Game 51: at COL

Cozart 6,
Votto 3,
Phillips 4,
Bruce 9,
Duvall 7,

 Suarez 5, 

Hamilton 8, 

Barnhart 2,

 Straily 1


At this point , I don’t think anyone cares , owner doesn’t !

Stop hiding behind the “small market team shit ” you spend the money or don’t ! It’s that simple ! You chose not to pay Frazier or Chapman and Cueto and you are tha laughing stock of the league ! You get what you pay for !

No use to comment REDS need offense, middle relief and bench players and nothing will be done to improve the team.

Sometimes it make me think that Price is the anti-red
Suarez is his worst lineup move of the year…why?
Batting 6th –
16 G, 59 AB, 2 HR, 6 RBI, .153/.219/.305/.524
Batting 2nd –
24 G, 96 AB, 7 HR, 19 RBI, .302/.350/.531/.881
Prices argument?
He wants to give others an opportunity to see FBs…
see different pitches…break another player our of
his funk…

Thanks Neb, thought I remembered right.

Reds are headed for a dismal season, to say the least.
They are now 16-34 = 50G; projected to 52 W
Here is our pick pool:
Board picking team wins for 2016 season…as of 4/4
Bob – 73
bigblu – 78
HooserVirg – 81
mikewelsh11 – 72
Neb – 68
Old Jim – 73
redsfan1 – 54
rounding 3rd – 75
telepicker – 71
TOW – 74

Can anyone still enter on the pool? What is the buy-in?

No, it was closed at the beginning of the season.
And there was no buy-in, it was just a guess game
by regulars of the board.

Price has to go today…not tomorrow, or mid season, or end of season. As an act of
disdain for what the team is doing today…let him go. I wouldnt say this if they didnt have a reasonable replacement. Well, they have a superior replacement; in fact they have two, maybe more but I havent looked at the market. This team must turn around now and not tomorrow; they play ultra pathetically. I am very sad to say this and will not be following them except for a day or two per week…maybe.

Totally, absolutely! All these excuse makers for him! There is a major gaping hole where there should be confidence and ability! (post game interviews seem to show defeatism) Man – the running errors for one. Reds dodged one today after Saurez picked off – still managing to score. Weird hit and runs and other lame plays by Price show he doesn’t have necessary instincts to get the game played the way it’s supposed to be played.

ODDS TO WIN 2016 WORLD SERIES (10/31/16)

Chicago Cubs 14/5
San Francisco Giants 13/2
Boston Red Sox 10/1
Washington Nationals 11/1
New York Mets 12/1
Seattle Mariners 16/1
Texas Rangers 16/1
Baltimore Orioles 18/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 1 8/1
Chicago White Sox 20/1
Cleveland Indians 20/1
Kansas City Royals 20/1
Toronto Blue Jays 20/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 25/1
Detroit Tigers 30/1
New York Yankees 30/1
St. Louis Cardinals 35/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 45/1
Colorado Rockies 50/1
Houston Astros 50/1
Los Angeles Angels 50/1
Miami Marlins 50/1
Tampa Bay Rays 55/1
Philadelphia Phillies 70/1
Oakland Athletics 100/1
Minnesota Twins 500/1
San Diego Padres 500/1
Atlanta Braves 1000/1
Cincinnati Reds 1000/1
Milwaukee Brewers 1000/1

Chicago Cubs 7/5
San Francisco Giants 4/1
New York Mets 11/2
Washington Nationals 11/2
Los Angeles Dodgers 10/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 12/1
St. Louis Cardinals 16/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1
Colorado Rockies 25/1
Miami Marlins 25/1
Philadelphia Phillies 35/1
San Diego Padres 250/1
Atlanta Braves 500/1
Cincinnati Reds 500/1
Milwaukee Brewers 500/1

We have been reduced to running with
the Brewers, nothing more. Sadly.

Lets give this a spin…has OBP at the top, Lty-Rty balance; also puts a clean up hitter in clean up…gotta have power. Duvall and Bruce are RBI generators. Here it is nearly June 1st, 50+ G in and the league is pitching Votto inside and winning the battle…needs to continue to make adjustments to batting style in order to compensate
for oppositions change.
Cozart SS
Suarez 3B
Votto 1B
Duvall LF
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
Hamilton CF
Barnhart C

Scoring 4.04 RPG and allowing 5.94 RPG through 51 G has got to change,
and obviously our pitching staff needs to turn it around as well.

One thing in this disaster of a season so far it does look like we have found a left fielder. As I said earlier in the season this team will only go as far as its pitching takes it and it really doesn’t matter who bats where IMHO. It’s almost June so we may see some Louisville players joining the big club. Hopefully in June a few more pitchers will come off the DL and we can get a more accurate read on this club.

Cant disagree, but when your house is in disarray,
you gotta start cleaning it up…one room at a time.
Nice to find a couple of solid citizens:
12/11/14 Detroit
Suarez (+ Crawford) for Simon
7/13/15 Giants
Duvall (+Mella) for Leake

The Reds will have the opportunity to bring back up Peraza if they wish. He will
be under the number of G which are needed to ensure Reds keep him long time.
They actually could bring up several more pitchers, including Stephenson and Reed,
but they have a handful nearly ready for prime time recovery. Guess they could send down an equal number, but they dont appear to be in a hurry to get the good ones up here right now. The major complaint I have read is that they do not get scheduled work on the Reds, and they do get it down on the farm. The question then is…why hurry them up when they are getting steady work. Makes sense.

Top AVGs…
1. Cozart .297
2. Duvall .271
3. Bruce .260
…kinda sez it all. At minimum, bat your few strong players
in a more advantageous spot; lst, 4th and 5th, IMO.

There is a little sunshine in the bullpen…
Ohlendorf now has retired the first batter in 19 of his 22 appearances.

Straily has been a nice find too. The Padres tried to sneak him through but fortunately the Reds grabbed him up. One of those gambles most teams try with unknown pitchers and this time has worked out for Reds so far.

Yes, of course. On the throwing side…he was one of the Reds
best plucks off the waiver wires.
As for the keystone cops…the bullpen…
Cotham, Cingrani and a select-few others have shown some life;
defined as not giving up 1 or 2 R every time we see them!?*

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