Game 48: at MIL

Cozart 6,
Votto 3,
Phillips 4,

Bruce 9, 

Duvall 7, 

Suarez 5, 

Hamilton 8,

 Cabrera 2, 

Lamb 1


Let’s go for # 11

I actually felt that an infusion of young talent and a weak national league would lead to a slight improvement in the win column. Boy was I wrong. Nothing left to see here until some legitimate call ups are made.

To the brewer fan, enjoy it while you can, over the years The Reds have smoked the brewers.

Go Brewers here comes #11

Castillini is hiding as his team continues to fail. He does not know what to do, and all he has to do right now is fire Jocketty. Do not blame Price, he has nothing to do with this failure. I feel bad for him. Jocketty is solely responsible for this pitching staff, especially the miserable bullpen. It is up for the fans in Cincinnati to boycott and to speak out against Castillini and Jocketty.

A BIG OLE AMEN Pul Morgan !!!!!

Please find a home for BH in the batting order! There is NO rationale for hitting him seventh.

The Reds and rational ??? REALLY ??? Lol

Bench catching splinters is his position

Is Bob Castillini alive ? We hear NOTHING from this man . I know some of you think the owner doesn’t need to talk to the media but these are desperate times . Sometimes the MAIN man absolutely needs to say something!!! After all this is his organization AND his MESS .

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