Game 19: vs. CHC


Hamilton ? Day to Day . Lol

I keep hoping they disable him so he can go to AAA for rehab. When he gets there they’ll realize, hey you belong he kid.

I suppose this comment will not be accepted like my recent ones due to they were basically the same. When changes aren’t made how can you change a comment when you know things should be done and also know nothing will be done which frustrates me. Simon again proves he is not the answer to the veteran pitcher they need. And most Reds know and feel that Cody Reed and Jose Peraza would be on the ckub. And really what is so bad the people in charge of making moves for the Reds do nothing as usual. It does seem Duvall will be the every day regular Left Fielder and hope he stay there thru thick and thin…..Getting back to changes I know the Reds will make any moves but it will prove out they should have.

Last sentence I messed should have read..Getting back to changes I know the Reds will make NO moves but it will prove out they should have……

I’m sure glad the Reds spent good money to sign Simon in a “rebuilding year ” He’s been a God send .

Good one.

There is a reason you have Reed, Stephenson, Peraza, and Winker in the minors to begin the season. No reason to waist a year of service time aka (Mike Leake). They wait a couple of weeks then bring them up. Now the stupid thing would be they wait until July or August to bring them up. Unless we are in the playoff hunt there is no reason to wait once they have guarantee the extra year of service time.

This was an important game to stay at 500. You telling me they had no other option than Simon? Game just thrown in the garbage.

I am 69 years old, and live in Indianapolis. I have been going to multiple Red’s games for 61 years–since I was 8–and made my first trip to Crosley Field
. Last season, the Red’s front office recognized my long-standing love of the Reds, by sending two of their front office personnel to my seat, during the game, and giving me an autographed ball signed by Homer Bailey. This will be the first year I shall not go. The Red’s powers-that-be have completely ruined “our” Reds. There is not a major league pitcher currently on the roster. “Not one.” I shall not pay major league ticket prices, to watch an AA team. The current Reds players and management are an embarrassment to the proud history of “our” Cincinnati basball club–and to the city of Cincinnati.

Very well said . This organization is clueless . They have lied to it’s fan base time and time again . Their player development is terrible . How in the world does a player with Hamilton’s speed not know how to bunt . Why did it take Bruce so long to work on hitting the other way until this spring training . Then it was Larkin who was helping him . Who and where was the hitting coach ? Price babies the players like two year olds and Jocketty is just plain incompetent .

Reds vs Cubs
Reds vs other opponents

The sky is falling, the sky is falling, LOL.

Check back at the end of June .

What if I had the guts to quit my job.

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