Game 56: vs. WAS 


Seems to me that this is a G that could be decided by 1 R if Straily is on. Therefore, I would bat Hamilton 2nd, at minimum. Why? He can turn a sgl into a tpl with his wheels, and against this pitcher, we better be wringing out the R-rag. Hamiltons speed is something that Strasburg cant even defend. Batting a struggling and slow Votto in the 2 hole is absurd; obviously a Price-move to wake him up, get em going…blah, blah, blah.

BTW…Hamilton is 2 for 3 against Strasburg; lifetime.

Any of your guys have time to give the board an up-front and personal weather report?

Like I’ve said before I am about 45 miles or one hour weatherwise west of the ballpark. However it is quite humid and there is a front moving through Indy right now It probably will hit GABP around the middle of the game so we might want an early lead today.

Thanks HV…Its one thing to see online; more importantly, to hear from the heartland. Much appreciated.

For arguments sake, let’s say Hamilton has figured it out. Let’s also say the reds won’t compete until at least 2019. Do you trade Hamilton? He’s eligible for free agency in 2020, and could get paid like Mike bourn, or better if he’s going to perform. So what do you all think?

I think your prognostication or future forecast of the Reds competing, until 2019 is a bit delayed. In other words, we should be on solid footing next season, 2018 at latest.
If the Reds are still searching, rebuilding, retooling by 2019; a 3-year get back…they should fire and rehire the entire upper management. Maybe thats what most want today. Should not take that long to rebuild; only 1 or 2 seasons at most.

This team isn’t even torn down yet IMO. Bruce, Phillips, bailey are still here. I also think only 3 or 4 pitchers of 13 they are carrying are major leaguers. None of those look like aces for the rotation or slam the door relievers. Iglesias is missing a lot of development and stretching out time., I like your time line Neb…. Hope you are right. Both the Astros and cubs were flat awful for 3 full seasons

Straily got too nervous; poor choice of pitches. He knows full well that if you give KING KONG of Pitching in the NL a 2 R lead, you are nuts…very nuts…
Now its up to the Reds resurgent bats to strut their newly found stuff/swings.

Also Neb, by solid footing do you mean .500 baseball or world series contender. I thinking of the team challenging for the title.

Neb, just started raining here so it will be less than an hour then it will be probably raining at GABP.

At minimum…make each G contentious.

Thanks HV…your updates are worth a great deal when some of us are totally out of state while sitting elsewhere, everywhere scattered around the US. I for one appreciate the consistent updates. If you ever want to know about the weather in California, just holler…oops…I guess you guys know already…sorry…that might have been a bit insensitive to some!?* (smiling).

Not done yet, but it is sad to see that Ohlendorf could not go at least his lst inning without giving up a HR…could well have hung an L on Strasburg, and given the Reds W #4. But then again, thats our BP. This G is, inning by inning, totally frustrating.

Duvall, our cleanup hitter…errrr….should be cleanup hitter just tattooed a ball that has yet to come down. The sad part about today is that we didnt hang the loss on Strasburg! Dang…what a team lifter that would have been. In any event, we are only in the 8th so I better not get ahead of myself….(pssst…its in the can).

BTW…lets give Straily huge points…
2 H + 2 ER over 7 IP…
Outstanding performance…

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