Game 42: vs SEA


Be nice to see a win.

Tonight’s scoreboard stumper : How many innings will Straily pitch before he pulls an oblique muscle ?

5, if he lasts that long. I agree with a previous comment you made. There is definetly some thing wrong in our conditioning program.

42 runs in 39 innings !! Enough said !! When we see some changes ?

Votto 3 for last 27 (.111 BA).

Make that 50 runs in 48 innings. The Mariner announcers were giddy as soon as the first reliever of the Reds came in. And zero clubhouse closed door meetings by the so called veterans. This is what the fans get when there is ZERO accountability by the ownership, the coaching staff and the front office and the players on this bad Reds team. When Walt said they would surprise some people I just laughed. They will be worse than last years team. Not better!!! Seems like 82-83 all over again!!!!!

Active Payroll: $60,933,844
Disabled List: $29,249,100
Retained: $2,000,000
Suspended Salaries: $507,500
Deferred Salaries: $4,957,386
Buried Minor Salaries: $1,400,000
Total Payroll: $93,582,944

Of the active category, Votto, Phillips and Bruce make up $45.5M. Bailey makes up
$18M of the disabled list. The four players make up 68% or $63.5M of the overall $93.5M total payroll for 2016.

That sounds familiar . Thanks Neb . Astounding numbers .

this is what upsets me as a Reds fan.. They traded Frazier and Chapman which SAVED them Millions!!. the New GM even said they will put that money more or less into future spending down the road. NOW with this awful bullpen they say this: “But we’ve been pretty clear there’s no hidden resources. There’s no rainy day fund that we haven’t tapped yet.” So what is the truth? all that saved money went to personal bank accounts and NOW doesn’t count?? They out of nowhere spent 2 million on Simon… Al the trades last year of Leake, Cueto, Chapman and Frazier had to be a savings somewhere.. Even with the bump in Vottos salary, there has to be some money savings too spend.. I just wish this ownership would sell this team to a deep pocket billionaire because it is only going to get worse. And Fans are already staying away. Do they expect Fans to put up with this losing for 5 years?? the New Soccer team is getting the butts in the seats.. NOT the Reds.. This front office by sitting on their hands last trade deadline has set this team’s So called Winning plans, back at least 5 years!!!.. Also why keep a 20 million dollar player in Votto to loose??? I would ask Toronto what it would take to get him to the Blue Jays. I would trade Bruce and Convince Brandon its time to go to a Contender. Cozart too. And then get rid of these coaches, Get some new blood and better eyes instead of this every night joke job of a team. get some better talent in trades and lets hope this current staff doesn’t strike out at the draft!! or more likely Drafts as we will see the top 1-3 spots for awhile.. Sorry I am venting, as I never expected to go back to the 1982-83 Reds again!!

Since I am sure I have already lost the contest on how many games the Reds will win…how about a contest to name the bullpen? Chick Ludwig on WLW Extra Innings show threw out “Masters of Disaster”. Or how about “Wrecking Crew”?

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