The bullpen dilemma

By over a run, the Reds bullpen had the worst ERA in the Majors entering Tuesday at 6.54. No matter what combination manager Bryan Price has tried, there has been no success to build from. The bullpen tied a MLB record last night by allowing at least one run in 20 consecutive games.

There are some options among the prospects at Triple-A, and even Double-A, but the Reds appear not ready to summon them as reinforcements. That of course puts the manager in a tight spot when it comes to holding leads in the late innings.

“The answer to the question is keeping the eye on the progression of the players. Do we believe they’re ready to pitch in the big leagues?” Price said on Tuesday. “By bringing them to the big leagues early, can we slow their development? That’s the question organizationally that’s being asked when it comes to these players that you’re talking about. Because of the way we came into the season, saying we’re going to bust our tails to win as many as we can but we understand we’re transitioning somewhat, the impetus is not to say, ‘Let’s just reach down and grab the guy who’s pitching the best and get him up here as quick as possible.’ If we felt we were on the verge of winning the World Series, I think we would take more risks. Because of where we are, we’re not going to take the same risks early in the season. That would be my stance on it. My understanding.”

What about a reliever like Steve Delabar, a 32-year-old veteran who was signed to a Minor League deal just before the season? Delabar has a 2.38 ERA through eight appearances, but 10 walks in 11 1/3 innings.

“Good stuff. Walks are high,” Price said. “He’s just under a walk per inning. [We need to] get him harnessed back in the zone, but I think everyone in the organization believes he’ll be able to help us at some point in time this year. He’s throwing the ball good, good arm strength. He can miss the bat. The Major League experience is a bonus, but we’d like to see him controlling the strike zone better.”


Ready…we are about to enter the black hole (8th inning). The bull pen has given up at least 1 R in 20 consecutive G tying Colorado for record. Will we set the new record or will be get this monkey off our backs? Stay tuned!

Ouch, why did Hamilton leave?

No word yet.

Believed to be aggravation with jammed left thumb; been bothering him.

Tweet by Mark…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 1 minute ago
Cotham gets 2-out RBI infield hit to SS from Tomlinson. That’s new record 21 games in a row with run allowed by #reds pen.

Thanks for the information on the awful record of the bullpen this season. How much attention was paid to the bullpen over the off season?
Many competent relievers were available, but the Reds seemed to focus all their energy on ridding themselves of Aroldis Chapman. One has to wonder about the competence of those evaluating relief pitchers both this year and last. Doesn’t Price also bear a heavy responsibility for their sorry pitching ?

Wow, this pen is famous

Very famous…the record stood since 1900!
The Reds bullpen is by far the worst in the majors. It has allowed 69 runs in 95 innings and 54 walks…all the most in MLB. Additionally, the Reds relievers have allowed 22 HR in 27 G, also the most in the majors.

Super effort by lefty Lamb…
Lamb 6.0 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 3 BB, 4 SO, 1.50 ERA

And I thought major league baseball was about having the major league team filled with the best players. HEY MARTY. Its time you start speaking up for us and calling people out for this mess.

NEB how about a list of paid attendance. Hows that working for us. Can you spell empty

Lamb blond bomber, nice effort.

Where’s Manny, where’s Badenhop where in gods name is Sean Marshall. Shoot bring back Gregg and Marquis. Desperate times require desperate measures. Man the life boats.

The White Sox (19-8) are on the lookout for a
left-handed bat to play OF.

We’re on a 5 and 16 run. Oohh exciting.

2014 – 30,576 per G, ranked 8th of 15 NL Teams
2015 – 29,870 per G, ranked 11th
2016 – 22,602 per G, ranked 14th

This is what Jocketty gave Price to work with and Jocketty not only keeps his job but is promoted. This is on Castellini now and I hope no one goes to the games. Right now 26th in attendence hoping for 31st. Will serve him right for taking a good club into the abyss.

There is no use to sugar coat anything. The Cincinnati Reds continue to leave players that can help the team in the minor leagues. Peraza has proven he can hit major league pitching, so do all the baseball experts. And fans want to see Jesse Winker. There is little doubt he can out hit Hamilton, Shebler, Holt and probably Bruce, if he was given a chance to play regularly. Getting back to Peraza he can play CF & SS both positions being played by subs, so why isn’t Peraza up? Are the Reds afraid he can hit and field better than their choice, do they want to win games OR keep player under control and save a little money? Seems to me the team would play the best players they could get and this way possibly win a game and bring in more money by having a winning club. Middle Relief pitchers stink. All of them should be replaced except Cingrani and then make Cingrani the closer as Hoover is not closer material the games Hoover has been in proves this. Instead of burying ROBERT STEPHENSON in the minors call him up, he has already proven he can win in the minors and the majors. The Great WALT Jocketty needs to do his job get some hitting and pitching on this team now, don’t keep thsee situations dragging on BRING UP THE HELP NOW, remove the players not pitching or hitting good NOW….TRY TO WIN FOR A CHANGE…

Cincinnati Reds Fans::If you want to see better players on the field, then stay away from the ball park. Season ticket holders demand your money back, call in the radio talk shows tell of your frustrations. Reds say they are rebuilding this is BS. They are salary dumping. If they were rebuilding then the trades they made with trading BYRD, LEAKE, CUETO, FRAZIER & CHAPMAN then they would have only taken equal or better value in return. All the baseball experts say the Reds didn’t receive value in return in fact much less. But even with that, possible players that can help an awful hitting team right now are JOSE PERAZA & JESSE WINKER, but yet they stay down in the minors, Reds believe in having power over the player and saving monet by keeping them down. PITCHING is also a mess..ROBERT STEPHENSON has already proven he can win in the majors, he’s 2 & 0 this year with the Reds, but is kept in the minors as Front Office wants control of the player and save money by doing this. Although it would seem if you have players that can do better, contribute in ways to bring on wins wouldn’t his be reason enough to call these playears up NOW? Middle relief is awful, changes must be made as well as naming another closer or trade for one, also a veteran pitcher is needed but Simon is not the one. Finally Reds have got to get out of the Dark Ages and enter into the FREE AGENT market, too late I assume for 2016, but can for sure 2017. Get in the FA market and sign some good talent, maybe not the top tier ones but good players that can help the team win, then the fans win and so does the whole organization. …..

To be kind middle relief pitchers are terrible. For Price to make statements like he does is he is trying to be a nice guy or has loss touch with reality. The Reds need a lot better middle relief pitchers now not later. Using Delabar as an example he should be with the club now not stuck in the minors. Being 32 years old and a veteran and been in the majors, plus having a good year where he is why keep him there? His strikeout to walk ratio is not going to improve over night in the minors or majors. Him having a good year now it would seem reasonable to being him up and see if his good year carries over to the Reds right now. Hoover can’t get anyone out but stays with the club using these two examples alone does not make good baseball sense. Send Hoover down, bring Dela bar up, plus bring ROBERT STEPHENSON back up. It is stupid to keep players down in the minors if they can help the big club now, other examples Peraza & Winker. Hamilton cannot hit, play great defense, but he simply can’t hit. Still believe Duvall will be a #1 LF for the Reds, leave him in LF every game. Peraza can hit in the majors he has proven it and all the baseball experts also say he can. Why not send Schebler or Pacheco down give Peraza a REAL CHANCE TO PLAY. What I am trying to say if a team has players in the minors that can do better than the ones you have at the major league level it is just DUMB to keep them in the minors, bring them up.

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