Game 54: at COL

Brandon Phillips tested his sore left ankle during agility drills a little while ago in the outfield. He has been cleared to play.

Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Duvall 7
Suarez 5
Hamilton 8
Barnhart 2
Simon 1


Hamilton 1-4, no fly outs, no pop ups…
2nd – Hamilton struck out
4th – Hamilton sacrificed, catcher to first base
5th – Hamilton hit an infield single to first
6th – Hamilton struck out
9th – Hamilton lined out to right

Neb why do you luv him so much. He’s one reason our offense is pitiful.

I dont love him…yet. But his potential is beyond many in baseball. He has attributes that many can only dream of. You cannot argue; he is one of the best CF in all of baseball. He has speed that only a few players have. In the minor leagues he put up numbers that entered him into the bigs; now he needs to adapt and I believe, for one,
that he will. In this year of the Reds dismay and audition, it serves him well. He can hone his batting skills. Listen…if he didnt adapt, listen to coaching, continue to hit the ball on the ground versus in the air, I would be in your court; let em go! But the kid is correcting his weaknesses and even you have to admit, he is one of the best CFers in all of baseball; when he gets on base…get real! Come on…even you have to admit that.

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