Game 44: vs. SEA


So when we had better pitchers , price was a good coach. Now when we stink, does that make him a stinky coach.

Who have they helped? Not a one. They all stink so he must stink too. Just saying.

Anybody have info on the status of Iglesias.

Lets have Day/Cowboy as the TV team. Much better than Thom/Welch. Thom is the Worst !

I like Brantley working radio with Marty.

Wish we could have Welch on radio.

Yes. I like Welsh on the radio much better than TV. Good comment.

Its a shame its come to this. Talking about a good team of game callers. But what will happen this team is going down the toilet and its not worth inflicting myself with this headache we call a ballclub. Lots of games to go. Yikes.

The Reds have a group of good game broadcasters. I would like to see Welch go to radio because he talks too much for television. He try’s to explain everything, most of which we SEE happening . The viewers know baseball and don’t need that.

Good analysis.

Scoreboard stumper . Will Mr. Baseball , Joey Votto, end up on the interstate after tonight’s game ?

Dodgers played 17 innings yesterday – maybe a glimmer of hope in Reds favor?

Against Kershaw?

Answer re: hope – None. Any of you have it your hearts to feel just a little bit sorry for Bryan Price? He’s just here for the lumps, not the sugar. When the team’s ready to be good again, he’ll be let go.

If that’s the case , he will be here at least 3 more years . This team will not contend for at least that long . The entire organization needs restructured and their development of players needs to get a lot better . Walt needs to go as well . I do agree that is why he is still here . Plus the money he is stilled owed this season .

Just to be clear he was here in 2014 when most pieces were still in tact. We finished below 500 that year and the sub par performance in the second half was blamed on Votto being hurt. Do you all agree with that. From the second half of 2014 we have to be just about the worse team in baseball. SNAFU.

2 games in LA, 2 runs, 5 hits, 6 errors. Embarrassing!!

Its official. The Reds are the deds and Price is at a loss of words.
He should be cut loose when they return. Now our so called good players are playing with their head up something. Or they’ve quit on the manager.

I’ll say this . The state of this organization is not Price’s fault . Although I don’t think he was ready to be a major league manager , his superiors are to blame . Bob Castillini hired Jocketty based on friendship and Jocketty’s record with the Cardinals . Jocketty has not performed well in Cincinnati and should be let go . What I would like to see is Castillini and Jocketty face the media after a game and explain this futility .

The Reds are in complete shambles, from the top (Castellini) to the bottom (players).
Everyone is at fault; Castellini, Jocketty, Williams, Price, coaches and players. The players have given up on the manager and the fans have given up on the Reds. This team is in complete turmoil. The tell-tale sign is when you have base running blunders and errors that would rival the keystone cops. 3 or 4 run leads often result in a loss. This team is in dire need of a no excuse manager that can talk in multiple directions – sternly both to his players/coaches and to the general manager. Unfortunately, the Reds have a lame duck manager that is well liked by his players but commands little if any respect for accomplishing what a manager is paid to do – put up Ws. Without some drastic changes this team is headed for the worst W-L record ever – and along with it the worst fan attendance seen in years.

Is there any evidence that Price is “well liked” by the players? Strikes me his style is kinda dry and dull.

Very well said, Pekerby .

After the sweep in LA: is this a good way to track the ‘rebuild?’ I found myself thinking this as the lineups were announced last night – “When the Reds are good again Brandon Phillips will not be hitting cleanup.” Not meaning BP, necessarily, but the lineup will have a real #4 hitter. Put another way, on a good team BP doesn’t hit 4th. Here are some others – “When the Reds are good again, Bryan Price will not be the manager.” “When the Reds are good again, Suarez will not be playing 3rd base.” “When the Reds are good again, the starters will average over 6 innings a start.” “When the Reds are good again, the team will carry 7 relievers.” Play along for fun and fabulous prizes! On another topic: after years in the wilderness, the Reds have solved the shortstop problem. Cozart can field and hit, and he can lead off (another chronic problem). Can the Reds keep him or will they Frazier him at the trade deadline? (Why is left field still a problem?)

When the reds are good again, they’ll develop talent. I’m starting to worry about Suarez. Seems very talented but hitting in the .225 range, and kicking balls all over the place. He isn’t inspiring in me faith the reds can groom anything.

When the Reds are good again – we’ll see a talented team that knows how to win.

Just so everyone knows Cozart is hitting but his OBP is not great because he is not walking. Lead off hitters need to work the count and make contact. If Cozart begins to work the count more to walk he could develop into a leadoff hitter.

If he is hitting let’s leave him alone and not ask him to change. I might add he is the only one truly hitting regularly. If it is not broke let’s not mess with it LOL. Enough broke as is.

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