Game 30 vs. MIL


Surgery for Meso…..

Yay ,we won! Finally broke that nasty streak. Pitching starting to settle a little.

The streak ends. Cingrani starting to regain his form from a couple years ago, series win I hope tomorrow.

Where is everybody ? Loll. We’re not at GABP !

Come on 3 out of 4.

Another sellout at GABP !!!!!!!

Another pitcher to the DL .

Are you kidding. The Reds will do nothing until his next start, then they will bring someone up to take that start and then send the person back down, then they will repeat this and not until them will they retroactively put him on the DL. I hope they bring up Cody Reed.

You are right ! That is how they operate . Always a day late and a dollar short .

Bruuuuuuuuuuuucce !!!!!

He’s back in the saddle again. Wrong saddle but he back in it.

Bull pen starts new streak.

I think Votto is in the same saddle . I believe ,career wise , we’ve seen the best of both .

Votto is having a horrible year for himself and still leading the team in OBP. That is how bad this teams hitting truly is. Its horrible… This team has not been a good offensive team for quite some time. They just don’t know how to hit if not hitting home runs. I really really hope the Reds have a plan to address this poor hitting and know what type of players to look for now. I doubt it. I trust their ability to find pitching but not hitting at all.

Well put. They need to change their organizational philosophy from the lowest level of the minor leagues . I believe they feel since they’re in a hitters park , they want to develop home run hitters . How’s that workin’ out , management team ? AND , they still have NO leadership !!!!

And , by the way . What other manager “RESTS” 4 starters in ONE game ?

absolutely agreed to that… Drives me nuts. rest against good teams that you cant beat anyway. be strategic at least about it…

If I remember he did it almost every Sunday last year.

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