What to do about Harper?

Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is second in the Majors in walks with 48 and leads the league 13 intentional walks. Pitchers are respecting his power and trying to not get beat by working around him.

Will the Reds do that this week?

“It’d be a great idea if he didn’t have a guy hitting. 400 behind him who hits homers too and doubles and is wreaking havoc on the National League,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Friday.

Price of course was referring to Daniel Murphy, who is hitting fourth behind Harper.

“I think you can only go so far,” Price continued. “We have to do our best to manage him as well as these other guys in the lineup having nice years.

“I think you have to kind of pick your poison but working your way around Harper and ending up with Murphy doesn’t always seem like the best idea either. I think we have to be aggressive and pitch to him. It’s like Barry Bonds, if you’re going to go after him, you go after him. If you’re going to pitch around him, you sure better have a real good plan for the guy hitting behind him. Right now, Murphy is pretty dangerous too.”


Actually a pivotal/key game…can the Reds win 3 in a row and look like a playing and reasonable team, or do they just win 2 in a row and go back to their losing ways. The embarrassed and poor playing players should answer this question, led by lefty Finnegan, 1-4, 4.14 ERA vs. Gio Gonzalez, 3-3, 3.57 ERA. In Vegas the game is
rated: Washington -160 vs. Reds +150 (for those that dont follow Vegas odds, this means that Washington is heavily favored to win the ballgame tonight…sorry…)

Reds Media Relations ‏@RedsPR 19h
The Reds have back-to-back starts of 7.0 innings for the first time this season (Lamb, Simon).

Yes about Joey Votto, wish I had video of him from last year. This year at the plate something just doesn’t look right, he looks too robotic or something.

Its time Joey Votto goes back to standing taller in the box and get his hands back on the end of the bat and go back to who he was. If you can’t hit the inside pitch then they throw outside he can’t hit that either chocked up. Its not.that complicated Joey..

One other goofy observation…
Stop dressing Price in a moo-moo one piece shirt.
Start wearing a Reds baseball shirt.

Even milktoast will eventually get the message…
who should really hit CLEAN UP?

Amazing how different the team looks with good pitching ,undefeated in June. Baby steps ! Dusty was a riot with some of his comments

I miss Dusty.

The board posters of several seasons know full well that I am not a Dusty fan… but I will admit that he is a far, far better manager than Price is or will ever be.

June 1-3 = 3 G = 3 W
Pitching: 2.33 ERA (7 ER)
Hitting: .327 TEAM AVG (25 R)

Winning G #4 will take some doing…
Strasburg – 9-0, 2.69 ERA, 90 K
(Nats won last 15 ST behind Strasburg)
Straily – 3-2, 3.43 ERA, 56 K

…and Las Vegas knows it…
Nationals… -190 (lay $19 to win $10)
Reds… +180 (lay $10 to win $18)

Reds recall OF Kyle Waldrop, option RHP Dayan Diaz to Louisville

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