Game 49: at MIL

Cozart 6

Votto 3,

Phillips 4,

Bruce 9,

Duvall 7,

Suarez 5,

Holt 8,

Barnhart 2,



Doesn’t matter who pitches, team needs a lot more hitters, complete new middle relief pitchers, new players on the bench and of course none of these needs will be taken care of. As it stands if the team wins 40 games this year it will be a miracle. The one of getting players on this team has failed miserably.

The thing is , other than pitching , there is very little talent at any level in this organization. If Winker was that good , he’d been 2 years ago . All of you thinking there’s help on the way out this farm system are in for a huge disappointment.

Last I looked, the Reds are a Team – not a one or two man show.

So. And your point ?

My point is that for those of you that keep whining to bring up players to save the day – there are few players down there to bring up that are worth a damn. The players that are already up need to play to their potential – that takesa manager to light a fire under their arse. Pretty simple concept.

Those few that we believe are worth a dime need to be brought to find out if they are a nickel. We’ve got some crappie ones for sure. Hey they sure can’t be worse.

Who? What starting pitcher? What reliever? What position player? Do you really think that Winker in LF will do better than Duvall is now; will we then win game after game? Do you really believe that a couple of changes by any AAA players will change our winning ways? Come on man, shake your head.

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