Hamilton available

Reds CF Billy Hamilton came out of Tuesday’s game against the Giants with a jammed left thumb, the same one that has bothered him since April 15 after a home run robbing catch of Matt Carpenter in St. Louis.

Hamilton was out of the lineup on Wednesday vs. San Francisco. But he’s available off of the bench.

“I think he’s playable. I don’t think he’s unable to play,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have to take him out of the game with inflammation and then fire him up there the next day. I’d like to see it calm down and feel more optimistic that he’s back to normal before I put him in there for a start.”

Hamilton may not be able to hit, but he can still change a game with his speed — either on the bases as a pinch-runner or defensively.

“It’s his glove hand so from a defensive and base running standpoint, it doesn’t limit him,” Price said.


Like a sporting golfer, I called a penalty stroke on myself. I returned half the Nostradamus Award I gave myself yesterday. Last night, I prophesied to myself that Lamb wouldn’t get past the 5th inning, if that far, and the bullpen would lose it again. Half wrong so half the trophy is available to anyone better at foretelling the future than me. On the honor system!

As usual nothing is being done to improve the team. HITTING SHOULD BE PRIORITY. Bring up PERAZA & WINKER & ERVIN WITHOUT THIS RIDICULOUS DELAY. ALSO BRING UP ROBERT STEPHENSON who has proven he can win in the majors. But this so called keeping power over the player and saving money is not good baseball sense. Isn’t it time the Reds got out of the Dark Ages, bring players up that can hit NOW, NOT LATER? Also burying Robert Stephenson in the minors is absolutely stupid. Remove the non hitters from the team revamp the whole middle relief throwers, Cingrani is the only bright spot, as far as a veteran pitcher Simon is sure not the answer. PLUS..THE REDS HAVE GOT TO JOIN THE FREE AGENT MARKET, TOO LATE THIS YEAR I GUESS, BUT GET PREPARED FOR 2017….Not to be in the FA market is beyond adjectives it’s something all clubs do to survive, not to spells DOOM!

A typical Reds game..Reds score..get ahead..Reds stop hitting natural no more runs score by the Reds..the opposing team adds a run here, a run there finally tie the game, pull ahead and win. The opposing teams pitchers shut the Reds down to nothing..opposing hitters keep knocking away score and win..another loss..this happens to the Reds over and over…so isn’t an thing being done to change things around? Simply amazing how game after game this happens to the Reds. Very odd and strange why it happens so often..plus batting a position player behind the pitcher is very embarrassing, if the player is no better than that it would seem he needs to be in the minors.

Hamilton is the worse hitter in the league. Stats dont lie and we keep playing him.
MLB is about performance. No performance No play.
Another Reds cluster. Coach Price doesnt fight for this team. he’s an official pansy.

Name a minor league grown player we have developed to be a successful player in the Price regime.
Hamilton nope, Barnhart nope, his era sucks, name somebody else please, who is a productive player and has come thru our minor league system. Can’t name one. Where is Dan OBrien when we need him He didn’t get credit for guys he picked.
Proof is in the pudding. We suck in a lot of areas in this franchise. Being smart is another.

Hey Lance McAlister. Next to Hillary Clinton I can’t think of another person I can’t stand listening too. If the guys in the minors are better than whats on your mlb roster, they deserve the chance to show what they can do. Every year a baseball team is retooled. Ours is more of a teardown than a makeover.

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