Game 12: at STL



Tough guys…
Wacha is 5-1 with a 1.87 ERA in nine career starts against the Reds, holding them to one run or less in six of those starts.
The Cardinals have scored 62 runs in their six wins this season and have scored 10 or more in four of their first 11 games.

Mark tweeted…
Mark SheldonVerified account
Price wanted more offense in lineup today vs Wacha. That’s why Hamilton is not starting in CF and Schebler is.

Amen to that

Sampson sent down to make room for Moscot.

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How does this happen – playing St. Lou of all things and you get picked off first?

Suarez can hit but his base running and defense need work. After seeing him at short last year and 3rd so far this season, maybe he should be in LF.

Moscot – 5 2/3 IP, 3 ER.
Not too bad; kept us in the game.

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Straily replaces Melville in Reds’ rotation
The Reds announced a change to their rotation for the upcoming series vs. the Rockies. On Monday, Dan Straily will join the starting five and get the nod for the series opener against Colorado.

Rough trip for ‘pen ends with run off Ohlendorf
The bullpen was identified as a sore spot entering the season, as roles were up in the air until after Spring Training ended. However, Reds relievers began the season acquitting themselves nicely. Over the first three games and 10 innings of work, only Keyvius Sampson allowed two runs. In the two-plus games before the road trip, the bullpen had a 9 1/3 inning-scoreless streak.
On the road trip, however, Cincinnati relievers gave up 23 runs over 26 innings. The bullpen’s ERA has jumped to 5.26, which actually dropped from a 5.44 ERA entering Sunday. The group is third in the Majors with 45 1/3 innings, and that taxing has not helped. The relief corps is first in the league with 28 walks and second with 806 pitches thrown.

Our #1 SP…
21.1 IP
19 SO
4 BB
0 HR
1.08 WHIP
.241 BAA
3.38 ERA
3W – 0L
Oh, sorry…my bad, thought he was a Red…its JC.

Reds are tied for dead last (Padres) in the NL for team saves with 1…
It was HR Hoovers game the other day; hanging on to a 9-8 W after
allowing a 2-R HR in last inning.

Very little hitting on the team, DUVALL must be put in lineup every day, he is the only one that is a real home run threat, there should be no platooning with him or at any position. MIDDLE RELIEF PITCHING is awful and by now all must know Hoover is not closer material. Starting pitching may develop into a fine staff, however Jocketty and team better get busy and get some hitters and middle relief. Both of these needs should have been taken care over the winter BUT as usual nothing was done. It’s too late now, next year the Reds have to get into the Free Agent market and please let’s not hear there’s no money B. S……in the meantime get Duvall in every game, get some middle relief pitchers and get a closer, NOW, NOT LATER!!

Does doooovall have an RBI yet? He’s in the same canoe with Mess. 0 baby

Back home… Would be nice to see another good home stand. I think they take care of business against the Rockies. Hopefully the warm air will get the bats going more.

The stories behind 7 incredible MLB single-game feats that may never be matched

26 inning complete game, both starters – talk about work horses! Cool info…

Imagine an inning like this for the Reds…and no, not the Reds pitchers!
Double, double, single, double, single, single, triple, single, reached on error, single, home run, double, double, flyout, groundout, single, single, single, double, single, reached on error, pop out.

Are the Rockies a bunch of mashers like last year. They may just feast on our guys that throw poop soup.

we are lucky we are not 3 and 9 like the lowly braves. But we are heading in that direction.
Dick Williams please make some changes and give us some hope.

and I don’t want to hear winning doesn’t matter this year. Because it does.
Winning and losing is a mindset. Big blu you with us ?

Considering the division in which they play — the Cubs, Pirates and Cardinals each won 97 or more games last year — the Reds have an uphill battle should they seek to return to contention in the near term. That is Jocketty’s plainly stated goal, however, so it’ll be interesting to see how the team operates come July and next year in free agency. The Reds have just $67MM committed to the 2017 payroll — nearly $50MM less than their 2015 Opening Day payroll — so there would certainly be room to take on some salary via trades or free agency. The 2016 season, then, could be a test run to see what young players like Stephenson, Finnegan, Lamb, Reed, Scott Schebler, Jose Peraza and Jesse Winker bring to the table so the Reds know precisely where they need to fill in the remainder of the roster to take a shot at contending in 2017. They’ll need a few gems to emerge from that group in order to do so, because as it stands right now, the Reds seem further than just a year away from a return to prominence in their top-heavy division.


Chicago Cubs 9/4
San Francisco Giants 4/1
New York Mets 5/1
Washington Nationals 5/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 6/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 10/1
St. Louis Cardinals 11/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 12/1
Cincinnati Reds 50/1
Miami Marlins 50/1
Colorado Rockies 150/1
Milwaukee Brewers 150/1
San Diego Padres 225/1
Atlanta Braves 250/1
Philadelphia Phillies 250/1

Updated Mon, Apr. 18, 9:10 AM ET

Neb what’s the earliest date to bring the young guns up before their clock starts ticking ?
Is it April 21 or May 1st. Can’t remember. Thank you

Service time is, very simply, a running count of how long you’ve been a major league player.

172 service days = 1 service year
Players max out at 172 service days/year; seasons usually have 183 service days
Players needs six full years of service to reach free agency
Players need about 2.130 years of service to reach arbitration

a player is credited with a full year of service if he participates in 172 days of the 183 major league season. Our boys must be available now. Get’em up here please and let the rebuild begin. And lets trade Homer Bailey. Lets blow up this team and let the real rebuild begin. Please someone confirm the 172 days for me. Thanks

The Reds can bring them up and as long as they watch the clock (service time),
they can literally keep the player from free agency for 7 seasons.

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