story of the reporter who had his laptop smashed by foul ball.
To your credit Mark, I know you now take it with you on the fly…sotospeak!

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