Game 33: vs. PIT


I really believe this Reds relief pitchers are out to set more records….number of walks and number of first pitch home runs. I wouldn’t bother sending them down to Louisville…..I’d give them a bicycle and point them toward Dayton.

When are we going to realize if you fix the rotation then the bullpen will follow.
Who are these guys, we’ve never heard of. Delabar ? is that correct..

I believe its quite clear now the financial pinch the Reds are in. Simon was a cheap fill in. The patience they are showing by keeping the studs in the barn I just don’t understand. Its time to look at the medical staff, trainers, and weight room guys and who is handing out what cocktails cause something stinks about this team.

there is definitely some plan that we are not aware of. If they had not already brought up Stephenson then I would not care and go along with it, but why not just bring him up and let him pitch now. The clock has started but this year will not count against his service time. We are good for all these prospects so if they plan to play them this year at all go ahead and bring them up. I am confused right now and they can work on their craft up here just as well as down there with better competition. AAA always gives stars false positives on results.

In the last 4 weeks we are a sterling 8 wins to the good and 18 losses to the bad.

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