Game 57: at WAS


I Would love to see Lewis from Mercer and Anderson from Vanderbuilt pick first two for Reds.

But those top pitchers have much higher ceilings… I think its going to be Puk or Groome from what I have seen. There just isn’t a Harper in this draft. A bat that is worth a top 3 pick. The pitchers have potential to be a top of the line Ace. But the batters are projected as good starters but not game changers. I like Perez potential too. What is sad is every year there is a stud in that top 20 somewhere that you just don’t know. Would be nice to find him this time…

No question; we can never have enough pitching. We can hardly field 5 SP out of over 40 selections…we need to continue building and honing the pitching staff. Also, they are highly tradeable should that time come.

Back at the ranch…
4/16 – .266 AVG/83 AB
5/16 – .200 AVG/95 AB
6/16 – .357 AVG/14 AB

This is kinda cool. Took Hal McCoy (HOF former beat writer Dayton Daily News) back to his youth. Check out his book on this site – I am really enjoying it!

Again a little confused why Bob Steve is not up with the Reds. Are we still waiting on Super 2 status? Must be. Man all of these injured pitchers will be back soon and then there wont be a place for him. Couldn’t they just do what they did earlier and bring him up for a few starts in a row until the injured pitchers come back then send him back down for a bit. That should still keep his super 2 status down. its not any different than what they have already done. Mascot is just never going to be a starter and I stated that from day one. He was given this status by fans because he started 2 games both mediocre and fans went nuts…

Reds have plenty of options with second pick
First-round buzz
Recent mock drafts by’s Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis have the Reds taking Nick Senzel, a third baseman from the University of Tennessee. However, if the Phillies do not take University of Florida left-handed pitcher A.J. Puk, as predicted in the mock Draft, he might be too good for Cincinnati to pass up. Other players that might be on the radar include outfielder Kyle Lewis from Mercer University and shortstop Delvin Perez from Puerto Rico.

Excellent article. Very thorough and complete. Nicely done Mark.

Monday am: if the Reds hitters all descend into another collective slump, the Reds should petition the league for an emergency series out in Colorado. They’ve gone all ‘Natural’ on the ball since landing n Denver. Now, where can we send the pitchers to fix them? (Dodger stadium?)

Cubs starting pitching on track to set record…
#1 with 2.33 ERA (relievers #7 with 3.26 ERA).
Epstein is an all star in his own right.

June 7th – Tuesday
Cards at Reds; 7:10 PM-ET
STL:Leake (4-4, 3.82)
CIN:Lamb (1-3, 5.58)

Reds may be gifted Puk…if they want…
Phils narrowing options at No. 1 ahead of Draft
Sources said last week the Phillies are leaning toward a hitter. If that happens, the hitter is expected to sign for less than the $9,015,000 allotted for the top pick, which would allow the Phillies to spend more money and sign more talented players in the later rounds.

Thank you Phillies. I get its a very equal draft with almost all but the top 2 pitchers considered equal for the first 2 rounds. But my goodness you have to grab the best if you are number 1. I get it if you are maybe 5 or something… The way these young starting pitching is coming around for the Reds, they better be wheeling and dealing soon when Reed and Steve come through to get some young hitters. And apparently we can get multiple ones the way we gave up 3 top prospects for Latos…

Yes, I was surprised that the Phillies would go away from pitching (if true); especially when there are a couple of goodies this time around. However, I was equally surprised to hear that the Reds may be interested in a position player. One major plus to the Reds plan, imo, is their constant drive to obtain quality pitching, and this draft has a couple at the top. It is easier and cheaper to obtain a position player a bit later in the draft, especially given that this draft is not ultra strong in the position player arena. We need only look at the Cubs plan and can see what obtaining a solid pitching staff has done for this team. With quality pitching a small market team can compete; we already proved that a few years back (Cueto, Bailey, Arroyo, Leake).

I definitely feel that pitching is the way to go if puk is there.
Check out cueto’s first 2 years, we all know what he is now. If Reed,Garrett or Stephenson are aces. With the talent, mental acuity, and determination cueto showed. It may not happen over night, keep the pipeline full. Imo

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