Game 11 at STL



It is the most infuriating move that Price makes. Hamilton is playing spectacular D and has raised his OBP over the last 4 G, from .280 to .323, and Price takes him off the field. He has done this more times than I can count; taking a hot player seemingly getting in the groove and replacing him with another player so he can tell the press after the game that he wanted to get someone else some playing time…as if that OKs the removal of the hot player. I will never understand this Sunday-sandlot mentality.

But when they struggle, he keeps them in to “work through it”. Drives me nuts too…

The collapse of the Reds over the last few games is reminiscent of the time that the Reds made the playoffs and won the first two games against the Giants; Bailey was pitching the third game and had a 1-0 lead going into the late innings. We lost the game and then lost the next two; end of story.
Enter the Reds playing the Cubs; game #1…Finnegan is pitching no hit ball entering the 7th inning; collapses and the BP fails, Cubs then proceed to trounce the Reds in following ballgames.
Last season we won the first 4 G; lost the next 7 of 8…
This season we won the first 5 of 6; then lose the next 4…

I agree with most if not all of the time. I’m done with Billy.

Price doesn’t understand the psychie of the ball club

Neb why do you luv Billy so much. He hits from the most horrible hitting position. Once he strides his bat is behind his head pointing at first base. Watch. Nobody can hit like that. And no one has fixed it.

Speed and defense.

Stats that got us here…
Team Pitching
#12 of 15 in NL
5.13 ERA
4.98 SP
5.31 RP
BB – 48
#2 of 15 in NL
(Pirates #1 w/50)
HR against – 16
Tied #1 in NL
(Tied with Brewers)
K/BB – 1.54/1
#15 of 15 in NL

His lack of offensive prowess does not compliment this teams lack of offensive abilty therefore he doesnt fit our lineup. Hes a backup at best. Just watch the future years and what happens to him

If we had 7 other smashers it would work. But we don’t so he sucks and he hurts us on offense. He’s had his chance to make an impression and he’s failed.

Line for 6 full seasons in minor leagues…
.280 /.351/.377/.728
He learned how to hit in the minors; the
translation to the bigs has been difficult.

I like both Schebler and Duvall in there at the same time. I like Billy’s speed and defense too but also like Price batting him ninth. Just one game, I am sure Billy will start tomorrow unless there is an injury involved. Remember Billy, Meso, and Cozart because there are recovering from injuries will be rested from time to time.

Rodriguez, Yorman (CF) 04/03 15-day DL TBD Left hamstring strain Placed on 15-day DL on April 3, retroactive to March 27.

One ugly game…
Good news – Hoover registers his first save…#1
Bad news – Home-run-Hoovers ERA went up to 17.18

Cozarts tearing the hyde off the ball…
3 for 4, 1 R, 2 RBI today
.480 AVG, .464 OBP

4/16/16 Cincinnati Reds sent LHP John Lamb on a rehab assignment to Louisville Bats.

Rip it Brandon!

Neb, Cozart missed a swing for the first time this season today. 44 straight swings with contact missed number 45 then on swing 46 doubled.

That is amazing. Obviously he is completely focused at the plate;
hand/eye is spot on.

So what

13 errors in 11 games..not a good trend for this pitching staff.

Yes, doesn’t Suarez have three. Out of character for recent Reds team. Does add extra strain for a young staff as you point out.

Oops, did some checking, Suarez has five errors. Adjusting to new position. I

Perfect year to figure it out

Absolutely, perfect audition year to work and familiarize to the position.

Oh how I’d love to win 2 of 3 from cry babies, I mean cardinals

Me too, with their injuries the Cardinals are vulnerable right now. The Cubbies are the power to be in our division this year. Dusty may get to manage against the Cubs in the playoffs this year LOL.

Please put Duvall in the lineup in every game, he is one who has home run & rbi threat every time he bats. Joining Votto, Phillips and now Bruce this presents a half decent lineup against opposing teams and leave Schebler in CF for several games and this lineup joining Suarez, Mesaroco & Cozart might Jumpstart this teams hitting and scoring ability. Should Schebler slip then Tyler Holt is a good hustling player to play CF, in late innings insert Hamilton for defense. It seems changes in the lineup are necessary and keep the same players in at the same positions for several games. It doesn’t look like management will go out and seek some hitting help, keeping Peraza in the minors is not right, he should be up with the club either in CF, SS or 3rd. as everyone in baseball believes he is major league ready, right now it seems CF is the weakest hitting position, no position player should hit behind the pitcher when there are other player options. And middle relief is in dare need of big time help. If Reds do get a lead there is no one reliable in middle relief that can hold back the other team PLUS isn’t it obvious a closer is needed?

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