Game 15: vs. COL

Reds called up reliever Drew Hayes and optioned Robert Stephenson to  Louisville.




This group of young pitchers looks very good. The next step is for all of them to go 7 innings. The other thing I
like is the bench players. It’s been “forever” since the Reds have had 5 bench players that are capable of starting instead of just filling in.

I agree. When the dust settles, the Reds will have a very decent bench; main candidates: Barnhart, DeJesus, Duvall, Schebler, Holt, Rodriguez (post suspension).
The difference with this group is that they contribute; not just, as you say…fill in.

How many more times are we going to see Hoover run out there to close. HE HAS A 15.19 ERA! 15.19! STOP SLEEPING ON IT AND PUT SOMEONE ELSE THERE. GOOD LORD!

Why does anyone get a role on this team unless they prove it day in and day out. No one should, not even the starting pitchers. If they struggle next man up, we have plenty. Give the ball to Cotham and Wood until they fail.

I agree bigblu. Open competition is the way to go. Closer by committee should sort it out.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH VOTTO????? I really thought he was going to have a career year and something has to be wrong. I have never seen him play this bad…

Tweet from Mark…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 3 hours ago
Hoover decision not made just yet. Price didn’t expect him to be available today anyway so will keep thinking it over a little longer #reds
More milktoast decision making. This kind of wishy washy attitude from the manager
is what creates problems. Keep him or send him down, but above all…keep your
trap shut about it.

agreed. too much pointless talk to talk. I prefer action.

….and can you guess why we lead the majors in walk off wins?

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