Lineup notes: Hamilton 2nd

For the second time this season (and his career) Billy Hamilton started a game batting second in the lineup on Thursday vs. the Brewers.

Hamilton, who has picked up lately after a slow start and struggles last season, has mostly been batting ninth (13 times) and is ideally a leadoff hitter. But manager Bryan Price likes the idea of trying him at the second spot, and keeping Eugenio Suarez down in the sixth spot after he batted second most of the first month of the season.

“[Hamilton] is swinging the bat better, that’s first and foremost. No. 2, I really felt like I wanted Suarez further down in the lineup,” Price said on Thursday. “He’s already been, but I think he’s going to be a really productive offensive player. As much as we’ve discussed the importance of the second spot in the lineup and who is best situated … I just think for Billy to affect us in a positive way offensively, he’s got to be down here being somewhat more disruptive while these other guys are hitting. In order for this to work, he has to continue to swing the bat well and get on base.

“I would love to see him run with it. I think he’s put a lot of hard work in. He’s getting closer to putting those good, consistent swings on the ball. If that happens there, we have a nice dynamic there more towards the top than the bottom.”

Price did not want to move Zack Cozart out of the leadoff spot in favor of Hamilton. Why?

“Because of love what Zack is doing,” Price said. “There are certain things you just don’t want to mess with. I think with Billy hitting first, Zack is in a position of having to take more pitches. Right now he can go up there and zone a pitch and not feel like he’s got to give Billy a chance to run. I think that’s a good thing. Zack is taking advantage of the good pitches early in the count to hit, laying off the ones that aren’t good pitches. I don’t want to disrupt the flow of what he’s doing there.”


The worse hitter in the major leagues batting second. He belongs in the minors. Who is he?

Anyone calling this series the battle for the basement.

This guy is the biggest idiot ever. So lets take our most productive hitter and move him down in the lineup so that he probably gets about 1 less at bat a game. Then move our worst hitter to the 2 hole. I mean, this has to be a joke right? How can he think thats a good idea? How is he a manager in the MLB? He even said that there’s certain things you don’t want to mess with. Well you freaking moron, you messed with the #1 guy on our team that you don’t want to mess with! Get a freaking clue. Our ball club is the laughing stock of baseball, and you just make it worse and worse Mr. Price.

Amen. Jerry Narron has returned.

BTW- Hoovers ERA is 14.34. Just keep throwing him out there I guess huh guys? Send the guy to AAA for godness sake. It worked in the past, try it again. He’s obviously not right, right now. ANY DUMMY CAN SEE THAT.

Triple A is too high for Hoover, send him to Dayton and tell him to shape up ! Am I the only one questioning the Reds’ conditioning program ? Athletes in shape do not routinely pull muscles all the time, and do not take weeks to recover. This team is out of shape, does not show basic fundamentals, and shows little spirit. From the front office down to the field a major shake up must happen.

I feel the same way . There has to be something going on to have that many injuries . It’s more than just coincidence . I don’t remember any team with as many pitchers with “tendinitis ” . You’re right about their fundamentals . This starts in the minor leagues at the lowest level . The “spirit ” comes from strong leadership , something they have not had since Scott Rolen left . The last two managers have also been really soft on the players ‘ especially Uncle Bryan . He pulls and sits guys if they get a fart cross ways .

One further comment–how can Price say he doesn.t like to “mess things up” when he does it day after day with his lineup order ?

I said the same thing above.

Friday am: I’m returning the other half of my Nostradamus Award – in my mind, I had Simon going no more than 4 innings last night. Good for him.

Makes perfect sense to throw 8 innings and 110 pitches coming off tendinitis.
Just proves that the problem was between his ears and not his arm.

Roster construction is much more important than lineup construction. I like Suarez where he is since Billy has shown signs of life. What difference does it make where you hit as long as you hit. Like Doggie would say ” You sees the ball you heets the ball. “

Your fool of beans. line up construction does matter. the roster is full of players who fill certain roles. and ya can’t have 8 guys who are all great performers.
Billy shows signs of life. Dreaming on that one too. He sucks and why people can not face the music on him I don’t understand.

Thanks , I didn’t know what to have for lunch so I guess I will have some pork and beans. Sorry I stand by my opinion about the lineup and roster construction along with Pdoc , he feels the same way. 90% of what is posted here is opinion and there’s no reason to really get your skirt up in a bunch. LOL I too am not sold on Billy but willing to give him another chance.

You don’t “give a guy a chance” hitting the freaking 2 hole dude! That’s absolutely dumb! Go look at the rest of the 2 hole hitters in the league, and you’ll see its every teams best or second best hitter, then realize that our idiotic manager is putting one of our worst hitters in that spot now. What kind of sense does that make Virg? Absolutely none! Its as dumb as it gets.

The Reds need a manager like Sweet Lou Pinella who won.t accept poor play and leads to win, not coddle players to keep them “comfortable” like Price does, and one that shows and expects some fire in the belly.

DW I bet knows Billy sucks. Just saying.

You have to live with shitty players until you have someone else to replace them. We don’t.

PDoc is a few french fries short of a happy meal.

Pdoc is one of the best writers around. His abilities go beyond his sports writing. His book on his daughter is very good. I have read articles in the paper he has written on many subjects usually on high profile subjects and they are a showcase of his talent.

That was a funny come back HV. Made me laugh

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