Game 13: vs. COL



I was encouraged with the last two games of the Cardinals series and hoping to see continued improvement and settling down. I was encouraged with the last two games of the Cardinals series and hoping to see continued improvement and settling down. Straily would be a great surprise if he showed he could start some for us. Would be tempting to go over and watch them play tonight .

Out of curiosity (+ envy), are you able to go to GABP and buy tickets there, the same day of the ball game? Or do you need to buy tickets through a seller, in order to get reasonably good seats?

Neb, I get my tickets on StubHub , I have always gotten the ones I want day of game, price will vary for obvious reasons. I always sit first row out in bleachers in right field and am SO CLOSE to players. Once a year grandson and I sit In diamond seats for our birthdays.

Depends on what you mean by good seats and the day Neb. You can definitely walk up and get lower deck on most week nights in my experience.

Maybe not against the cubs Neb, they travel well.

Yes, I call GABP Wrigley field South. Cubs fans have been the worst ones visiting that I have run into. Cardinal fans are very knowledgeable usually and decent White Sox fans are good too. Tellapicker, I get those front row seats for sometimes 50% to 75% less then you can at the box office. The only time I went over the regular price was for the playoffs with the Giants.

Thanks guys; one day I will get to GABP for a few weeks of games. Unlike Dodger stadium that usually has nearly all Dodger fans, I never thought about the Cubs fans, the Cards fans or the White Sox fans attending Reds G. Appreciate the education. When I really get serious you guys can guide me on the best hotels around GABP.

Nice deal

Pipeline preview: Elite pitching prospects toe rubber
Phillies’ Appel, Reds’ Garrett, Brewers’ Hader and White Sox Fulmer set to start
In a matchup of Top 100 prospects, Reds No. 4 prospect Amir Garrett (No. 67 overall) and Brewers No. 4 prospect Josh Hader (No. 59 overall) are set to duel as Double-A Biloxi takes on Pensacola at 7:40 p.m. ET on MiLB.TV. Though both left-handers have been sharp to begin the season, they enter Monday in search of their first win of 2016.
Top Prospects: Amir Garrett pitches mainly off of his fastball, which he’ll throw in the 91-96 mph range.

Neb where do you live. What state?

Another bonehead running mistake…this one to Bruce; hits a DBL and gets thrown out at 3B trying to stretch; making the lst out of the inning. Its not a matter of trying; you either make it or you dont try it.

Orioles Have Made Offer To Kyle Lohse; Reds, Tigers Also Interested
4:47pm: Free agent right-hander Kyle Lohse is drawing interest from the Tigers, Reds and Orioles, and Baltimore has made an offer to the Scott Boras client, reports MLB Network’s Jon Heyman (via Twitter). It’s not known whether the 37-year-old has received any other contract offers.

4 hits. We make Jordan lyles look like a Hall of famer

Tough decision for Lohse. Detroit says they are not interested; down to Baltimore
(8-3, lst place) and possibly our Reds (6-7, 4 GB). Hmmmmmm.

Why would want lohse. He’s old and expensive. Come on boys.

BP failed once again, but we gotta give Straily cudos; 5 IP, 2 H, 1 ER.
Looks the part of #4 or #5 starter (Bailey, DeSclafani, Iglesias, Finnegan
& Straily).

Keeping the spot warm for j Lamb

Reds’ bullpen woes lengthen vs. Rox
Ohlendorf, Diaz surrender homers in eighth inning
Ross Ohlendorf was one batter away from completing a drama-free eighth inning during a tie game for the second game in a row. Like Sunday’s 4-3 loss, he could not secure that elusive third out. Ohlendorf took over to begin the seventh and retired five in a row, with three strikeouts. Following back-to-back strikeouts in the eighth, Story hit a first-pitch fastball for a home run. Following a single up the middle and a walk, Jumbo Diaz took over. Diaz’s second pitch, a 1-0 changeup, was blasted by Paulsen for a three-run homer.
Cincinnati’s bullpen has a 5.66 ERA this season, second-highest behind Colorado in the National League. Where it gets particularly eye-popping is in the eighth inning, where it’s a 13.85 mark — easily the highest in the Majors — with 20 earned runs, 19 hits, 11 walks and five home runs. The 29th-ranked club, the Indians, is nearly six runs better.

Reds achilles – 8th inning relief…even with Chapman, same old song.

agreed… but that has been with good and bad pitchers in that spot. makes me wonder if its miss management. Why was Ohlendorf throwing any fastballs to that kid? There have been pitches like that this entire year that just don’t make sense. Being up 0-2 and grooving a fast ball instead of a couple of sliders or throw away pitches. I can remember twice being burned with a hit or home run in that situation.

Indeed. Many of the BP pitchers; Diaz and Cingrani to name two, seem to think that they can groove their fast ball and the batter cant hit it. And, it seems to be more prevalent this season than others. I guess that is easy to say when the entire BP is pitching poorly. Ohlendorf is a 92-94 mph four seam FB pitcher that lives and dies with his location. He was cruising through the first five batters and just got one too much of the plate on his first pitch to Story. In his defense, he uses his FB to set up his slider and change and was very successful through the first 5 batters. As an aside, Diaz gave up his HR on a 2nd pitch change up. And so it goes.

……And our closer has a 17.18 era. Say that out loud and try not to laugh……it’s impossible.

Worst bullpen in the history of bullpens. Cotham has been the only pleasant surprise.

Tweet by Mark…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 25 minutes ago
#reds announce Stephenson to start tonight. Simon has biceps tendinitis but should make next start. Roster move TBA.

Bicep tendinitis. Yeah right. He goes out twice and stinks up the joint and crying tendinitis. What a bunch of lying and crying BS.

Finnegan…3 G…
7 AB, 4 for 7, 1 RBI, .571/.571/.714/1.286
Barnhart, DeJesus, Duvall and Mesoraco
all have 1 RBI.

You know. I never understood why the Reds cant think outside the box on their pitching staff. If the relievers are not any good, then use it like spring training since we have 8 starting pitchers, throw another starter out there to finish the game. Do a 7 man rotation and instead of a bullpen session do 3 innings in relief on that day. Its not like the starters are going to go deep in the game or just pull them after 6 this year to keep their innings down. I don’t care, but at least it will be better than this.

Bob Steve is back up. He is now under control for 6 years. So might as well pitch him the rest of the year to get ready for next year… Same with Reed if they want to start the clock this year for his 6 years

Mark tweets…
Mark Sheldon ‏@m_sheldon 1 hour ago
#reds option jumbo Diaz to Louisville

I hope jumbo never returns. I’m tired of that act.

Tonight’s game that the Reds won 4 to 3 from Colorado sure proves Bryan Price is not much of a manager. The Reds are leading in the 9th 4 to 1, Cingrani comes in and strikes out the only batter he faces. But here comes the brains, Bryan Price. He must be having fits of some kind to take Cingrani out so he can put his man in Hoover. And again Hoover gives up a home run, a 2 run job. What is wrong with Price or whoever is really running the team J J HOOVER IS NOT CLOSER MATERIAL. How much more damage must he do before it hits Price’s brain Hoover is no closer as a matter of fact he’s not much of a pitcher period. If at all possible the Reds need to move him somehow and SOON. PLUS, why send Stephenson back down? He has proven this time for sure he belongs in the majors. Yet dumbo Price says he needs to go back down and work on some things. If that’s the case the whole starting staff needs to go to Louisville. Reds need to keep Stephenson up, and bring Cody Reed up. Keep those 2 up for sure trade or release Simon. What would be wrong with a starting staff of Iglesias, Finnegan, Stepenson, Reed and ?…..but not Simon. All Reds fans like Billy Hamilton but if he can’t hit before the pitcher then he needs replacing. Billy can patrol CF withe best. But it seems he’ll never be a good hitter. All baseball experts say Peraza should be in the majors now he had a good spring, so far has done good with the BATS, so why keep him down there while Hamilton can’t get above .150….I am not a baseball expert by no means but someone please explain to me when you have players down on the farm that are better hitters and/or pitchers than the ones on the big club doesn’t it make sense they should be in the majors, and the ones that aren’t doing the job they are being paid to do be sent, traded to somewhere else, or released? Most teams play the best they have, not what they hope they’ll be. If a player in the minors is better than the ones on the parent club then they are brought up and the other/s are replaced, simple as that. The team is suppose to play the best players they have. Unlike the Reds the players that have good springs most of the stick with the club. The Reds do it the other way, if you have a good spring you are sent down……SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY….DUVALL, PERAZA, SCHEBLER or HOLT, REED, STEPHENSON for certain should be with the big club and play every day, every game unless they are a pitcher then they should take their regular time starting games in the majors, not the minors.

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