Game 29: vs. MIL


The bullpen is going to create a record no team will touch for another 116 years! It will be like Cy Young’s win total and Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak. With no starter getting through the 7th, multiple relievers will have a chance to augment the pen’s glory every night! Two outs gone in the ninth? Not to worry … someone’s always rounding third and heading home!

And the Yanks looking forward to return of Chapman monday…

I actually think we have a chance to win a series here against the brew crew. That would be a nice change.

Don’t get your hopes up.

Why hasn’t anyone at the Enquirer wrote about the empty seats at GABP. We want championship baseball. Its ghost city down there.

Simon with so called bicep tendinitis in the 8th with 105 plus pitches. Makes perfect sense. Can not believe anyone in mgmt in this franchise. Lies lies and more lies.

Not to mention its such a close game. Not.

Jesus more great pitching coach advice. Soooo ignorant of us.

not sure I understand your choice of wording…

Every time the pitching coach makes a trip to the mound bad things happen before he even sits down in the dugout. Watch. I swear it happens all the time.
Not just the Reds either.

Headline: Reds’ “Closer” Pitches the Ninth Inning, Gives up Two Runs, and His ERA Goes Down! J.J. Hoover not a major league pitcher. Horrible

Yay, we won! Nice to see Simon do what we got him for and eat up a bunch of innings.

Agreed. I can’t help but think most of these guys will be gone when the Reds finally get that extra year of control . However you never know about this management team . They simply have no sense of direction .

We think we have this calvary coming and I don’t see it. All I see is a bunch of dudes hurt. And we won’t promote the guys we consider the calvary.
I hate losing way more than I do enjoying winning if that makes any sense. But Winker has to be a better ball player than duvall and there he is in the minors.
30 days into this season and it stinks already. 54 wins and 108 losses is my prediction. dedicate the lost season to dick wagner please.

Who is better ? Jocketty or Wagner . Lol

Castillini will go down as the man who owned the Reds when they put together the worse string of seasons with the most loses .

Wagner who?

Wagner was a full blown ass. There’s no comparison. Reds put themselves in this box with passing out dumb money. You knew that O J.

Dick Wagner is or was the general manager who after 1981 blew up the reds and in 1982 we lost 100 plus games. He got fired, howsam came back, and brought Rose back. That led Rose to his gambling death.

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