Game 53: at COL

Cozart 6,

Hamilton 8,
Votto 3,

Duvall 7,

Bruce 9,

Suarez 5,

De Jesus Jr. 4,

Cabrera 2,

Lamb 1


Another start for a batting practice pitcher. Where is Bailey and the other starters?

Sad but true. When I beg for a lineup change, I am reminded, in summary, by HV that it really doesnt mean as much as I think it does overall. I continue to play the day, rather than leave the season. I remain hopeful that the team can, at minimum, raise their heads and play reasonably. I am beginning to think that I have been wrong this season. They can rebuild, change out numerous players, but in the mean time…they just cant or will not seem to play ball, even at half-speed. They are on the way to losing an embarrassing number of games and we die-hards are the recipients. I cannot believe that the boys in the duggout can even raise their heads for each and every game, yet I look for their faces and demeanor and they appear non-chalant; non-caring and with a who cares attitude. We can all quote great ballplayers of the past that have said that attitude is 90% of the game. Wonder who drives this team; wonder who revs this team up each and every day; challenge them, change em, get into their heads and assist them. Well, I guess we know who it aint. Gotta change and change now. We have got to be respectable, at minimum…we are the Cincinnati Reds.

Lets call it the lost season.

Whenever the pitching staff is as poor as this one it makes the whole team look bad no matter how hard you try. Even the mighty big red machine would not be able to overcome the deficiencies of this pitching staff right now. To say that the team is not trying is stretching the truth considerably because if they weren’t trying they wouldn’t be crashing into walls making plays or even showing up on the field .This kind of season separates the men from the boys on both the team and out in fan land. When I first became a Reds baseball fan back in the late 40s and early 50s they basically for a better word sucked. When the big red machine came along for this old Reds fan it was like a tip toe through the tulips. If we see no improvement in the pitching staff from now toward the end of the year then that is the time to really get worried right now we are simply watching some minor leaguers grow up baseball wise faster than they normally would.

Well – San Diego’s owner went off on their team. Just sayin’.

Players response was interesting.

I think we need to be honest with ourselves about this pitching staff. We are clearly running guys out there except a select few Lamb, Finnigan, maybe Straily now that will never compete for a spot on this club. We are just throwing someone out there to throw the ball until the game is over. When we get our real players in there the games will be much different.

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