1 time out of lineup = 3 days off

Reds first baseman Joey Votto was out of the lineup on Wednesday vs. the Pirates. But there isn’t anything wrong with Votto. Manager Bryan Price noted that Votto played in the first 33 games and that Tuesday’s rainout provided some serendipity in giving Votto an even longer opportunity to recharge his batteries.

“I anticipated him taking the day off before the off day to get back-to-back days off and just some really good recovery time and rest,” Price said. “With the rainout, it gives us the chance to have him miss one game and get three days of rest. It couldn’t have worked out any better. He’s played in every game, he’s started every game and played almost every inning of every game. The timing is good.”

Jordan Pacheco started at first base on Wednesday.

Votto is off to a very slow start at .234/.360/.387 with five home runs. However, he has shown signs of heating up with two homers in his last four games. He’s also reached safely in 17 consecutive games.

“You can’t out-work this guy,” Price said. “He’s putting in an unbelievable amount of time with him and Don [Long] and Tony Jaramillo. We know the history of what Joey does so it will be inevitable where he comes back around and do what he does. I do see a lot better swings. He’s on base a lot more. He’s smoking some balls. I think he will be just fine.”


I bet Cal Ripkin’s glad Uncle Bryan wasn’t his manager .

Price has never managed. Not even T ball. Can’t you tell.

I’ll give ya an AMEN on that OJ.

Todd Frazier playing tough at 3rd base. Dives into stands after a ball, splits lip
open; 5 stitches to close. After he hit the seats, he immediately got up, put his glove over his mouth and ran off the field. Not good to see.

Todd doing well over there in AL. He is only hitting .222 BA, but has 11 HR and 31 RBI. Of course, when you play for a team (White Sox) that is 3rd in AL with OBP of
.328, RBIs are readily available.

“I felt my tongue go through my bottom lip,” Frazier said, per Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune. “So I ran off as quick as I could.”

Any comments why mercer wasn’t intentionally walked.

Ohlendork is Greggs relation. Why is he still with us.

Pacheco ! Make a play. Its the majors your in. Cozart almost made a great play.

The last time Joey Votto got a break like this was the All Star Break last season and came out with a blazing bat. Maybe he will get going and can throw some excitement in to the rest of this season.

We can only hope.

Was thinking the same thing… And a lot of hoping.

After 8 full seasons, the league has decided that their set up/out pitch would be on the inner half of the plate. Up until this season the league pitched him no more than 28% of the time on the inner half; this season…35%. The projected result?
2015…95 R, 143 BB, 29 HR, 80 RBI, .314/.459/.541/1.000
2016…67 R, 100 BB, 24 HR, 95 RBI, .234/.365/.387/.752

How do you go from .314 to .234 and uncrease RBIs from 80 to 95. Sounds like a lot of BS to me.

because RBI’s have nothing to do with actual ability. They depend on the people around you.

BS – Basic Speculation: 34 G played thus far, 20 RBIs thus far for Votto…
20 divided by 34 = .588 RBIs per G X 162 G = 95.256 projected RBI.

What is far better than last season? The projected 95 RBI is because there have been men on base for Votto to knock in…even with his less than stellar BA. That may change with the move of Suarez to below 4th. He was thriving in the 2 hole, but Price did what he does best…mumbo-jumbo the lineup.

Batting 2nd: 81 AB, 5 HR, 14 RBI, .284/.341/.481/.822
Batting 6th: 25 AB, 1 HR, 3 RBI, .200/.286/.440/.726
This is merely another poor decision by Price; Cozart and
Suarez were setting the table nicely.

Suarez was dropping off even before he was moved. Like him where he is, he may be a real good rbi man, consummate third baseman. The lineup works for me as long as Billy keeps it up. He played through the death of his young nephew the other day. Tough time for him. If Billy falls off I think Suraez will end up back where he was.

Now with Billy in front we’re screwed. Call me the hamilton basher.

I say give the kid as many chances as you can this year because after this year. But after this more talent is coming and the Reds can not continue to allow his lack of productivity hurt this offense.

Totally up to Hamilton. As is, he should be hitting 8th today. If he hits .300+ OBP I would move him to lead off. If he cant, leave him in the 8th spot. His D is good enough to keep him in CF; he is rated in top 3 of all CF defensively.

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