Game 35: at PHI

Cozart 6
Suarez 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Duvall 7
Holt 8
Barnhart 2
Finnegan 1


Price suspended for one game; sits out todays. Jim Riggleman will manage tonight’s game. That explains why the lineup makes sense.

I don’t get it. Peraza’s here, start him.

Holt is a natural CF and has plenty of speed. He also isnt hitting too bad either:
.278/.316/.361/.677. I think he would be hitting 2nd if Price was around; hes batted everywhere except 3rd and 5th. Also, Price said he likes Suarez in the 6th position.

Peraza is here as a replacement for Hamilton…in case they need him, not to play him everyday. My take is that they will send him back down when Hamilton returns.

I would bet this is Price’s lineup .

They started Peraza at AAA so he could play everyday. So they bring him to rest him? Put him out there. Holt is a waiver wire claim. Peraza is supposed to be 1 of the top prospects in all baseball, lets see him.

Amen ! This is the Reds’ way .

Most definitely its our boy Prices. He hasn’t died.

Our coaching staff showed their true colors with that pitching change snafu. How can that happen. Makes you wonder and makes you wonder what the players think.Hows that new pitching coach working out for us.

Will the media please stop talking about rebuild mode. If we were in rebuild mode, Bailey, Phillips, Bruce, Cozart, and a guy named Votto would be gone and our payroll would be about 30 million. We are in cluster mode accepting losing and crying about injuries. Certain players raise the teams level of play and determination and we don’t have them. Ask Greg Vaughn, Scott Rolen and some guy we know named Rose if they made a difference. Cluster mode and oh by the way a bullpen makes a difference

Did anyone notice the Phillies play. Bunting, hit and run, suicide, and they gave us two runs. And they won. And a bullpen full of no names. All be darn.
We can’t win without the homerun. Thats management sitting on their hands waiting and watching.

Very well put ! The Reds’ cry about their bullpen being over worked and they continue to pull the starters on early innings . If they TRULY are rebuilding , they have to bite the bullet and “sacrifice ” a starter once in awhile.

Yep. We called it taking one for the team

If you read my game story, Riggleman explained why Finnegan was pulled.

Thats waiting and watching to lose

Neb how many waiver wire boys are on the 25 man roster.

Oh Child Please about Holt playing. Thats BS.

What a waste of pitching talent. Finnegan pitches his heart out. Trouble is Reds have no, or very little hitting, once they score a run or two the opposing pitchers shut them down completely , the opposing team keeps scoring until they get ahead and BINGO they win, Reds lose again. It’s nothing new it happens game after game..trouble is there’s hitting and much better pitching in their minor leagues but again no help will come.

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