Game 14: vs. COL



This team has to be the most injured team in baseball . There’s alway someone hurt . OR IS IT TOO COLD TO PLAY TONIGHT ?

Who are you referring to? The only normal starter not playing is Duvall…..who cares if he sits….

I’m referring to Simon and the other pitchers , Cozart and Mesoraco and there will be others .

I would love to know the reasoning on why Hamilton bats 9th most of the time but not all of the time. And why others like Holt bat before and not 9th and so forth. I mean its kind of degrading to keep doing it to him. I really don’t like it anymore.

Both Tony Larussa and Joe Maddon do it. Joe says he does it because he likes it and Tony did it because it meant that his best hitters at the top of the lineup had more opportunity to have base runners on for them. I have absolutely no problem with Billy not leading off, first of all he has not earned the right to lead off and he has been given plenty of opportunities. LaRussa did it to give Pujols more at bats.

I agree Hamilton has been given ample opportunity. Peraza won the job in the spring as far as I could tell.

I am not saying he should lead off but not bat 9th. We need the kid to get as many at bats as possible, no limit them. If we are in a playoff run sure why not.

Reality if this team was better, billy wouldn’t be here. He’s a late inning defensive replacement and pinch runner.

I think it is time to stop the Cozart at leadoff. Anymore it is just pushing your luck

20 guys who could be dealt by the Deadline
Teams that fall out of postseason race often look toward future
Brandon Phillips, 2B: This veteran possesses no-trade protection, so Cincinnati’s best shot at a deal is limited to a small number of teams: the Nationals, Cubs, D-backs and Phillips’ hometown Braves. Of course, the 34-year-old could widen the net before the Aug. 1 Deadline.
Potential suitors: The aforementioned teams plus a club such as the Dodgers
Jay Bruce, OF: If this slugger continues to swing a hot bat and plays as he did in the first half of 2015, the Reds should be overwhelmed with interest from clubs in need of a corner outfielder.
Potential suitors: White Sox, Angels

Mark…can you tell us what they have done with Rodriguez? The most current is the following: Rodriguez, Yorman (CF) 04/03 15-day DL TBD Left hamstring strain Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 27.
I presume they extended his DL period.
TIA, Neb

You guy worrying about getting tickets , I don’t think it’s a problem .

Thank you Robert Stephenson for a big league effort. That’s a leader. Thank you.

They best keep him here.

Breaking News from GABP. Its official. Price is a dope. If this game turns bad, so help to god. L

Hey JJ. You get hurt up there.

Oh its outta here. See. We suck.

Teach hoover a lesson. Send him out.

That all happened in a matter of five minutes. I say Cotham rolled thru the 8th and he should have stayed in the ballgame because of all the others don’t want it.

Congrats to you # 55. Hope Reds mgmt doesn’t screw you over.

Heres a Reds trivia question that is a doozy…
Stephenson is the 1st Red to win his 1st 2 starts since…
…Larry Luebbers in July 1993.

Stephenson was a pleasure to watch, I agree they should keep him. Start the rebuild. Oh JJ……..

Ha ha. Better question is who was the manager

The guy that shacked up with his girlfriend, only to be found out
and subsequently fired by Shotzies owner.

Did you all hear Prices comments. What a joke and an embarassment for this franchise. Pitiful.

Put simon in the pen and ship someone else out.

Tweet from Mark…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 4 hours ago
Simon said biceps tendinitis affected velocity and movement of pitches. Expects to be back soon. #reds

Tendonitis I’ve had hurts. How’d he pitch then. Just saying

ATTENTION Reds GM, Manager, Owner all of front office. It is obvious for sure by now..J J HOOVER IS NOT CLOSER MATERIAL. And you keep Stephenson up with the team, not to be sent down again. What else does he have to prove? After the game PRICE made the comment that Stephenson needs to go back down and work on some things. Like what? He already has gone deeper into a ball game than any other Reds starter. Any other team would keep Stephenson on the team, J J would be gone and Simon. Cody Reed needs to be brought up. With Reed joining Stephenson, Iglesias, Finnegan that’s the start of a real good starting staff. And isn’t it stupid to keep a position player hitting behind the pitcher? If the player can’t hit major league pitching then replace him. Peraza had a good spring, seems to be handling hitting at Louisville bring him up now, no more delaying. Duvall should play everyday, not in a platoon situation he has true HR & RBI threat. HOLT or SCHEBLER should be the everyday CF. It’s for sure Hamilton can patrol CF with the best and would be a good defensive move, maybe he should go to the BATS and get a lot at bats and perhaps someone can get thru to him on how to hit, then he could possibly be a great CF. It’s time to make some major changes now and not drag it out forever. It might amaze a lot of people if some changes were made and made now. Right now it’s not too hard to figure out who can and can’t hit, who can pitch and who can’t etc….plus perhaps some major moves in the front office or field manager should be looked into….what do other Reds fans think????

Billy should be on the bench period

You’re right . It amazes me that Stephenson needs to work on some things and Hamilton doesn’t ? Really ? It’s all about money boys !!!! And yes , Reds’ management is stupid .

Reed and Stephenson on the starting staff. Simon and Lorenzen in the pen. Then we got something going on. Someone make the moves please.

Hey John Fay. Why don’t you write why Stephenson should stay. Our braintrust has more money than brains. There’s no one in the stands and we want some action for petes sake. Uh lets see. Melville or Stephenson. Uh uh uh.

the clock on Stephenson has started and he is pitching well. There is no reason to send him down. This is what we have been waiting for. He should have as much right as Iglesias and Disco. Put Simon, Moscot, Lorenzen in the pen. None of them have shown the ability to start. Lorenzen could be our closer…

If Reed is going to play this year, then bring him up to. They may be trying to hold him off till next year though like Peraza to get 6 years then. If not then no reason not to bring them up now. I am all about delaying youth but I don’t want to see a July/August call up wasting precious learning for next year. This is our throw away year. The starting pitching is showing Reds management they are ready to produce if they build around them. The way this starting pitching is producing, our rebuild wont take long.

Cant believe they sent him back down. This is a joke… His service time has started, this will mess with a kids psyche as much as anything. No reason to keep this junk bullpen here and leave Stephenson in AAA. Can he cant make the next start if Simon cant go? Isn’t there a limited day wait when optioned? Anyone know?

There are too many pitchers and not enough starts. An entire starting pitching staff has commenced coming off the DL. Stephenson will be used when needed and sent back down in order to keep a handle on his service time and hopefully extend his time with the Reds (7 seasons instead of the obligatory 6). The Reds arent playing for anything this season so why bring him or anyone else up? Get him plenty of scheduled work at AAA and let him work on his pitches; not schedule a start and then not know when he will next pitch because we have too many arms.

Also, by sending him down it makes room for another audition, this time its Drew Hayes turn to audition for BP work; lord knows we need that more than starters.

Every time a pitcher throws a pitch, he gets closer to the end of his career.
Bring’em up and let them develop here. Where do you think Cueto developed.
NEB, have you taken a job with Walt Jocketty. Come on man.

They need to be here to get themselves better.

I believe the time has been set now unless they don’t plan to pitch him next year. In other words no matter what his first service year will be next year, so this year is the throw in because he didn’t get enough days to accumulate a service year. But because of his ability he will play enough. In other words there is no gain in AAA except experience. As of now he is only with us for 6 more years after this year until his pay day. Reed and Peraza can sit and there service time will not begin. I get that we need a bullpen guy and maybe it is that simple, but don’t say he needs to work down there when guys like Melville and Moscot are up here who cant even come close to ability. The guy just blew away a good offensive team… Keep him here.

You don;t keep studs in the barn boys. And if you have big guns you need to shoot them alot. Moscot, Lamb, Disco are not exactly big guns. Reed Stephenson and Iglesias are the guys were building around. Finnegan’s in the mix now too. Lorenzen my guess will need Tommy John. anyone else useful goes to the pen.

completely agree. I am thinking Disco becomes trade bait for next year. Our starter will consist of Bailey, Iglesias, Stephenson, Finnegan, and Reed. Lamb and Lorenzen can go to the pen to be starters if anything happens. Disco could bring in some good prospects with his years of service still under control. Maybe he could bring in a Major league ready OF. We need all the hitters we can get right now.

Didn’t a guy with the Reds say if the fans aren’t happy no one is happy. Hmmm. Who said that ? Look in the stands. I’m so unhappy I’m really po’d and I’m coming Thursday night. Sure isn’t Bob. Show us and the players you care. This is year 3 of the abyss

When you treat a player like a yoyo, it has to effect their mentality. Just has too.

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