Reds back to eight-man ‘pen

The Reds added another arm for the beleaguered bullpen Monday by recalling right-handed reliever Layne Somsen from Triple-A Louisville. Outfielder Kyle Waldrop was optioned to Louisville to make room for Somsen.

This is the second promotion for Somsen, who was called up on April 25 for three days while outfielder Jay Bruce was on paternity leave but did not get into a game.

Over his eight appearances for Louisville, Somsen has a 1.29 ERA and 0.857 WHIP over 14 innings. He has walked six and struck out 15.


Reds mgmt. needs to be replaced. They don’t know what they are doing. Question, if Reds mgmt were really investment advisers, how many of you would let them touch your money ?

Bring Waldrup up one day to replace Schebler and then send him down the next without playing. Did he even get here or did they turn the bus around halfway. At least Bruce can catch some bench splinters tonight.

Sure shows there is no smarts going on in the front office. Why bring Kyle up to send him down the very next day before any game is played.. What a slam to the prospect. Not to mention that will be in his mindset down the road. Why not send Hayes down?he isnt any improvement to this bullpen plus it leaves your bench short. Oh duh me. Walt and Williams love to play shorthanded with this team!!!

Nothing can be judged on what they are doing right now. We want this team to lose, and so should management. Who cares about the roster moves going on right now. Don’t bring up the young studs, and waste roster years, and just bring up no name guys to help us lose this year. I’ve got no problem with that, and neither should anybody else. If you haven’t already closed the door on this season as a fan, you should. Yeah cheer em on, pay a little attention becasue we all obviously love baseball and the Reds. But understand that LOSING IS THE BEST THING WE CAN DO RIGHT NOW.

They can have all the pitchers they want . It makes NO difference . There is NO talent there .

In another month Winkler, Reed, and Stevenson will probably all be up here because they will have passed the Super Two time line. All of them have passed the timeline for the extra year of club control. Going beyond the Super Two line can save as much as twelve million dollars a player which is why small market teams have to be smart about that. Sorry to burst your negative bubbles guys but the Reds are being smart abou this. Mike, agree with your comments except that losing is the best thing now. Losing should NEVER be acceptable because it starts a bad attitude in the clubhouse, we went though that in the Dunner/Junior era.

Just an added note, I believe Paraza will take a little longer to reach both goals as he has less major league time than the other three. I would love to go over and see the Reds play but geesh, rain and cool, hopefully next home stand summer will decide to grace us with her presence.

Last week of June for Peraza.

Make that the last week of May; not that far off now.

Amen beanner

Well, nice to see a well played game.


Somsen up, Waldrop back down. Somsen has been up before other pitchers at AAA & AA have much better stats but stay down. Everyone knew Waldrop would see no action. And again Peraza, Winker and others have very good stats in the minors and need to be with the big club as they show they can hit. And they are pitchers in the Reds minor league system that should be on the team way before Somsen, but they stay rotting in the minors, makes absolutely no sense. Why not bring the hitters & pitchers up now that posiible could help the team. Is control of the player that important to Jocketty, to me “wins” are more important. His player moves makes no baseball sense at all.

I do hope some of the positive comments come true but I think it is wishful thinking…congrats to Tony C…keep up the good work you have the makings of a very good closer. Maybe and hopefully Votto is on his way back and Phillips staying steadt. Kind of worried about Suarez, after a great start his numbers in all areas withe bat are tumbling. So far thank goodness for Barnhart, Reds need to come up with an everyday CF, glad to see Duvall is an everyday, every game LF, hope he really gets cranked up with the long ball but also bringing his average up with hits and clutch RBI hitting. Cozart has really surprised me and hope he stays steady through out the year. There are hitters and pitchers at AA & AA that need to brought up to stay. Hope Reds know what they are doing by not bringing them up. I always thought “wins” meant a lot more than control of the player, all this legal mumbo jumbo is confusing. A veteran starting pitcher is also needed as I think Simon has lost his talents, hope I’m wrong but don’t think so… GO REDS

Duvall is a lower class RH than Bruce. Look at his strikeouts to walk ratio.

Its time for billy to chuck switch hitting. Give it a month and see what the difference is. Why not?

…after going 3 for 4 last night and raising his BA above that of Vottos? He appears to be getting the hang of hitting from the left side; lots of contact and ground balls recently.

Why not?

He is a step and a half closer to first base from the left side; that really helps when he continues to learn how to bunt and hit the ball on the ground. However, it is true there is a disparity when he bats left handed versus right handed. Setting that aside, the Reds have indicated that he will play for the Reds regardless of his hitting. We have all seen where he has saved a number of hits since the beginning of the season; nobody else on the Reds could have done what he has done with the leather. Sadly, his brilliance with the glove is nearly always overlooked as the Reds are typically losing by a large margin when he makes the after game tape reels. And his running on the base pads is nothing short of spectacular. A few games back he walked, stole 2nd, stole 3rd and came home on the over throw by the C…amazing what he can do to a team; especially the SP, while on the base pads. Lastly, Hamilton can continue to learn how to hit this season as it is an audition year for the entire team; the Reds are looking for their players for 2017 and beyond, the playoffs are not even remotely achievable with this team and talent.

Dream on Neb. Dream on brother.

BTW…Hamilton is playing in his 3rd full season for the Reds…
He has made 3 E in 715 CH, a .996 FLD%. Here is a synopsis of what a scout looks for when judging a CF:
Center field:
Tools in order of one scout’s importance are running and fielding, then hitting, throwing and power. Center fielders are the quarterback of the outfield, so they must be able to anticipate and have good range to get to balls hit out there. Pure athleticism and quickness is something you’ll find in good center fielders — enabling them to make those over-the-shoulder catches, or climbing the fence to rob a player of a home run (Hamilton has done that a couple of times).

Our offense stinks and he is one of the reasons. If we had a better line up then maybe he’d be a fit. He sucks and he’s cheap. Thats the only reason he’s here. Cheap. He won’t be back next year.

Ridiculous. At minimum, if he cant hit his OBP to .300+, he would be an off the bench asset; glove and speed.

Amen Redsfan !!!!

That scout worked for Marge Schott.

Hope we can get going soon…in a few hours the weather shows some major thunder storms approaching.

Neb, I live about 40 miles west of GA BP and there has been one thunderstorm after another ,one just left the house and another is coming with lightning so it may be a tough night to get a game in.

Thanks HV…I see we have a postponement.

Can you all tell Bob Castellini has taken his hands off this team. And that’s why we stink so bad. Guys were not sitting in the minors in 2008.

And how can any of you say its ok to lose. We probably won’t win for another ten years at least.

Neb try reading Bill James’s writings.

We will lose based on the quality and play of the players we field coupled with the management that fills out the lineup and manages the team during the game; they arent real good so therefore we are going to lose. As for your statement about not winning for another ten years at least? You have said some interesting things but this one tops them all! I dont even think you believe that.

As the Reds move forward, analyzing and trying out pitchers and position players in 2016 in an effort to revamp the team and contend in 2017 or shortly thereafter, they are changing a number of their daily modus operandi, including #4 of the plan:
#4. Investments in other areas
Development isn’t just on the field. The Reds promoted Sam Grossman to assistant general manager from his previous role as senior director of baseball analytics. Grossman hired Michael Schatz from Oakland as the manager of baseball analytics and Peter Melgren as a baseball operations analyst. Melgren is a University of Michigan grad who was an economist at Moody’s and has done research at FanGraphs and The Hardball Times.
The team has expanded its internal software, including an application for scouts to use in the field. There’s more hardware, including cameras at the big-league and minor-league parks to help gain even more material for both scouting and analytic use.
The team also hired Dr. Charles Leddon to head the team’s director of sports science initiatives. This is a growing field for many teams in attempts to prevent injuries as well as find other advantages based on scientific research.
The team is expanding its player development staff, including strength and conditioning coaches at each minor-league affiliate and an increased budget in nutrition for its minor-league affiliates. This is building better players not just through their skills on the field, but in their preparations for playing. There is new leadership training offered throughout the minors and an expanded offseason strength camp. The Reds have also invested in improvements to their academy in the Dominican Republic.
Finally, they’ve added scouts both internationally and domestically. The team has a new scout in the Pacific Northwest, as well as scouts and leadership in Mexico, Latin America, Central America and Asia.
Will this all work? Time will tell, if baseball’s shown anything throughout the years, it’s that nothing’s guaranteed — not even a 2-0 lead in a three-game series with three games coming at home. What recent history has shown are the ways smaller-market teams, like the Royals, A’s or Rays, can find success. Those types of teams have been so successful that even big-money, big-market teams, like the Cubs and Astros, are following similar blueprints. Williams and the Reds are doing what they can to be the next success story.
I like the idea that the Reds are progressing into the area of analytics versus continuing to fly by the seat of their pants.

Neb’s back !

Team Cubs rebuilt and now own the following so far this season:
#1 in NL ERA – 2.48
#1 in NL R – 184
#1 in OBP – .368
They are on a run having sweept Pittsburgh 3 straight followed
by sweeping Washington 4 straight.

ODDS TO WIN 2016 WORLD SERIES (10/31/16)

Chicago Cubs 7/2
New York Mets 10/1
Washington Nationals 10/1
Kansas City Royals 12/1
San Francisco Giants 12/1
Boston Red Sox 14/1
Chicago White Sox 14/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 14/1
Toronto Blue Jays 14/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 20/1
Texas Rangers 20/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1
Baltimore Orioles 25/1
Detroit Tigers 25/1
Houston Astros 25/1
St. Louis Cardinals 25/1
Cleveland Indians 30/1
New York Yankees 30/1
Seattle Mariners 30/1
Tampa Bay Rays 30/1
Los Angeles Angels 35/1
Oakland Athletics 40/1
Miami Marlins 50/1
Colorado Rockies 100/1
San Diego Padres 120/1
Minnesota Twins 150/1
Philadelphia Phillies 150/1
Milwaukee Brewers 200/1
Cincinnati Reds 250/1
Atlanta Braves 500/1

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