Game 40: vs. CLE 

Cozart 6
Hamilton 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Suarez 5
Holt 7
Barnhart 2
Finnegan 1


We need a story regarding the state of this franchise. What has happened to the will to want to win. And don’t give us a bunch of lip service please. I still say if we were truly rebuilding our payroll would be about 40 million.

check out for team payroll info.
Active Payroll $ 60,900,000
Disabled Payroll $ 28,800,000
Total Payroll $ 93,100,000

93 Million and we are absolutely horrible. Very embarrassing.

Noticed that that is 25th out of 30 teams. So we are at the bottom rung of payroll. Notice the A’s , Brewers and Braves and Marlins were beneath us.

Nice follow up

Unbelievable that 90 million gets us the ticket to the basement.

As a Reds fan for over 60 years it’s awful what this franchise has turned into. As I’ve stated before rebuilding is one thing but to lose games the way they do is sickening. And all you hear and read is be patient. Be patient for what? During the off season the organization knew they had to have a lot more offense and this was not addressed, middle relief was up in the air. The middle relief, outside of Cingrani, is put together with pitchers no other team wanted OR could be signed very cheap. We all see the stats of players in the Reds AAA & AA teams and there seems to be a lot of talent there, so why haven’t a lot of these players been called up to replace the players currently with the team that are not doing their job? There is no way a fan can sit and watch this team play (?) as they are now and actually enjoy the game. I don’t like to see a player released as I know they have families as we all do. But the FANS pay an awful lot, whether they go to the park or subscribe via of tv, it still is a high price to pay for dismal results. Yes the Reds have key injuries but so have other teams and they survive, it seems to me though a lot of the players are not doing good at the plate or on the mound and changes need to be made and made soon. When the attendance drops so low maybe this will get the front office attention. People are not going to keep coming to the park to watch an inferior team, game after game losing. Hopefully soon Votto will get in his ZONE and start producing as we all know he can, then when he does of course the opposition will pitch around him. Pleasant surprises so far has been the play of Cozart and Duvall. Suarez started off red hot but of late his stats have drpped, no one in CF has started hitting at all and for one I was hoping Jose Peraza would come up and solve some lack of hitting perhaps soon he will. I really hope the Reds don’t send him down anytime soon as he has shown he can and will hit. Again changes must be made and made very soon there is no use to keep dragging out the inevitable. That decision belongs to the man who makes player changes etc….again I hope he does something soon as the team couldn’t get much worse. Bring up the players that possibly can help!

No line-up information.

Another sellout at GABP . How’s it lookin ‘ Bobby ?

Votto is the greatest hitter in baseball . Just ask him .

Where o where is Thom Brennaman.

Anyone want to comment that jim kelch and doug flynn are minor league. Holy microphone

Geno is the new Edwin. American League DH is his line of work.

Got to discuss something instead of this lousy ball club.

Bruce just on a hot streak? Or did he finally learn how to hit right before we unload him?

He has always known how to hit!!! It can’t be soon enough for him to be unloaded as you put it!!! In this game the best of the best have bad years here and there for example Joey is not having such a great start and as some of you say the best hitter in the game!!!!
So hopefully Jay will go somewhere that the fans don’t suck!!! He has done a lot for this city that goes unnoticed,so maybe the next stop he will appreciate!!!
And until we get s bull pen or for that matter some pitching things will remain the same!! So good luck Red Fans when Jay is gone you can rag on someone else!!!!

Reds suck been a reds fan for 60 plus years. Get rid of Cueto frazer. And get nothing in return. Get rid of the GM and price and start over

Are you serious… Are you paying attention to the haul we got for Cueto. 3 young left handed starting pitchers. I would have been happy with just Reed. Frazier we got Peraza, we will see how that goes. Are you paying attention or just upset that on our off year to be bad we are losing. I don’t understand these fans. We knew going in we would lose 100 games OH AND our pitching staff has been destroyed with injuries. Everyone needs to calm down…

With all trades , it will be a FEW years before we know how good or bad it will be . Yes , on paper a couple of the trades look good . However, I have little or no confidence in this organization to develop or know how to use them WHEN AND IF they feel they’re major league ready . This team will not contend for at least 3 years . MAYBE NOT EVEN THEN . Not in this division.

We’re not the Reds. We are the dead Reds. Just like what Brandon Phillips said. if management wants us to win they will fix it.90 million dollar payroll and we stink.
How do we like them apples.

Well what really bothers me is if we spent 30 mil more to get to the middle of the pack… That gives us resigning Cueto 15 mil this year, and then Denard Span was another 5 mil to help in the outfield, then that leaves us with 10 mil build a bullpen and fill in guys. It could have been done and maybe we compete. The problem would have been all these injuries and we still would be having a bad season. But they way I look at it, you can compete while you rebuild if you spend the money, but the Reds are not spending money. That should be our complaint if we are going to complain about the salary. The Cards sit in the same spot every year for payroll and yet continue to develop young players to bring into their core. You just have to know what you are doing and the Reds have shown they didn’t.

I’m was hoping the 4 consecutive walks with the bases loaded Tuesday would mark the low point of the season, and then came the 9th inning homer last night. I hear a lot of anger in your posts, but what we’re watching in kind of funny, too. The pitching is historically bad – it’s not a payroll problem, it’s arm problems. Starters who can’t get to the 6th inning much less beyond, and a bullpen that would be having trouble covering all the remaining innings if it were good, instead being of unbelievably bad. You can fire all the off-field personnel from Walt down to the ball boys and it won’t make any difference. You can hang the pitching staff and shoot the position players and it won’t make any difference. These are the times that try men’s souls. We’ve all got to grow a pair, and grin and bear it. Remember the mid-80’s? When Ron Oester led the team in RBI’s one year? The Reds have been bad before; they’ll be good again. And we’ll be there to see it. We just can’t see it from here.

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