Game 21: at NYM

Cozart 6
Holt 9
Votto 3
Suarez 5
Duvall 7
Barnhart 2
De Jesus Jr. 4
Finnegan 1
Hamilton 8


So the Reds play tonight down two position players ? How wonderful is that ?

I was just wondering if a move had been made.

Amir Garrett – Pensacola Blue Wahoos (AA)…
4 GS
24.2 IP
1.46 ERA
0 HR
4 BB
25 SO

Maybe a move to AAA is coming soon. 3 of the guys starting for them are rehab assignments. With Finnegan, Reed and Garret iglesias and Stephenson. Rotation has a lot of potential next season Neb.

Yes, the Reds have a terrific pool of young starting pitchers. Sorting through them today and letting them work further on their craft will clearly benefit us in the future. Jockettys rebuilding program relative to acquiring starting pitching appears to have worked well thus far. As the baseball adage goes, a team never has enough good pitching…looks like we are getting there, and for a number of future seasons. Another very good reason to get everyone work, but dont hurry them up just for the sake of hurrying them up.

That’s a smashing line up. Where is Mes ? Barnhart in the 6 hole. Desperate times take desperate measures.

No Bruce No Phillips No Mes. Finnegan has to throw a shut out.

Regardless of the lineup, Finnegan’s best chance at a win definitely involves a complete game, lol.

Doesn’t every starting pitching no matter the hitters in the line up take that approach right now. I am more worried about our bullpen stopping the other team than our team scoring at least a couple of runs. If we played 7 innings this team would dominate. Well probably not.

The Reds BP is the worst they have ever had. They were not far from the worst BP in MLB all time (Athletics, 1950, 7.77 ERA), when they posted 6.89 ERA, but charged to the forefront and reduced it to 6.25 (current). We throw far too many BB and far too many HR. Shockingly, the BP is chocked full of problems; only 2 throw an ERA of less than Cingranis 3.38…Cotham – 1.69 and Wood – 2.89.

Where is all that so called young good pitching Neb.

I had to chuckle today…I saw my first ALL STAR VOTING stuff. Just 20 G into the season and MLB starts its marketing effort to make baseball interesting and viable for the fans, most notably the desirable and targeted youngsters.

4/26/16 Cincinnati Reds sent RHP Homer Bailey on a rehab assignment to Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

Certainly be good to see Peraza & Winker up with big club. Still don’t understand calling a pitcher up when you lose a hitter for even a few days, PLUS Phillips is hurt. Has the club announced how long he’ll be out? The Reds are the only team I’ve heard of playing games a player or two short. That’s not good baseball sense. And if you bring a pitcher up wouldn’t it seem you bring your best up who has proven he can win in the minors and the major leagues, Robert Stephenson? And still batting a position player, Hamilton, 9th.? Hamilton seems like he will never hit major league pitching and that’s sad because he can sure play CF with the best. Again this is where Peraza should be brought up as he can play CF, 2nd, 3rd or just about anywhere and he can hit which this Reds team needs-hitters. I am 72 years old, played baseball thru my school days, semi pro for a few years in Virginia, been a Reds fan since I was 10. One of the first Reds game I attended was when they came thru Knoxville, Tenn., years ago with my Dad. Then me, my Dad and Mom went to see the Reds at Crosley Field I believe in 1956 some great hitters on that team just not enough pitching. Anyway I wish Jocketty and his team would get some quality hitters on the Reds. Sooner or later the Reds are going to have to get into the FA market.

Phillips…day to day.
Bruce…back Friday (team off Thursday)

The Reds are not playing short. They have a full 25 man roster. They havent decided
what will happen to Phillips, he remains active. And, when you have a BP that is ranked 8th worst in MLB history and is as porous as they are, I agree with their decision. Phillips incident happened after the fact. Playing a new position player isnt going to make up the many R they lose by due to the BP; stopping the number of R they give up nightly is the bigger problem.

Come on Neb . You know what we’re talking about . Using your “by the book logic ” , they could have 24 pitchers and 1 position player . As far as not knowing what to do with Phillips , this is how they handle all injuries . They don’t know what to do . Stick with your stats .

You are in error. I was not responding to you. However, since you chose to discuss the subject I will respond. I thought you saw Marks response to you, as follows:
As you’ve probably noticed — especially after the Cubs series — the bullpen is among league leaders in innings pitched and pitches thrown. Starters haven’t gone deep and only one has made it seven innings. Higher probability they will need fresh arm from the bullpen than a bat off the bench.
By Mark Sheldon on April 25, 2016 7:10 pm
I merely agree with him and the Reds and now they are within a game of keeping the rookie pitcher while heading into their day off on Thursday. Knowing what to do with Phillips isnt for lack of team knowledge, but it is for lack of knowing what Phillips is capable of doing; holding a bat, catching a ball, etc. As is, the Reds filled in for Phillips today without incident; tomorrow another G and again, Thursday a day off. I continue to believe that our bullpen is in dire need of shoring up as the games are out of control without their best efforts; the numbers support this fact.

Any comments since the good start the downward spiral has begun. 4 and 10 in the last two weeks. Pitcher’s throwing poop soup, defense a bit lax, not alot of offense. Heads appear not in the game. Give me some thoughts about anything good in the last two weeks. Someone tell Price winning is an attitude. I can’t believe Mr. Castellini stands by and watches this poop soup cause I can’t. Its not fun

Say what? You picked the low pick in the W-pool with 54 Ws. And, we are actually doing better than that up to this point. You are only seeing what you suggested at the beginning of the season; lots more losses than wins.

I’m glad they called up Somsen . I guess he’ll have a fresh arm when they ship back down to Louisville .

Neb , Do you work for the Reds ? I did see Mark’s article . I disagree with it . Unless they use Somsen today , it was a wasted move . As far as Phillips is concerned , you’re correct . However . The Reds don’t have a good history of knowing when to put a player on the DL . The numbers only tell part of the story . In my opinion , instincts , how a player is playing at a particular time along with other intangibles are just or more important .

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