Game 36: at PHI

Cozart 6
Peraza 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Suarez 5
Duvall 7
Barnhart 2
Adleman 1


Price back; Suarez back to 6th.

Who’d a thunk. The Reds W/L record about the same as the Yanks.

Yankees are a complete surprise.

I see the Yanks did win today – Chapman with save 2-1 over White Sox. Big confrontation in 9th – Frazier vs. Chapman – uh oh. Round one – Chapman.

Same old story..another Reds loss. Until the Reds dip into their own AAA & AA teams and bring up some hitters this will be an every game ending. Right now there are players on the team that are not and have not hit all year. Changes are overdue. Also there some good pitchers in the Reds system, with the middle relief core the way it is, it is way overdue to do changing out here also. The bench needs to have some much needed punch added here. Changes are due NOW, not later. Rebuilding is one thing but to lose game after game due to lack of hitting, poor middle relief and no bench Reds need to make some moves and for a change win a game.

With no hitting from the CF position and with Suarez slumping with the bat it would seem Jose Peraza should stay up with the big club. Peraza can play CF as well as the infield and he can hit.

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