Game 34: vs. PIT


Glad to see Votto get a day’s rest.

he’s got all winter to rest. He’s getting paid to play ! and he’s at home not playing . More ignorance. Or arrogance or something.

Uh off last night. Uh off tomorrow… Come on man suck it up and play

Had a day of rest yesterday and will get one tomorrow with team not playing. Now a day of rest today with the tean playing.

I agree, good time for days off.

You guys were dusty bakers water boy weren’t you

Prediction ! We get swept in Philly !

Baseball is not hard work . Working 8-10 hours a day of physical labor or even in an office is hard work . It makes me wonder how many days of “REST” these guys would need if they held real jobs .

Amen again.

These players and managers are a bunch of pansies today. I’d give my right something to be in their shoes.

The best players should be playing in front of their home fans.

Wow! Here’s an alternative viewpoint. Office work may be hard (I would dispute it), but it comes with two days off a week. Try working a couple of hours of overtime a few days in a row, and pretty soon you’ll feel like you live at work. Imagine then working 18 or 19 days in a row to get one day off, and further imagine working in front of twenty thousand strangers, and then … The point is major league baseball is not at all like a ‘real job.’ It’s harder – if it weren’t, anyone could do it. C’mon people! I know you’re frustrated – but making Joey play 162 games is not going to salvage the season. Giving him a day off when he can get three days off is genius – not stupid! You guys need a vacation! (from the Reds). On another topic: Last 6 home games = a total of 27 home runs! What’s it going to be like when the weather heats up!

What ? There is no pressure for white collar people who may be responsible for ,say, 20,000 people’s LIVES who work under them or a utility worker who may be trying to restore electricity for , say , 100,000 people . How about a police officer who risks his life every time he goes to work . You’re the one who needs a reality check . Hell , I know people who work in the auto industry who 30 days in a row without a day off . Besides , unless it’s a road game , the Reds don’t know what 20,000 people in a stadium looks like .

Another bad result for the Reds. Reds need more hitters and much needed middle relief pitching. It’s available in the minors of the Reds but they don’t bring up the ones that can help. Only ones brought up are worse than what they have or can keep under control and save money. If I owned a team I’d want WINS.

If I was a very good player such as Votto, Phillips, Duvall , maybe Bruce..if I was as good as they are I’d have to have a break..Cozart is playing good, Suarez has stopped his stats are going down every day, why hasn’t Peraza been up to help the team he needs to be on the Reds NOW, NOT LATER. So does Stephenson, Winker and some other AAA & AA players should be up, not the other has been or never will bes….but Jocketty will do nothing to help the team. JOCKETTY WILL NOT BRING PLAYERS UP THAT CAN, OR MIGHT, HELP THE TEAM.

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