Look, a rainbow

Taken during the second rain delay of Saturday’s game.


I don’t know what is happening, but I’m seeing the best pitching I’ve seen from this Reds team and it appears that Duval and Suarez’s arrival were the missing offense the Reds have been missing. Hamilton has shown good improvement…Jay Bruce is making better contact on the ball, and Cozart is showing outstanding offensive and defensive skills. All this is happening as Votto is finding the “old Joey” Votto. Improvement from the relief group would put the Reds in great shape. The questions is “how will they handle the remaining 106 games?” They now 14 games under .500 and about 9 games out of a playoff spot. I’m optimistic……yes, but this team is doing something they haven’t done in years….they are playing off each others success. When they need a hit….they get a hit. They are fun to watch.

That was simply Adam Duvall’s comet bursting across the horizon.

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