Phillips out again (ankle)

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was out of the lineup again on Wednesday with a sore left ankle. Phillips was a late scratch Tuesday and left Monday’s game after six innings. It all stems from Sunday at Milwaukee, when he slid into the wall making a catch in foul territory and jammed his ankle under the padding.

“Not better enough,” Reds manager Bryan Price said of Phillips’ status on Wednesday. “If I run him out there for nine more innings (Wednesday), it’s not going to be better (Thursday), I can tell you that. I feel pretty confident about that. We’ll see. He’ll receive treatment again today and hopefully quite a bit better tomorrow. I think if it was up to him, he’d play. It’s going to be a lingering issue if we don’t give him time to rest and rehab.”


Regarding pitching: when the Reds are good again, no pitcher on the current 25-man roster will be on the team. Just saying.

Lamb, Fennigan, and Straily maybe on it… But that is about it.

I agree. There is talent on both sides of the ball; pitching and hitting, yet the talent is not being realized or nurtured. I admit that it will take this year to sort through what we have for future seasons; I have called it the audition year, however to play at a 40-45 W season is absolutely ridiculous and should not be allowed to occur. IMO, the team has given up and is getting embarrassed beyond a little bit. Maybe Lamb drove a stake in the ground, as did some of the hitters in yesterdays game. Price needs to get em all in a room and give em a Sparky speech; bad news is that using Sparkys name and Prices name in the same sentence is ludicrous. To me, the Reds are just going through the motions…hopefully there are a few that wont allow the Reds to role over; the question is who are they and will they step up? We are a third of the way into the season and we need a reversal; we have far too much talent on this team to win only 40-45 G.

Does the 7-homer 17-run shelling represent the low point of the season, or the four walks with the bases loaded a week back? Bigblu, you are the poster I want to be when I grow up, but I think you’re wrong this time. When Finnigan got his complete game, the first by a left hander since 2001, Lance McAlister read the list of the 25 lefties who’d tried and failed in the interim – a third of them I’d completely forgotten (as in ‘never heard of’ forgotten). Finnigan, Lamb and Straily will be in that category 5 years from now.

The last lefty was a prospect having a good year on a terrible team. I remember watching the game in my dorm room… And you are right never did anything again. The only difference is both lamb and finny are and were very high rated prospects. So hopefully it continues to something. If not that means we have something better which is good too

An exemplifying stat…
Hamilton is mounting an attack by learning how to make contact and equally important, hitting the ball of the ground. He has raised his hitting to the following:
.255 /.300/.376/.676. Thats correct, a .300 OBP! Further, his OBP is now 4th among
lineup starters: Votto – .336, Cozart – .326, Bruce – .321 and then Hamilton – .300.
Sadly, (once again), this doesnt speak very highly of the team as a whole. Overall, this statistic for the Reds is very, very poor – team OBP? .290 and rated 13th in NL.

Oh Neb please

Agree their obp is so bad

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