Game 38: at CLE

Cozart 6
Suarez 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Duvall 7
Peraza 8
Pacheco DH
Cabrera 2

Lamb 1


If Lamb turned in his Reds hat for a black oiled cowboy hat (and duds), he would look
like Doc Holiday.

Indians were 19 for 39 today against Reds pitching; .487 team batting average.

This is what the New GM of the Seattle Mariners said :As Dipoto explained to to Nightengale, his focus during his first offseason as the Seattle GM was to restructure the roster without compromising the impressive core he inherited. “I learned there really is no such thing as rebuilding in the major leagues,” said Dipoto. “You can rebuild organizations, but you’re here to win at the big-league level.” And his team is 21-16. Looks like a sadly very long time before this Reds team is any good. Walt will retire destroying the Reds. They need to rebuild this whole organization. Clean house. Or sell this franchise to someone who will fix this mess from outside looking in. Don’t blame the fans Bob for this mess period!!!

The Reds (organization and players) have perfected the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This pitching staff is AA at best. Price has destroyed any sense of continuity in every aspect of this team. This once proud franchise has been set back decades by the front office and the on-field management and coaching. It is so sad to be the laughing stock of MLB !

As a fan I will give them this year. But I agree that it should not take long to rebuild and doesn’t have to if done properly. When was the last time the Cards rebuilt? The way the Bengals are set up, I don’t see them changing their approach and have stayed competitive for quite some time. Everyone has an off year but that doesn’t mean you have to tear down and rebuild. I completely believe you can sustain success if you have a good plan in place and stick to it. The Reds did not and I hope they figure it out. Don’t be afraid to let someone leave while having a plan to replace with youth…

There is a lot of luck involved with rebuilding or retooling or whatever you want to call it. In the reality of life it usually takes a while to rebuild see Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs. Neither one of their successes came overnight in fact I believe the one came over a decade. I remember when Kansas City was jokingly considered a farm club of the Yankees because each September they would grab very cheaply a good Royals player for their pennant drive.

Who is the engineer of this train wreck.

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