Game 43: vs. SEA (updated)

Bruce has been scratched with a sore left knee. He banged his knee into the wall trying to make a catch last night, which I suspect is the reason.

Hamilton 8
Holt 9
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Suarez 5
Duvall 7
De Jesus 6
Barnhart 2
Lamb 1


Where is Thom?

Thom does Fox Saturday game of the week .

I haven’t seen him in weeks it seems like

Have the reds ever thought about naming the path between the dugout to the pitchers mound Mark Riggins boulevard?

I find that the best part of the games that have been played to be somewhat enjoyable through he 5th or 6th inning (at a point when relief pitchers enter the game).
It makes for a shorter game and eliminates the last 3 or 4 boring innings. It also speaks loudly of Brian Price’s expertise as a former pitching coach.
It reminds me of a childhood story about the king who had no clothes during a parade.
Too bad….the Reds could have had John Madden last year. I believe it would have been worth the year’s salary to Price…….

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