Another day for Phillips

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was missing again from the lineup on Wednesday vs. the Mets.

“Still a little banged up,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “We’re going to see what he’s going to be able to do today, get him moving around and see how he’s feeling. More than the hand is the shin is bothering him a little bit. We’re just going to have to get him out there, get him active, get him more treatment and see if he’s able to do something for us tonight during the game.”

Phillips was hurt Monday when he fouled two Noah Syndergaard pitches off of his left shin, and then was hit on the left ringer finger by a fastball in the same plate appearance. I would not be shocked if he returns Friday, following Thursday’s team off day. That would give him three days to recover.


Doesn’t matter. This team went from watchable at 5-1 to unwatchable and no player steps up to say anything. Congrats Walt on last place again for 3-4 years!!

A tweet about Lamb…
Matt Andrews
John Lamb went 8 innings (season high for Lou pitcher), 8H, 2 ER, BB, 5 K, HR – 105/80. Bats lead 6-2 B9. #Reds

A tweet from Mark…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 6 minutes ago
#reds option Somsen back to Louisville to make room for return of Bruce.

Sure glad the Reds brought Somsen up instead of a position player . Got the most out of that fresh arm . Well , at least it’s fresh for Louisvile .

you love being right don’t you O J. I understand their thinking but I side with you. I wonder what these managers would do if they only carried 5 guys in the bullpen like the so called old days. How you can have 7 and have them overused is incredible. That’s on the gutless wonder starters then. Pitch 6 and get out.

Bounce back quick BP!

Looks like Dad…and looks like a LFer!

Since Brandon Phillips is having more issues than just his finger and not knowing exactly how long he’ll be out instead of the Reds doing like they usually do put Phillips on the DL now, bring up Peraza and get some hitting in the lineup. The last 3 games with the Mets sure showed the REDS NEED HITTERS-A MUCH BETTER MIDDLE RELIEF PITCHERS AND NEED THESE NOW, NOT LATER. Leaving Stephenson in the minors is being absolutely stupid, keeping Peraza & Winker and anyone else that can hit stuck down in the minors is also not being very baseball smart. We all know the Reds were not going to be very good but not trying to help the team adds insult to injury and shows very little interest for the team by the front office.

We have a great deal of work to do to turn this team around; hitting and pitching.
However, there is no reason that we play lackadaisical with the leather. 3 more E
yesterday; now ranked #14 of 15 in NL…20 E, .974 FLD%. The average in the NL
is 14 E and a .985 FLD%.

I agree – and if, say by better field decisions, Reds could’ve squeezed out 3 more wins – be in much better position when these pitchers come back from rehab etc. Being asleep on the base paths hasn’t helped either.

Question: how many games of the 22 played have the Reds pitchers **not** given up a home run?

Reds have given up 39 HR thus far over their first 22 G. In every game but 2 they gave up at least 1 HR; here are the 2 G they did not allow a HR:
4/9 – Iglesias, Wood, Cotham & Hoover
4/20 – Iglesias, Wood, Cingrani & Ohlendorf

In case you were wondering…
4/9 – Pirates
4/20 – Rockies

Neb who has all the errors. to me defense or lack of is an indication of a player having his head somewhere else instead of in the ballgame.

Suarez has six, the most of anyone and he is learning a new position

He is getting into a terrible habit; a rookie mistake…he seldom get in front of a
hot one, rather he Ola-s the ball from the side. He has much to learn. Here is where a Rolen for a couple of weeks could do wonders.

Exactly. The problem is clearly laid at the feet of the coaching staff, led by Mr. Price.
Mesoraco -1
Hamilton – 1
Phillips – 2
Cozart -3
Bruce – 2
Schebler -2
Suarez – 6
…and 3 separate pitchers – 3

Thanks to Zach Buchanon today for explaining the Super 2 player and what happens when that clock starts ticking for these guys. It really stinks you have to deal with this stuff and keep them in the minors because of future contract money. We need our studs out of the barn and start running the race with the big boys.

Its the 172 day rule in the minds of the team. For instance, take Peraza…he has 42 days earned with the Dodgers. Therefore, the team should not play him for more than 129 days. When can the Reds bring him up so that he does not play 172 G? End of May. With that said, he still could be brought up to replace Phillips, if necessary, and then sent down again. Thereafter he could come up again, but only if the number of days does not reach 172 days. If you think about it, it is actually very wise. With SPs it can mean a great deal of money as well as length of control. With position players it means the same but the money is often a bit less.

Mark could you maybe put some details in here about MLB service time, arbitration and the super 2 player. And is that part of the players union contract ? Thanks
Its good info to know and why some players get held back.

thanks very much good stuff.

Looks like the Reds have at least 1 really good reliever…
11 G, 11.2 IP, 1.29 WHIP & 1.54 ERA

Reinforcements coming to Reds’ rotation
Club expects Bailey, DeSclafani, Lamb to stabilize both starting staff and ‘pen
A cavalry of sorts is on the way to bring help to the Reds’ beleaguered pitching staff. Homer Bailey, Anthony DeSclafani and John Lamb are all nearing the end of their stints on the disabled list.
“It will be nice to have a little more experience in the rotation and [relieve] guys who have been out there … in innings seven, eight and nine, to not have to lean on our bullpen quite as much as we have,” said Reds manager Bryan Price, whose club has dropped 12 of its last 16 games.

Barring injury, and just in my opinion. I only see 1 of these guys in next year’s rotation. I guess it will be Bailey, iglesias, Finnegan, Stephenson, and Reed. Really Bailey could be moved in favor of Garrett. I also think Bailey, pay withstanding, could be our smoltz.with his injury history maybe he could close. Thoughts?

Interesting thought . I like it . However, Bailey would never go for it plus Reds’ management is incapable of thinking of it . They also wouldn’t have the guts to do it . The players run the show in Cincy .

None of those guys are Bob Gibson. We want Stephenson and Reed.

A couple of day-off observations as I look over the Reds roster…
* hard to believe that Mesoraco is 100%. He is 1 for 16 w/RISP, and the hit was on
opening day in the lst inning. His single, as in 1, RBI was on that first hit. His batting
line is anemic….140/.218/.160/.378. It wouldnt surprise me if they didnt announce
a problem.
* DeJesus fills in admirably with the leather, however he batting is pretty poor…
.133/.235 /.267/.502, yet he is 2 for 6 w/RISP. Yet and still, and setting aside
Peraza, how long before Price makes a move.

Just an observation on my part , it is very hard to determine what to do with this team right now or how to read it until the pitching on the DL comes back. That will be happening shortly so we will have a better idea of where and what slots the pitchers fit into. As with most teams pitching is what will make or break this team now and in the future. Example see the Phillies. I was thinking about Bailey as a closer the other day too. But like I said need to wait to see where these other guys will fit in to get a better idea of who goes where.

April was Mesoraco’s spring training. he hardly did anything in March. And they have had the shift on him.
Can you imagine no offense from geno and we might be 5 and 16 or whatever.

In the words of Bruce Coslet right now we suck hoosiervirg.

Dee Gordon suspended 80 games for PEDs.

BAR: Ugly numbers for Reds’ bullpen
Walk rate — This is the biggie — the one that has Bryan Price pulling out his hair. Reds relievers have the worst walk rate in baseball, walking 5.33 batters per nine innings. That’s followed by the Braves (5.03), Pirates (4.59), Red Sox (4.20) and Brewers (4.18).

Home run rate — The Reds’ bullpen gives up home runs at a higher rate than any other team — two per nine innings. (That coupled with the walk rate? Oh boy.) They’re followed by the Rangers (1.98), Phillies (1.98), Brewers (1.90) and Astros (1.60).

That is player development , something the Reds aren’t very good at. When fastballs are straight and you can’t get any other pitches over consistently , that’s what happens .

Its called going upper deck

Todays lineup versus Pirates – 7:05PM-ET
Cozart 6
Suarez 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Barnhart 2
Schebler 7
Straily RHP
Hamilton 8
Straily (0-0, 3.50 ERA) vs. Nicasio (2-2, 4.50 ERA)

A day off and mes is on the bench. What the…..
Mr C has to be pulling his hair out

TV guys keep saying help is on the way…who in gods name can hit. You got to hit, to score, and you got to score to flippin win. Any tired of watching this act. Price shouldn’t make it till memorial day at this pace. A lifeless team..

The TV guys aren’t going to criticize the Reds organization. They’re part if it . There is very little help on the way . Those minor league prospects would have already been blended in by now .

Reds need hitters. And do they really believe with this coaching staff that 2-4 years of last place these so called prospects will all of a sudden figure out how to hit and how to pitch and go from a loser to a winner like a snap of the fingers? I dont see any development nor any growth but going backwards. They are so unwatchable its sickning. Sadly the owner who hates losing is going to see a whole lot of it for 5 years!!! If I had Casteleni’s money like heck I let this garbage go on like this. They need to sell to another ownership that has deeper pockets that also get the better people to come in and fix this mess outside the organization like the Cubs did. Not insult my intelligence with this so called plan they talk about. Nothing I have seen shows a future of changing from a constant loser to a team always winning. Sucks being a joke of a team organization now for the fans.

We are Reds Nation and its embarassing to what has happened to us. Somebody act like they give a hoot. Show us you have a heartbeat.

You speak the truth. The player development in this organization is very bad . Change needs to happen at the lowest level of the minor leagues. The so called top prospects would be in the major leagues by now if they were that good .

Go JJ. Hopefully to the minors. Why are so many excited about Bailey coming back. He was an overpaid .500 pitcher before his surgery and I doubt he will be that good at least the rest of this year. Management, IMO, is spinning hope to sell tickets.

From MLB Trade Rumors…
The Reds are on the verge of getting some much-needed rotation help, writes’s Mark Sheldon. Right-handers Homer Bailey and Anthony DeSclafani are each nearing the end of their minor league rehab assignments, as is left-hander John Lamb, who tossed eight innings in a rehab outing on Wednesday. Raisel Iglesias and Brandon Finnegan figure to remain in the rotation regardless, but Alfredo Simon and Jon Moscot could find themselves on the outside looking in, Sheldon notes. With righty Robert Stephenson and left-hander Cody Reed also on the precipice of MLB readiness, the Cincinnati starting unit could see a significant amount of turnover, which could have some positive trickle-down effects into what has been a dismal bullpen so far in 2016.

Report on DeSclafani’s start in Dayton
Posted on 04/30/2016 by STEVE MANCUSO
Anthony DeSclafani pitched five innings for the Dayton Dragons last night at Fifth Third Field. Wearing #28 in the Dragons’ bright orange jerseys, the Reds starter threw 77 pitches, 50 for strikes. He struck out three and walked one. The Clinton LumberKings (yes, all one word), a Seattle Mariners affiliate, didn’t record a hit until the fourth inning. According to the scoreboard radar gun reports, DeSclafani was throwing his fastball 92-93 mph for most of the night. By the fifth inning, he had fallen into the 90-91 mph range.

Votto’s on-base percentage on the road the last 2 seasons is .436.
The NL average is .320.

Saturday lineup versus Pirates – 7:05PM-ET
SSZack Cozart (R)
3BEugenio Suarez (R)
1BJoey Votto (L)
2BB. Phillips (R)
LFAdam Duvall (R)
RFJay Bruce (L)
CTucker Barnhart (S)
PAlfredo Simon (R)
CFBilly Hamilton (S)
CIN: Alfredo Simon (R) (0-2, 16.39)
PIT: Francisco Liriano (L) (1-1, 4.64)

No mesoroco again, lol

Probably too cold .

I think we are going to hear some bad news about Mesoraco; just a hunch.
This is his 6th year with the Reds; only 1 of the 6 was productive, and the
Reds are on the hook for a few more:
2016 28 Cincinnati Reds $5,025,000
2017 29 Cincinnati Reds $7,325,000
2018 30 Cincinnati Reds $13,125,000
Earliest Free Agent: 2019
In December 2011, the Reds made a trade with SD…sending
Boxberger, Volquez, Alonso and Grandal for Latos. However, the
Padres only wanted Volquez and Mesoraco…but the Reds said
no. Too bad he is injury prone…Mesoraco was thought to be one
of the ones.

Dan Straily (6ip, 5h, 2er, 3bb, 5k, 1hr) with his first quality start
of the season to drop his ERA to 3.38.

Nice base running. If Simon just hustles a little we’re up 2-1.

Hey Simon. Its called sliding. Half ass effort too.

Simon can’t hustle . He’s fat and out of shape . Probably part of the reason he can’t pitch.

Looking at the lineup for the Pirates right now…8 of the 9 players, including the pitcher, are hitting over .300. The Reds have 2 (Cozart, Barnhart).

Whens mgmt going to shake this team up. Please bring up our four so called studs and release some folks. SOS.

Management could care less. This is called development??? Time to get rid of all the veteran players that are not doing thier job showing the younger players how to make adjustments tobetter themselves. because the team is not winning. Not scoring and this coaching staff is a joke. Time for a manager that gets the most out of his players. Not the manager that pulls out his excuse book why players under his control are not pitching well at all or hitting at all. And have long leashes instead if a Lou Pinella butt kicking !!

Coach Price is a yes man. Reds lose again. Does anyone care.

Hey Chris Welsh and George Grande. Bad product to try to sell. Get a grip on yourself and give us some honesty. Half ass injuries are just excuses for poor performance if your hurt, DL them, if not, shut up and play. Where’s all this pitching we’re supposed to have.

Im not buying tickets to watch a lousy baseball team that ownership could care less about truly fixing!!!!!


I wonder if this team loses 20 in a row would Price still be allowed to be manager???? If they did nothing and dont sell more tickets its on the Reds front office not the fans!!!

Two more weeks and go 4 wins and 11 losses again and were on the way to 100 losses. So disappointing in every phase of this ball club.

Now iglesias has been scratched. What next. I actually enjoy watching him pitch.

Sunday lineup versus Pirates…1:35PM-ET
SS Zack Cozart (R)
CF Billy Hamilton (S)
1B Joey Votto (L)
2B B. Phillips (R)
RF Jay Bruce (L)
3B Eugenio Suarez (R)
LF Adam Duvall (R)
C Tucker Barnhart (S)
P Tim Adleman (R)
CIN: Tim Adleman (R) (0-0, 0.00)
PIT: Jeff Locke (L) (1-2, 5.03)

Tim Adleman 28 years old, 6 ft. 5 in., 225 lbs, R/R
2016 AAA, 2-0, 4.24 ERA, 17 IP, 13 SO, 4 BB, .206 BAA, 1.00 WHIP

Tweet from C. Trent…
C. Trent Rosecrans ‏@ctrent 2 hours ago
Reds put Kyle Skipworth on the 60-day DL to make room for Adleman on the 40-man.

Reds Place Raisel Iglesias On DL With Shoulder Impingement
The Reds have placed right-hander Raisel Iglesias on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to Tuesday with an impingement in his throwing shoulder, per a club announcement. They’ve also transferred catcher Kyle Skipworth to the 60-day DL with an ankle injury.

Another pitcher on the DL . How many is it going to take before the Reds re evaluate their training program. I mean , come on ! Does anyone remember Latos’ comments ? Talk about protecting an investment. Enough is enough!

Actually in Iglesias’s case it is Castro’s fault since he spent 90 percent of his training time in Cuba. As I said last year he is a hard read since we had no real background on him so hard to judge how many innings to run him out there for. Glad they are being careful with him as he could be our next Cueto.

I respectfully disagree . The Reds have had him long enough to evaluate and examine his arm . They limited his innings last year and this still happens . I also believe there is too much weight training in baseball . It’s a game of flexibility .

It looks as though the REAL Jay Bruce has surfaced .

Heres some eye opening stats…
The Reds are 8 G back of the Central leading Cubs.
Not too hard to believe when one considers that the Reds
have scored 46 fewer R than the Cubs, and allowed an eye
popping 84 more R than the Cubs pitchers.

And the mighty Cardinals are 6 out.

Interesting G today…7:10 ET-PM
San Francisco Giants 13-13 – SF: Cueto (4-1 , 2.65 ERA)
Cincinnati Reds 10-15 – CIN: Finnegan (1-1 , 3.86 ERA)

Finnegan will need to pitch a complete game to win. The bullpen is unbelievable. Anyone know the team era in the 8th inning? Was Hoover going to pitch yesterday (Sunday)? Were they saving him for when they really needed him or was he the last option out of the bullpen?

Team ERA…
7th inning
ranked #29 of 30 in MLB
7.56 ERA
8th inning
ranked #30
9.36 ERA
9th inning
5.40 ERA

Thanks Neb!

Torn shoulder labrum puts Mesoraco on DL
Reds catcher weighing possibility of season-ending surgery
After he missed most of last season with a hip injury, Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco is now facing the specter of losing most of 2016, too. On Monday, Mesoraco was placed on the 15-day disabled list with another serious injury — a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

Surgery is a possibility, which would mean Mesoraco would miss the rest of the season.

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