Game 28: vs. SF


Tweet from C. Trent…
C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 12 hours ago
Price said Billy Hamilton should be OK, but couldn’t grip the bat Tuesday night.

Or you could have got this info from this very blog, Neb.

Some days I am just way too fast…
my post – 10:47AM, your blog post – 11:10AM.

Thank you Mark .

There’s no use for fans to comment about the Reds as it’s obvious the whole Reds Front Office/organization could care less whether the REDS win or not. This was once a proud winning franchise, it’s very sad but this is no longer true. Thanks to some bad signings, terrible trades and avoiding Free Agency by one man in charge of obtaining good players this team will be cellar dwellers for years to come.

Charles . I feel your frustration . I believe the owner and management team WANT to win but they don’t know HOW to do it . Castillini got caught up in wanting to win fast when he bought the team and did for a couple of years . In doing so , he and Jocketty took a chance on long term stability and lost . Then they got caught in the middle of rebuilding and keeping Fannie’s in the seats . What they have now is the result . Jocketty is here because of his friendship with Castillini and that is a problem as well as Jocketty needs to go . The Reds need a new organizational plan in a lot of areas , some of which you pointed out .

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