Price: Suarez pressing

A lot of things have gone wrong for the Reds during their 10-game losing streak entering Friday night vs. the Brewers. One of them has been the sudden drop off of production from third baseman Eugenio Suarez, who is in a career-long 0-for-20 skid.

In the last 10 games, Suarez is batting .139/.162/.306 with 20 strikeouts in 37 plate appearances. There have been four games where he’s struck out three times, including one where he struck out four.

“He’s working hard to maintain the approach, his best approach. It hasn’t translated as well in the games as it does in batting practice and cage work,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “I know he’s pressing. First and foremost, he wants to help the team and wants to be productive. I think a lot of guys in the situation we are in are pressing to do more than they are capable of doing. He’ll learn from this. This will serve him, hopefully, the next time he knows he’s beginning to press and is able to move away from it a little faster.”

Before this hitless stretch, Suarez was one of the hotter hitters on the club. He had a seven-game hitting streak and was 10-for-32 (.313) with three homers.


Did his drop off coincide with his move from the 2 hole, or do I misremember?

One thing i notice is he is trying to pull everything and swing as hard as he can. When he was hitting last year so well he was stepping and driving the outside pitch in the gap between RF and CF. And he swing was fluid. He needs to look at video from last year to see what he is doing different.

I predicted this last year when he came out swinging. At the time I said next year it wont happen and to think that idiot gave up Frasier for this guy. Just another nail in Jocketty;s coffin.

It would seem Suarez needs some batting tips, perhaps a trip to Louisville would help. Call up Peraza and go from there. The Reds need a lot of offense and 5 or 6 players are not performing as they should. To me a wake up call is needed PLUS a new group of bench players as they certainly have proven they cannot hot. A pick up of Shane Victoria might have been good, or call ups from AAA & AA levels.

Really hate to comment on another comment about the trade of Frazier, which I agree was a terrible move and even worse rhe Chapman give a way, then Jocketty let Jake Cave go and on and on. BUT, in the eyes of this teams front office we all have to accept JOCKETTY DOES NO WRONG. In my opinion he is the single person who has created the Reds downfall. The sooner he is gone the better it will be for the organization. So far no one in power of the Reds sees this. If we all check back how the team was before he joined the team, now look at it, decide for yourself. Where is Jim Bowden and put Lou Pinella into a top position. He is a great baseball man???? In my opinion he is single most person that has caused the Reds downfall. REALLY PITIFUL….

I totally agree, Jocketty time is over in Cincinnati. If ownership doesn’t understand the time is now then dwindling attendance will follow big time.

Jocketty is the downfall not Pinella or anyone else in my opinion….hopefully the Owner/ceo of the Reds will wake up soon. I really think Lou Pinella should be in charge of player moves, bring back Jim Bowden..get the Reds strong again…does this phrase sound familiar?

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