Lineup notes: Suarez 4th

Eugenio Suarez was excited to be batting fourth on Tuesday vs. the Mets, it was the first time batting there in his brief career. It was needed by manager Bryan Price with Brandon Phillips needing a day off after being hit by a pitch on Monday.

“They trust me. I feel so happy because he has that confidence,” Suarez said. “I won’t try to do more than I can do. I’ll hit the same as in the second hole.”

Said Price: “Also to give some good coverage behind Joey. Joey, without a Phillips, a Bruce, a Mesoraco, somebody that’s capable of doing some pretty extreme damage, I think he’s an easier guy to pitch around if you don’t have someone like Geno behind him. I really don’t want Geno to go out there and try to do anything different. His approach has been good. He’s really staying on pitches in the strike zone. He’s back to swinging it well again, so I don’t want to see him try to force the power. He’s done a pretty nice job of doing things in the two-hole getting to his power without really much effort.”


Eugenio Suarez was excited to be batting fourth on Tuesday for the Mets.
Say what?

Fixed that, thanks.

Was Hamilton asleep on 3rd? Surely with his speed and a good secondary lead he scores on the bunt. Oh well, he scored anyhow.

Geez…can Hamilton go get em, or what.

Hamilton has now saved 5 or 6 H and corresponding R. When we are being beaten 6-2 or 13-5 or 8-4, his talents are for naught. However, if and when our pitching stiffens, the catches are critical to the game; evidenced by the appreciation of our pitchers when they openly and on camera applaud and point to him. His defense and speed is something we cannot replicate. Sadly, we dont play a great number of close games.

Bailey’s rehab start for Blue Wahoos marred by errors
Bailey allowed six hits and five runs – four of which were unearned – on the night while striking out three and walking two. He took the loss as Pensacola fell to Jackson 5-3.
His four-seam fastball sat in his usual 93-95 mph range, another good sign according to Bailey.

Lorenzen in early stages of throwing program
When the Reds transferred pitcher Michael Lorenzen from the 15-day to the 60-day disabled list Monday to create 40-man roster space for the callup of reliever Layne Somsen, it would be natural to wonder if he had another setback with his elbow.

But that was not the case. Lorenzen was shut down from throwing when he suffered a strained right elbow ligament and tendinitis in early March and contracted mononucleosis in early April. He simply won’t be ready to return before June 2, his new eligible date for activation. Following his recovery from mono, which caused him to lose 20 pounds, Lorenzen began playing catch last week.
Essentially, Lorenzen is starting over as though it was an offseason throwing program before Spring Training.

Layne Somsen…
2013-2016 minor league totals: 173.1 IP, 2.49 ERA
2016 – 8.2 IP, 1.04 ERA

Reds Media Relations ‏@RedsPR 4 hours ago
With his second hit of the night, Cozart is hitting .397 for the season. He is 3 plate apps shy of qualifying for the league leaders.


Why don’t we follow Jack Mckeon’s mantra. ” There is always someone in the other line up that we will not allow them to beat us ” Coach Price doesn’t know how to win games and the entrance to the abyss is near. And management has not given him the best team and players either. Shame on everyone involved. The June swoon will begin in May and we will be buried by Memorial day. Following this cluster of a ballclub is getting harder and harder by the game.

haven’t read many comments about Sam Lecure’s tweet. I liked it though.
He has to be talking about Hoover and Hamilton. They get chance after chance after chance.

Here is why this season will be a disaster Ken Broo. I believe i guessed 54 wins and 108 losses. Our offense really stinks honestly. Example. In 21 games, we ‘ve scored 3 runs or less 13 times. Polish that up with a suspect bullpen and an iffy staring staff, its a recipe for disaster. And the four ” true young “studs remain in the barn in Louisville. And all you folks thinking this team in in rebuild mode your wrong.This 2016 team is not young. Young is 21,22,23. We are not that. We still have has beens and never was’s. God I just love all the positives with this team and the season has just begun.

I agree and disagree. Our offense is the biggest issue for this team and will be until management changes its approach to hitting. Home runs and RBI mean nothing and never have. You win by having guys that get on base and don’t strike out. I care nothing for batting average, home runs, or RBIs. Those are all fools gold. Example Hamilton should never hit the ball off the ground. They need to quit trying to make him a doubles guy. let him steel second and third. The guy should be a slap ball hitter the rest of his career. He should only worry about contact and making the pitcher work on every pitch. I guy with that speed needs to be the best contact hitter on this team, short simple contact swings.

I disagree that this team is young. 21, 22, 23 is ridiculously young like Griffey, Trout, and Harper. We have guys like 23, 24, 25 which is still very young in the MLB.

The Reds have a number of holes in their team; starting pitching is yielding, the bull pen is porous, the hitting has morphed back to the way it was last season, and even the fielding is rickety on occasion. However, as advertised, the Reds are getting everyone healthy and over time, they will identify the new starting five. Same for the bull pen although they may need to look outside the organization.
The starting lineup has talent. The additions of Duvall and Schebler are positive, however as the season moves on, both appear to be free swingers which often results in little to any contact. Yet and still, Cozart, Suarez, Phillips and Bruce have been bright spots thus far. The Reds plan is ongoing and will not be complete until a number of changes takes place. At the forefront…the disposition of Phillips and Bruce. As for the plan yielding a youthful team; that is the plan, and it appears, based on their newly acquired pitchers/players, the youth movement is in fact occurring. Overall, the Reds are becoming a much younger team. In my view, the plan is working, yet very painful to watch for the fan. And, with every plan, it can only be assessed whether successful or not when completed. Although quite trite already, 2016 and maybe even 2017 will be plan transition years…paying dividends in the out years; the end result, making it to the World Series. Under any circumstances, this must be Prices last season as a Red in order for the team to
excel and meet the desired expectations on a daily basis.

They keep them in the minors till their 23 so they can control them until they turn 30 is my theory.

Start looking at their ages who is on the25 man roster. Its not young.

Thinking Homer is going to be a help this year is not good thinking either. He is a year removed from surgery, probably on a limited pitch count, he’ll need bullpen help with the rest of these gutless wonders. I might suggest putting him in the bullpen and piggyback him with one other starter who can not go more than 5 innings either.

Finnigan is pitching great right now, if KC had let him develop he could be even better. This kid just needs to go through the lumps this season and get ready for next year. This starting staff is going to be incredible. Can you imagine if we happen to exchange Cueto fior 3 solid left handed starting pitchers. What a great trade that would have turned out to be. Even if Lamb is a reliever I cant complain.

Here is what bugs me. Price goes out to talk to Finnegan. You mean there is no mention of dont throw a first pitch fastball right down the middle of the plate if either Cespedes or Dudda pinch hit??? They are power hitters and coming off the bench that will be thier main focus!!! Also this is the second time Cingrani ahead 0-2 on a hitter in a run scoring situation throws another meatball right down the middle giving up a hit!!! Its not rocket science. You throw the next off the plate or down in the dirt to see if the hitter commits!!!! Also if this team never learns to win under Price, how the world will the losing not change???

Not complicated is it.

Cueto beat SD, 1-0 while going CG…
2.65 ERA, 33/5 K/BB over 37 1/3 IP
Next start: May 2nd at GABP
Finnegan 1-1, 3.86 versus Cueto 4-1, 2.65

Maybe a sellout?

I have a solution to the large number of walks the pitchers have allowed – our old friend “Pitch to contact.” However, I’m still working on the homerun problem …

Pitching Mantra. Get ahead in the count, and get em out with balls. Throw low strikes. Its not complicated but what is tough is whats between the ears. We need a check up from the neck up in all phases of our game.

We have so many holes were like swiss cheese

Age of players that played on Reds in 2014, 2015; played thus far in 2016…
2014 – 45 players
Overall – 29.1
Pitchers – 27.8
Non-pitchers – 29.1
2015 – 50 players
Overall – 29.6
Pitchers – 26.0
Non-pitchers – 29.8
2016 – 29 players thus far
Overall – 28.2
Pitchers – 24.6
Non-pitchers – 28.4
NL low – Arizona – 26.9
NL high – Seattle – 30.1

Wouldnt have tried that…lst to 2nd on FO to RF…if Bruce was there.

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