No time off for Votto, yet

Pre-game, I wrote about Joey Votto’s career-long hitless streak and season-long struggles to this point.

Read about it here:

What I couldn’t get into the story was the answer to my question of manager Bryan Price about whether Votto could use a day off to reset himself. It didn’t sound like one was imminent.

“I’ve talked to him and Jay [Bruce’s] wife is pregnant. He could be gone at any point in time. I’ve talked to Joey about it,” Price said Thursday. “He feels like he really wants to see the pitches and get the at-bats and if I feel like it’s going to benefit him to take a day off, then I would do that for sure and just take the initiative. Right now, he really likes playing and figuring things out, like any competitive guy would.”


Woulda helped if Saurez hadn’t got picked off. V’s knock prob. get thru.

This failure of the bullpen and the seemingly giving up softball type runs better be held over Price and the front office. How they even won 8 games so far is beyond me. But watching the body language of the Cubs verses the Reds is night and day. The Cubs expect to win the Reds look like “whatever happens oh well we were not expected to do anything but last place anyways” The Reds should have a huge problem with that attitude!!! This team needs a Greg Vaughn type to speak their mind. Not the lousy non team attitude they are showing.

Thats the message mgmt has sent them.. just like folks on here. Winning doesn’t matter.

Embarrassing, just like last week vs. The cubs. We are lightyears from being good.

Are you just figuring that out?

No hit, wow. Didn’t we just give up 5 homers in a game against the cardinals? Or was it 6. Lol

Votto will start hitting just in a bad streak. The others, it’s hard to say. Peraza should be brought up as well as Reed. As usual anything that might improve the team will not happen.

Price needs gone…NOW! He has no clue how to manage a team. Tonight was flat out embarrassing. And take Hoover and Diaz with him.

Umm Diaz already got demoted, Scott.

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