Game 39: at CLE

Cozart 6
Hamilton 8
Votto 3
Phillips DH
Bruce 9
Suarez 5
Duvall 7
Peraza 4
Barnhart 2

Simon 1


Glad to see Peraza still up with the Reds. I’m sure if he gets red hot Jocketty will send him down. Reds need a lot more hitting on the team and some much needed pitching, especially middle relief. It is getting so tiresome of watching the same old same old. Reds score, then stopped hitting by opposing pitchers..then wind up losing as usual. Game after game this happens. The team need lots of help and of course will get none. Rebuilding is one thing BUT losing game after game in the same fashion makes you sick at your stomach to watch. It’s very sad to see what has happened to this team in the last 7 years or so.

Maybe tomorrow…for Jumbo.

to me losing doesn’t matter this year. Just be prepared as much as possible for next. make trades get youth ready, what ever it takes. But be knocking on the door next year.

They won’t be knocking on the door next year . The “next generation ” of stars won’ t have any major league experience . Except maybe a few pitchers . The Reds either won’t call them up or if they do , Price won’t play ’em .

No use to comment. All Reds know something is terribly wrong with this team and it isn’t all the supposed rebuilding. The team needs hitters and pitching especially middle relief. But nothing is being done to help this team. Look at the stats of their minor league teams there is a lot of talent there, but none are called up that can help. Losing the way the Reds do game after game is very suspicious. Why is the owner/CEO putting up with losing games as they do? Just very od to me.

If cozart keeps it up he’ll be the next to go.

Yep .

What’s the point of bringing anybody up for this year? We’re not going to win anything anyway. I dont get why people don’t understand that…..

Meanwhile we’re stuck with the Sreaker and God’s gift to hitting

Why is Simon on this team ? He’s a hell of a lot worse than Sam LeCure . This organization is do screwed up .

I wonder if Votto will quit if he drops below .200 . How will we ever survive ?

I think Simon will be in the pen at least, if anyone ever comes back healthy. Votto is playing like crap, pulling childish antics, and is useless to a team like this. Like chapman, he’s a luxury item.

This HAS to be the worst pitching staff in the HISTORY of Major League Baseball .

Hard to disagree with that. Lol

Hey Bobby Boy . Are you embarrassed yet ? Your organization sucks !!!

Nice one.

54 wins 108 losses. Mark it down. Just how much shame and embarassment can the castellini ownership group take. Pitiful.

I dont think I have ever seen these kinds of numbers…
Over the last two G, the Reds were outscored 28-7 and the
pitchers gave up 27 ER over 16 IP for an ERA of 15.19.
The Indians hitters batted .456 over the two G.

The reds getting embarrassed every series. I love baseball but I’m not sure how much more I can handle. Hopefully the young players will start arriving to make it more bearable.

Next two G pitcher matchups…
RHP Mike Clevenger 0-0, 0.0 (ML debut) vs. Finnegan 1-2, 4.40
Tomlin 5-0, 3.82 vs. Adleman 1-1, 3.38

GM Dick Williams says in an interview with’s Mark Sheldon. “I think Bryan is being evaluated on his whole body of work over the course of three seasons,” says Williams. “There are a lot of things that Bryan is continuing to be evaluated on. Right now, he is totally busy doing what he needs to do day-to-day.”

He “THINKS” ??? He doesn’t “KNOW” ??? Is he general manager or a fan . Amazing !

Hey Marty Brennahan, I think we qualify now as a AAA team. How we lookin ! Not good Marty. Compliments of Paul Harvey. Good day!
Admit it Marty, we have sunk to a new low.

Is Thom Brennahan back on TV ? Where has he been ?

our pitching staff has been decimated by injuries. Glad its this year and not a year we were going to be able to contend. Our offense well its bad when Votto is not Votto. Again just glad its this year and not a year we would contend. I care nothing about how bad we look or how many games we lose. Playing for the future and it does not look that bad.

Why are you such a quitter and happy to accept losing

Because big blue is a realist and knows and sees what the situation is. When everybody wanted the team to change and rebuild/retool this is what most people expected not quite as bad because of the injuries but expected . You can half and puff and it’s not gonna change anything. The team lowered payroll because of the anticipated lower ticket sales. I do wish Mr. K was still here to help in this because he along with Mr. O evaluated talent very well. As I said before what happened in Kansas City and with the Cubs did not happen in a year check the record . Kansas City was considered a farm club of the Yankees because every year the Yankees would take the best players from the Royals for the Yankees run at the pennant. I am an old dude and I’ve seen plenty of these rebuilds and as I said before sometimes you’re lucky sometimes you’re not.

This is the second time in my 24 years watching the Reds(82-83 was first), that I am not passionately caring as a Reds fan. It took Pete Rose coming back as a player manager to get me excited again about my favorite team the Reds. This time I am not sure what change on the field that can get me excited about watching a very bad team again. It is not even the end of May and I am not even tempted to go watch this in person. Can the Reds FO or owner explain how a team lead by this coaching staff can go from unaccountable for all the losses to flipping a switch and knowing how to Win consecutively?? I see no fire from the veterans that are left from 2010,2012 and 2013. Its like they could careless by thier body language. Its the “Well we were not expected to do anything anyways” attitude. So much for Walt’s “We will surprise people” it’s not happening!!!. Other teams have injuries they have reserves they can depend on. Its an excuse here. The front Office handcuffed the team by not having better players at AAA ready. Plus how they refused to fix the bullpen in the offseason. They say they hired scouts for the international side. Lets hope they have a track record to get quality players here fast. Because winning isn’t coming any time fast. So they better NOT blame the fans for not buying tickets to watching this mess as why they sit on thier hands and let this organization become the laughingstock in baseball. The Cubs, Cardinals and Pirates are years ahead of the Reds which sucks to say!! What also bugs me is how acceptable this is too the beat writers. To me they should ask how this will change without a coaching philosophy change??? Or how you going to get fans to comeout when the team doesnt show they are working harder to change our minds good things are coming when they play games with thier best prospects ( spot starts for Stephenson and Kyle who they called up and before the game is even played send him right back down. That is not called very good decision making with Kyle!!!) I rather see all of the young players in the minors comeup and play instead of this team. At least they can show more hunger and fire. This team shows zero responsibility for where they are and the desire to cross the white lines with a chip on thier shoulder.

Attendance at GABP…
2013…2,492,101…31,150 per G
2014…2,476,664…30,576 per G
2015…2,419,506…30,576 per G
So far in 2016, the attendance has been 470,149 or 21,370 per G.
If the per G average were extrapolated over the entire 81 G schedule,
the Reds would have an attendance in 2016 of 1,730,970; a decline
of approximately 28.5% over 2015.

2915 attendance per G s/b…29,870.

The per G difference between 2015 and thus far in 2016,
is there are 8,500 fewer fans, every G.

Good !!! Serves them right . I hope it dips another 8,000 by the end of the year . Then let’s see how season ticket sales are for 2017 .

So an interesting result from drafts. We have no production from our 2006 thru 2010 on this team. That is 5 picks. Then we drafter Stephenson, Winker and Travieso in the next two picks all who are High School players. So that is why we haven’t received production from any of them yet. Its interesting to see the gap here and how if you don’t continue to develop and or trade away talent it can really impact your future. I hope we got a huge lesson learned here by the Reds…

MLB First Round Draft Picks – Cincinnati Reds
2015 Tyler Stephenson C Kennesaw Mountain HS (Kennesaw, Ga.) 11
2014 Nick Howard RHP Virginia 19
2013 Phil Ervin OF Samford 27
2012 Nick Travieso RHP Archbishop McCarthy High School, Fort Lauderd 14
2011 Robert Stephenson RHP Alhambra High School 27
2010 Yasmani Grandal C Miami 12
2009 Mike Leake RHP Arizona State 8
2008 Yonder Alonso 1B Univ. of Miami (Fla.) 7
2007 Devin Mesoraco C Punxsutawney (Pa.) HS 15
2006 Robert Stubbs OF Texas 8
2005 Jay Bruce CF West Brook HS (TX) 12
2004 Homer Bailey RHP La Grange (Texas) HS 7

the mantra back then was get back to winning. Now we have few guys tied up with way too many dollars hamstringing us.
I believe we had good drafts with Dan Obrien and then he got canned.

As anticipated…Peraza sent back down; Jumbo up. Also, Somsen back down, Sampson up.

While at Louisville…
19.2 IP……………………….19.0 IP
0.92 WHIP………………….1.00 WHIP
1.37 ERA……………………0.00 ERA
13 H…………………………..8 H
20 SO………………………..15 SO
5 BB…………………………..2 BB
1 HR………………………….0 SO

Jumbo IP s/b 10.0 IP.

AAA is no comparison to the MLB club

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