Game 17: vs. CHC



No where to go but up, right?

The bullpen is a joke and has anyone noticed that Meseroco isn’t moving very well. Why doesn’t Price just go with Schebler and Duvall in outfield
And use Hamilton as a late defensive
Replacement . Hamilton can’t hit and his approach at the plate is not helping him

Let’s face it the Reds need a lot of hitting, a whole new middle relief pitchers and a REAL CLOSER, not Hoover. Hoover may be a great man, but he doesn’t seem to be closer material. If some changes aren’t done the Reds will be lucky to win 50 games. The most wins by a starting pitcher will be around 8 or less, closer as it stands now 3 or 4 saves. WALT JOCKETTY HAS GOT TO DO HIS JOB–GET SOME HITTERS–MIDDLE RELIEF PITCHERS & A CLOSER, NOT LATER, BUT NOW….seems like the fans of the Reds see what is needed but all of the Front Office, the CEO etc…close their eyes, bring in the money and what ever the team needs is ignored. Best I recall, back a few years ago the teams needs came first BUT not now……

The Reds won’t get any better until Jocketty and Price are gone . The pitching staff has a chance of being good . They have done little to improve the eight position spots . The only change is 3rd base . That’s not enough . Billy Hamilton is a waste of time and energy . Jay Bruce is what he is and I’d like to buy Votto for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth . He thinks he’s God’s gift to the game . The dude couldn’t crack the Big Red Machine’s starting lineup . On top of that , they’re in the toughest division in baseball .

Hoover is not a major league pitcher. Never has been. Certainly not a closer. Embarrassing

Hoover is terrible and that is disappointing because he is s great guy . This team is terrible and Votto plays like he is disinterested . Suarez seems to go brain dead at times on defense and on the base paths.
I feel bad for Price. When does the NFL start lol

Hoover was good last year, I really wonder what has happened to him. I have a feeling now it is totally mental. Probably have to send him out to get his head on straight. Now that he is having so much trouble it compounds our bullpen problems.

Cubs have won the first 5 contests with the Reds this season…
…by a combined score of 46-7.

Starting pitching seems like there are pieces to work with like Finnegan, Iglesias along with Bailey, DeSclafani is not all bad. Almost the entire bullpen is a waste of time. Really not sure how healthy Mesoraco is he looks terrible at the plate and can t seem to move well behind it. Duvall looks like a keeper in left field and Schebler is worth giving a chance in center field. I would keep Bruce but I know i am in the minority on that one. Why is Dejesus on this team when Peraza can play all the positions he can and the outfield.

Hamilton’s hurt and day to day . Imagine that . Who will be next ? The more they lose , more and more will get hurt . MARK MY WORDS .

Good one O J

Some stats for the first 17 games . The starters have pitched a total of 85 1/3 innings and have given up 49 runs the bullpen has pitched 61 2/3 innings so far and have given up 54 runs. Hoover has given up 13 of those bullpen runs. Amazing ineffectiveness

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