Game 58: vs. STL

In the last 21 series, the Reds went 4-17 vs the Cardinals

Over the last 10 series at Great American Ball Park, the Reds are 3-7 vs STL

This will be Mike Leake’s 86th career start at Great American Ballpark, which will tie him with Homer Bailey for fourth-most all time (Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang, Johnny Cueto).


If the Reds would do something about the worst bullpen in baseball perhaps they could turn this ship around. Shameful their minds came up with this crew. I could have done better and so could most Red fans.

Relievers/team (random)
And the margin is not by just a little bit…
#1 Nats 2.97 ERA/1.09 WHIP
#4 Cubs 3.26/1.19
#5 Cards 3.84/1.22
#7 Brewers 3.99/1.40
#10 Pirates 4.04/1.38
#14 Padres 4.89/1.45
#15 Reds 6.51/1.67

Mike Leake has been spotted in Macy’s !


Top 10 Trade Candidates
#4. Jay Bruce, OF, Reds — After two straight years with below-average offensive production, Bruce is mashing. Yet he finds himself rated at or just above replacement level by measure of WAR. The culprit? A precipitous dive in his defensive metrics. He’s tied for a league-worst -11 defensive runs saved and is the lowest-rated qualifying defender in baseball by measure of UZR. The struggles with the glove limit his value and his market, but he’s still a prime target for teams in search of offense.

He lives by his arm; wont make up his overall D. Seems that the Reds would let him go to the highest bidder…come trade time.

He sucks on balls over his head. He’s a pansy.

Mark SheldonVerified account
DeSclafani successfully threw side session without oblique issue. Write his name in pen for start Friday vs OAK.
Been waiting for this guy for some time now. He could be one of the ones in 2017; he certainly has food stuff. Recurring tummy muscle problem may be the impediment for the short term; hopefully not recurring.

Finally…there are several markers: pitching, offense and defense, that the Reds are starting to gel as a team; overall. They have talent on this team and it only takes a bit of display to show how much. We might not be the knock around kids for much longer, and for as often as we have…so far! We might make Price look good soon.

gel – frozen malases Neb. still going to lose 105 games.
Disco is nobody. he maybe better than what we have but that isn’t saying much

Eighth inning. Another example of why Brian Price should not be managing a baseball team at any level. He’s also a lousy pitching coach

HV, hope you see a loser since you think losing is important or it doesn’t matter.

Sorry, you have me mixed up with someone else, always want the team to win, don’t really care about draft position.

Amen to you Tom. Price sucks donkies. I’ve seen enough of him.


Lamb pitched very well last night…
7.1 IP
4 H
5 SO
2 BB
1 ER
Hard to get a W when your 2nd baseman and 3rd baseman
each made 2 E.

Nice to see back to back good efforts from lamb.

Yes, and he did it against the NL leading R scoring team (5.4 R per G)…

We are watching our young pitching staff grow up which they usually do in the minors but we have been forced to do it differently this year. With Disco back it will give Price more options, just wish someone would step up to be a closer. My grandson and I will probably go over and see our first game this year Thursday.

When I think of lefties we had and we’re supposed to be good, I think of Brandon Claussen and who was the guy we got for sean casey from Pittsburgh and he sucked. Dave ?

Ummm I thought he came from the Yankees but can’t remember who we traded.

Yes from Yankees , we traded some guy name Boone for him.

Last 30 G: .289/.317/.412/.729
Last 15 G: .313/.353/.458/.811
Last 7 G: .391/.417/.609/1.026
Appears to be a very positive pattern.
What is the change? Hitting the ball on
the ground.

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