Game 41: vs. CLE

Cozart 6
Hamilton 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Suarez 5
Duvall 7
Barnhart 2
Adleman 1


Last 30G – .242/.281/.374
Last 15G – .277/.292/.383
Last 7G – .304/.333/.391

Heading in the right direction for sure. Good to see.

sorry neb he’s facing less than efficient pitching. He is who he is and thats a lousy hitter. Not buying it.

Joey Votto has struck out 44 times this year . That’s a lot for a high pecked spots car . Has he quit yet ?

Adleman is hurt. Oh my god what are we going to do.

Tim Adleman he is such an important puzzle to our success. Oh my god. NOT.

The beat goes on . Another pitcher injured and another loss . Another oblique. This is becoming more than just coincidence. This organization needs to look at it’s training program. Too much weight training in baseball. Not enough flexibility. How much money is on the DL ?

30 million OJ

I’m too lazy to go back and look it up but … one of you posters predicted a 4-game sweep by the Indians – props to you! What you figure on the Seattle series?

Man I hope this next years draft is loaded like the Nationals got lucky a couple of years ago with Strasburger and the baby “harper”… Man did they get lucky on the quality of the number 1 pick..

we can only hope. Our brain trust will screw it up though big time.

How much longer to u think price will keep his job even though all of this just isnt his fault

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