Game 37 : at PHI

Holt 8
Suarez 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Duvall 7
De Jesus 6
Barnhart 2
Straily 1


Must’ve too cold for Cozart or he needs to rest . After all he’s played 2 days in a row .

And no Peraza again. They must be wearing him out in AAA.

Not too sure what Votto was doing today. Psyched out the fans by pretending to throw the ball into the stands; instead threw the foul ball to the Reds dug out. That was odd enough, but then he smiled as he returned to lst base and then fist pumped for the entire crowd/fans to see. Looked like a chump move; wonder why he did it.

Votto looks terrible. Hope he wakes up soon.

Because he’s weird.

I think he was getting it from the fans and he returned the favor. It looked more like he was messing with them than being a chump. I don’t see Votto ever doing something just to do it like that.

The second time (next inning) he did it again to a kid right behind the Reds dug out.
Taunting the kid time and time again, then never throwing the ball. I saw the video and it didnt sell very well for any major leaguer to do to a kid.. In fact, it was done so poorly that Mike Schmidt sent the kid an autographed baseball immediately thereafter in order to make up for the taunt. Votto has always struck me as being awkward socially so I think he thought this was funny; the fans had a different opinion.

Read the story. He was not taunting a kid.

I have read 3 or 4 reports; those that follow the Reds and those that do not. I also have seen the video with the Kid with his arms up and glove out. I have seen Votto
pretend to throw to the kid but never releases the ball. Clearly, Votto didnt take the kid into consideration; needs to understand that there are kids in the ballpark, as well as adults. Poor move by Votto.

Listening to ESPN radio – Mike Leake for Cards out in LA.

1-3, 5.10 ERA. I hope he does much, much better with 14 teams in the NL.

…make that against 13 teams in NL.

Yeah – hope so.

Cards 5, LA 2
Leake (W, 2-3) 6 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 HR

Price needs to keep OBP people in the top two positions of the lineup; Cozart and Suarez have been the most effective. However, as in the last two seasons, Price feels that others need to hit in those positions and he jockeys the lineup to accommodate different players; I refer to it as Sunday softball sandlot lineups…play people in different positions/bat players all over the lineup. But here is why:
Votto has 20 RBI; 3rd on the team (2nd until today when Suarez cranked a 3-R HR).
Why has he hit so many RBI with such a poor BA?
Good OBP ahead of him. And here is the other reason Votto has done well with RBI:
Overall, Votto is batting .216/.353 OBP
None on – .171/.310
Lead off an inning – .222/.364
However, with anyone on, the numbers change considerably:
Runners on – .304/.443
Scoring position – .391/.529
Scoring position w/2 outs – .444/.583

Was at the game. Joey needs to examine his set up. Arm angle doesn’t look right. His practice swings do not remotely mirror the cuts he needs to take at the plate.

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